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2017-03-29Add TARGET_LIST to tsp/common.shrefs/changes/23/121923/1Aleksander Mistewicz1-2/+2
List of used target types is stored in a single place. Change-Id: Ia22639a708ebfcadfee24b6c3c93cc5561979987 Signed-off-by: Aleksander Mistewicz <>
2016-12-06Fix issues reported by ShellCheck in tsprefs/changes/31/81831/12Aleksander Mistewicz1-3/+3
Move check_diff() to tsp/jobs/ Add newline at the end of 'modifed_paths' in tsp/scripts/ so that whole lines instead of words can be read. ShellCheck: shellcheck -e SC1090,SC2155,SC2068,SC2145,SC2164 `find tsp -name "*.sh"` output should report following problems only: tsp/ SC2148, SC2034, SC2139 tsp/jobs/ SC2115 tsp/jobs/ SC2029 tsp/jobs/ SC2046, SC2029 Change-Id: I7791769a0d653c784715cdd1a8b1446fafcba1e9 Signed-off-by: Aleksander Mistewicz <>
2016-12-06Add tsp/stop.shrefs/changes/15/81515/13Aleksander Mistewicz1-0/+72
To stop TITS run: ./tsp/ Steps are: * remove crontab * save currently dispatched urls * for tsmaster, tspoll, tspwb: ** remove queued jobs ** kill running jobs ** kill the server * for tsrun_target queues: ** remove queued jobs ** wait for running jobs ** kill the server To start TITS run: crontab tsp/cronfile.example Change-Id: I051a9ddcec0093c1fae3888ec9a9b438b73f5bb3 Signed-off-by: Aleksander Mistewicz <>