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2017-03-24Clean sync with 2.3.4-2Kangho Hur24-609/+70
2017-03-24[WinRT/UWP] Fix Slider binding value incorrectly (#729)Paul DiPietro2-0/+63
2017-03-24Add MacOS gallery and UITest (#721)Rui Marinho17-70/+181
2017-03-24Use a prototype TextBlock to resolve theme resources on Windows (#703)E.Z. Hart2-0/+31
2017-03-24[Android] Keyboard should not change layout while dismissing on Entry and Edi...adrianknight892-0/+50
2017-03-24[iOS/Critical] Fix ListView memory leaks (#524)adrianknight893-0/+280
2017-03-24Pool and reuse MKMapView instances on iOS 9 as well as iOS 10 (#680)E.Z. Hart1-0/+4
2017-03-22[iOS/Win] Label will not unnecessarily expand (#827)Samantha Houts2-0/+36
2017-03-22[Win] Labels will now wrap when inside horizontally infinite layouts (#639)Samantha Houts2-0/+68
2017-03-20Add check for disposed gesture detector on VisualElementRendererE.Z. Hart2-0/+120
2017-03-14Fix buildbeta-2.3.4-pre5Rui Marinho1-1/+0
2017-03-14Bug 51536, initial iOS cell layout is incorrect when cell has context actions...Vitaly Knyazev2-0/+83
2017-03-10Fix buildbeta-2.3.4-pre4Rui Marinho1-1/+0
2017-03-10[UWP] Improve toolbar consistency on MasterDetailPage (#744)Jimmy Garrido3-0/+83
2017-03-10Add repro for 52533Samantha Houts2-0/+65
2017-03-10[Controls] Fix build of test caseRui Marinho1-0/+2
2017-03-10Add Preserve attributePaul DiPietro1-0/+1
2017-03-10[C] Update SelectedItem prior to event invokePaul DiPietro2-12/+15
2017-03-10[UWP] connect the actual ObservableCollection to the ComboBox.ItemsSourceStephane Delcroix3-0/+65
2017-03-08Fix buildRui Marinho1-5/+0
2017-03-03Fix for Android Visibility/Opacity crash (#785)E.Z. Hart2-0/+70
2017-03-03[Android] Don't crash if Control is accessed in Effect OnDetached when Page i...Samantha Houts2-0/+58
2017-01-19Fix NullReferenceException in VisualElement finalize. (#701)Kevin Petit2-0/+81
2017-01-12Fix out-of-memory crashes on iOS when creating maps (#467)E.Z. Hart1-4/+31
2017-01-12[C] new OnPlatform mechanism (#658)Stephane Delcroix18-45/+54
2017-01-12[iOS] Labels with WordWrap or CharacterWrap will Expand (#529)Samantha Houts2-0/+166
2017-01-10iOS and Android timers should be runnable from any thread and execute… (#374)adrianknight892-0/+117
2017-01-10Update 45926 test to account for NavigationPage ref to popped pageE.Z. Hart1-1/+12
2017-01-03Allow subscriber to be collected if MessagingCenter is the only reference to ...E.Z. Hart2-0/+112
2017-01-03[WinRT/UWP] Apply BackgroundColor to Stepper buttons (#581)Paul DiPietro2-0/+47
2017-01-03[iOS] Prevent multiple ListView cells from being swiped simultaneously (#578)adrianknight892-0/+62
2017-01-03Make UWP toolbar display rules consistent with other platforms (#638)E.Z. Hart2-0/+36
2016-12-30[iOS] Change keyboard type while keyboard is visible (#443)adrianknight892-0/+79
2016-12-28fix nre when changing content in datepickerselected (#494)adrianknight892-0/+59
2016-12-27[UWP] Fix TextBox style for foreground focus color (#618)Paul DiPietro2-0/+119
2016-12-22[iOS] Entry should not pass a newline to the next responder (#397)adrianknight892-0/+54
2016-12-19[UWP] Use toolbar foreground color on primary items (#640)Paul DiPietro2-0/+56
2016-12-16[WinRT] Use a queue to prevent multiple MessageDialogs from causing a crash (...Paul DiPietro2-0/+38
2016-12-14Fix potential NRE in ConditionalFocusLayout (#587) Hart2-0/+53
2016-12-13Disable using EstimatedRowHeight for uneven rows with known heights (#454)E.Z. Hart2-0/+205
2016-12-12Add missing interface implementationsE.Z. Hart1-0/+10
2016-12-07Fix 41415 test (use rounding)E.Z. Hart1-3/+4
2016-12-07[UITest] Only run 41415 test on AndroidRui Marinho1-1/+1
2016-12-06Put test in the correct namespaceE.Z. Hart1-1/+1
2016-12-06[Android] Dismiss context menu when view cell is removed (#568)adrianknight892-0/+107
2016-12-06[Android] ScrollView should send correct ScrollX and ScrollY (#394)adrianknight892-0/+116
2016-12-05[WinRT/UWP] Adjust margin for centered Slider (#604)Paul DiPietro2-0/+50
2016-12-01Revert "Jimmgarrido uwp toolbar (#588)"Stephane Delcroix2-41/+1
2016-12-01Jimmgarrido uwp toolbar (#588)Stephane Delcroix2-1/+41
2016-12-01Don't run Command CanExecute on incorrect inherited binding context type (#572)E.Z. Hart2-0/+110