BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterInitial commitZhang Qiang10 years
sandbox/soong9/tizenModify structure of gbs config for tizen 3.0 and tizen 4.0 - All profileSoonKyu Park6 years
tizentizen-unified_20220119.1tizenrobot12 months
tizen_2.1default gbs config for local full buildZhang Qiang10 years
tizen_2.2fix profile name and repo nameZhang Qiang9 years
tizen_2.3_mobilegbs.conf for tizen_2.3 mobile projectHongkwon Park8 years
tizen_2.3_wearablegbs.conf for tizen_2.3 wearable projectHongkwon Park8 years
tizen_2.4_mobileAdd gbs.conf for tizen_2.4 mobile projectSoonKyu Park7 years
tizen_6.5.m2tizen 6.5 m2 releaseHyunggi Lee14 months
tizen_backuptizen-4.0-unified_20181016.1tizenrobot4 years
tizen_commonAdd arm64 repo for Tizen:CommonLi Jinjing8 years
tizen_iviset textinfo in gbs.conf as excluded package.Li Jinjing8 years
tizen_mobileAdd arm64 repo for Tizen:MobileLi Jinjing8 years
tizen_reftizen-unified_20200103.2tizenrobot3 years
tizen_stagingtizen-unified_20200103.2tizenrobot3 years