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2015-11-10Add popupJanusz Kozerski1-0/+496
Since Notification framework doesn't support system daemons, the cert-checker's internal popup should be provided. Add implementation of popup binary - /usr/bin/cert-checker-popup Cert-checker forks(), execs a popup binary, waits for popup termination, and then reads user response from pipe. Change-Id: Ie2e70f661feb1f262841d59a1b4c6a7ec49901f9
2015-07-06Add pulling out certificates from apps' signature.Janusz Kozerski13-0/+1190
* Move DPL include files from "dpl/*" into "cchecker/dpl/* because of cert-svc-vcore also uses DPL (from wrt-commons), and that was causing build break. * Certificates are stored in buffer and database. * OCSP URLs are pulled out from certificates and stored in database. Change-Id: Ic0601da38619f7c7b784d952abe56888db036673