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diff --git a/boost/type_traits/detail/common_arithmetic_type.hpp b/boost/type_traits/detail/common_arithmetic_type.hpp
index 8c091583c5..a7aff03929 100644
--- a/boost/type_traits/detail/common_arithmetic_type.hpp
+++ b/boost/type_traits/detail/common_arithmetic_type.hpp
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ template<> struct arithmetic_type<3>
// There are five standard signed integer types:
-// “signed char”, “short int”, “int”, “long int”, and “long long int”.
+// "signed char", "short int", "int", "long int", and "long long int".
template<> struct arithmetic_type<4>
@@ -79,8 +79,8 @@ template<> struct arithmetic_type<8>
// For each of the standard signed integer types, there exists a corresponding
-// (but different) standard unsigned integer type: “unsigned char”, “unsigned short int”,
-// “unsigned int”, “unsigned long int”, and “unsigned long long int”
+// (but different) standard unsigned integer type: "unsigned char", "unsigned short int",
+// "unsigned int", "unsigned long int", and "unsigned long long int"
template<> struct arithmetic_type<9>