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2017-10-23force sync with upstream 2.4.0-sr2Kangho Hur9-219/+23
2017-10-23Use bool? for VisualElement.IsFocusAllowed property (Specific)Kangho Hur1-4/+4
2017-10-23rebase to tags/beta-2.3.5-pre1Kangho Hur2-8/+1
2017-10-23Add ToolTip based on Tizen Specificrina6350.you1-0/+23
2017-10-23Fix FocusDirection to string typeWonYoung Choi2-14/+14
2017-10-23Add Focus related properties for VEKangho Hur3-1/+250
2017-10-23Add TabbedPageStyleWonYoung Choi1-0/+7
2017-10-23Remove unused TizenSpecific/Button.cs fileKangho Hur1-30/+0
2017-10-23Add NavigationPage.HasBreadCrumbsBar PropertyWonYoung Choi3-0/+68
2017-10-23Modify FontWeight type for flexibilityKangho Hur3-25/+25
2017-10-23Add Style to VisualElement as TizenSpecificKangho Hur7-82/+56
2017-10-23Rebase Forms to upstream lastest (2.3.4-pre2)Kangho Hur1-1/+2
2017-10-23Add FontWeight for Label and EntryKangho Hur4-0/+81
2017-10-23Add default case under OnPlatformjh5.cho1-0/+1
2017-10-23Add Switch StyleSeunghyun Choi3-0/+41
2017-10-23Add Button StyleSeunghyun Choi3-1/+41
2017-10-23Support BlendColor to Image as a TizenSpecific APIKangho Hur2-1/+32
2017-10-23Tizen Extension for ProgressBarSungHyun Min2-1/+67
2017-10-23Add Tizen backend rendererKangho Hur1-1/+2
2017-10-23[Core] Added RootPage to NavigationPage (#464)adrianknight891-0/+6
2017-10-23[MacOS] Navigation Transition Style (#1168)Marko B. Ludolph3-0/+72
2017-10-23[Core, Android] Fix to address the elusive 'Sharing violation on path Propert...dgeller-OUHSC1-12/+12
2017-10-23[C] MergedRD: new tests and minor fixesStephane Delcroix1-33/+37
2017-10-23Merged DictionariesAdam Pedley1-4/+79
2017-10-23[C] Use ReferenceEquals to compare BindingContext (#1150)Stephane Delcroix1-1/+2
2017-10-23[C, iOS, Android] LayoutCompression (#1136)Stephane Delcroix3-3/+47
2017-10-18[*] Expose the Flags to the Core (#1181)Stephane Delcroix1-0/+10
2017-10-18[Xaml] Chain op_implicit for OnPlatform (if needed) (#1176)Stephane Delcroix2-33/+19
2017-09-16Add iOS prototypical cell cache for LV RowHeight calcs (#1143)kingces958-19/+71
2017-09-14[UWP] ListView ItemSelected event will fire only once on selection changed (#...Samantha Houts1-4/+6
2017-07-24[macOS] Set tab order (e.g. for entries) on a Page (#1060)Marko B. Ludolph2-0/+33
2017-07-24[core] Prevent canonicalization of '*.[.]' and '-0' (#1035)kingces951-0/+11
2017-06-26Fix DefinitionCollection index check order (#1017)Jason Smith1-1/+1
2017-06-26Unsubscribe from IDefinition.SizeChanged event when set via indexer (#1014)juliuszint1-1/+4
2017-06-22Breaking; Make Grid.AddHz/Vt span ortho dim (#984)kingces951-10/+24
2017-06-22[iOS] decoupling UpdateText() on LabelRenderer (#950)Stephane Delcroix1-1/+2
2017-06-21[C] reset the BindingContext on template change (#998)Stephane Delcroix6-0/+49
2017-06-21[iOS] workaround a weird iOS behavior. (#987)Stephane Delcroix1-14/+10
2017-06-14bug 40161; force layout of centered image in abs layout (#967)kingces951-1/+4
2017-06-14[test] add passing test for 56852Stephane Delcroix1-2/+2
2017-06-08[C] reset children animation on repeat (#974)Stephane Delcroix2-5/+22
2017-06-01[C] use defaultValueCreator to set Frame default Padding (#943)Stephane Delcroix2-8/+16
2017-06-01[C] use picker creation date as default Date (#944)Stephane Delcroix1-2/+4
2017-05-26Fix bz56030; DynamicResource overriding (#924)kingces951-8/+13
2017-05-16Remove VisualElement finalizer (#918)E.Z. Hart1-13/+0
2017-05-10[C] fix BP declaring Types for A11y (#913)Stephane Delcroix1-6/+5
2017-05-10[All] Rename Accessibility -> AutomationProperties (#912)Samantha Houts2-7/+7
2017-05-10[Core] Accessibility works with XamlC (#911)Samantha Houts1-1/+41
2017-05-05[C] use the FromRgb[a] overload taking ints, not doublesStephane Delcroix1-9/+9
2017-05-05Avoid using string.format to parse hex values, improves performance by 25x, a...Miguel de Icaza1-11/+47