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2016-02-17Change package event handler APIsangwan.kwon1-0/+2
* Dbus API -> pkgmgrinfo API Change-Id: Ia7a8d84e7eaf35d5be5d077b753ec1915b1b49d0 Signed-off-by: sangwan.kwon <>
2015-11-10Add popupJanusz Kozerski1-2/+4
Since Notification framework doesn't support system daemons, the cert-checker's internal popup should be provided. Add implementation of popup binary - /usr/bin/cert-checker-popup Cert-checker forks(), execs a popup binary, waits for popup termination, and then reads user response from pipe. Change-Id: Ie2e70f661feb1f262841d59a1b4c6a7ec49901f9
2015-09-14Add missing code for logic testsJanusz Kozerski1-0/+26
Change-Id: Iaa411b52647f2348024b1e8d100d678f89a48c5f
2015-09-08Use new cert-svc-vcore API: makeChainBySignature()Janusz Kozerski1-0/+7
This change includes adding cert_order in DB. Chain of certificates should be created while reading/parsing signature. Certificates should be put into DB in right order - first should go end entity certificate. DB ensures that certificates will be loaded into the buffer in exactly same order (end entity will be the first element on the list). Verification: Run tests, all should pass. Change-Id: I09571bab7862bdb539dd3a957330fe23d687b48f
2015-08-03Add popup UI (+tests)Janusz Kozerski1-0/+18
Notification framework currently doesn't work properly on To test UI run: cert-checker-popup-test, and check if UI is displayed correctly. Change-Id: I0eb9b134c77c82eb77b4834b81a1cd1fa19dd620
2015-07-17Add OCSP verification (CKM API is used)Janusz Kozerski1-1/+15
* Add tests for certificates * Remove unnecessary methods in Logic class * Add missing include * Use new cert-checker-vcore API Change-Id: Idfa777d1f1ba6f7142ea78e29bf1bc63415b128e
2015-07-10Refactor DB and app_t structure - preparation for OCSP checking.Janusz Kozerski1-0/+2
New version of DB is needed to keep separately certificates from each signatrue. Because application can be signed by more than one signature we need to keep all certificates from all signatures in separate lists to make building certificates' chains easier. * Add operators (==, !=, <) for app_t structre * Add operators (==, !=) for event_t structure * Add tests for operators * Remove check_id from app_t structure Change-Id: I966dd81420618325d1afa55bcbc656291ccb4238
2015-07-06Add thread-safe Queue classJanusz Kozerski1-0/+3
* Add m_queue member to Logic class Change-Id: I31574fccd48cddc8bbb467568cf72c4d80d94803
2015-06-26Replace pkgmgr signal handling with dbus APIJanusz Kozerski1-1/+0
After fix package-manager API using of its API can be restored. [Verication] 1) Build cert-checker with debug and run it on emulator 2) In 2nd console run: journalctl -f | grep cert-checker 3) Install and uninstall app in some random order: install: pkgcmd -i -t wgt -p /usr/share/widget_demo/mancala.wgt -q uninstall: pkgcmd -u -n yKrWwxz1KX -q 4) Check if journal logs are correct Change-Id: I60a77c2862dd9745e1b422fb2eb3afec13b40d14
2015-06-26Add cert-checker database (+tests). Change include files path.Janusz Kozerski1-0/+64
* Add m_buffer in Logic class. * Load database into buffer in Logic::setup() * Move include to separate folder - this solves problem with app.h file from different package. [Verification] Run cert-checker-tests. All should pass. Change-Id: I809951a17fd44d5258ad91e480b6914e92d1058b