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2015-08-03Add popup UI (+tests)Janusz Kozerski9-7/+398
2015-07-31Get online status from connman at startup.Janusz Kozerski2-22/+60
2015-07-17Add systemd configurationJanusz Kozerski1-1/+1
2015-07-17Add OCSP verification (CKM API is used)Janusz Kozerski5-48/+237
2015-07-10Refactor DB and app_t structure - preparation for OCSP checking.Janusz Kozerski5-49/+127
2015-07-06Add pulling out certificates from apps' signature.Janusz Kozerski32-48/+296
2015-07-06Add thread for processing eventsJanusz Kozerski2-9/+171
2015-07-06Add thread-safe Queue classJanusz Kozerski5-0/+133
2015-06-26Replace pkgmgr signal handling with dbus APIJanusz Kozerski3-92/+160
2015-06-26Add cert-checker database (+tests). Change include files path.Janusz Kozerski16-37/+639
2015-05-27Add DPL code (needed for database support)Janusz Kozerski23-0/+3100
2015-05-27Add classes: Logic, App_t. Add journal loging supportJanusz Kozerski8-0/+614