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authorAleksander Mistewicz <>2017-10-25 17:04:05 (GMT)
committerAleksander Mistewicz <>2017-11-02 11:57:18 (GMT)
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Adjust number of allowed connections to tsmasterrefs/changes/44/181844/1
Decrease number of running slots to 20. Over 90% of time it would consume less than 10 slots, but sometimes it can be more. In such situations it is preffered that a job will wait as: * more jobs decrease benefits of parallelizm, * a download which is triggered again won't redownload images as it will find a queued job. Change-Id: I8c0cff00e0a61da9225227eeca09ebeb17370fe2
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diff --git a/tsp/ b/tsp/
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--- a/tsp/
+++ b/tsp/
@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ test -d "$TMP_PWB" || mkdir "$TMP_PWB"
test -d "$TMP_PWB_RESULTS" || mkdir "$TMP_PWB_RESULTS"
alias tspoll="TMPDIR=$TMP_POLL TS_SLOTS=1 tsp"
-alias tsmaster="TMPDIR=$TMP_MASTER TS_SLOTS=100 tsp"
+alias tsmaster="TMPDIR=$TMP_MASTER TS_SLOTS=20 TS_MAXCONN=8192 tsp"
alias tspwb="TMPDIR=$TMP_PWB TS_SLOTS=1 tsp"
alias tsresults="TMPDIR=$TMP_PWB_RESULTS TS_SLOTS=1 tsp"