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2016-09-09Add platform upgrade scriptsubmit/tizen_3.0_mobile/20161015.000001submit/tizen/20160912.100526submit/tizen/20160912.023936accepted/tizen/mobile/20160913.042018accepted/tizen/3.0/mobile/20161015.032604sangwan.kwon1-0/+1
Change-Id: Ic04d915b58c4f7ea6119eea0b77f637db123e7ac Signed-off-by: sangwan.kwon <>
2016-07-25Move adding smack label command to manifestsangwan.kwon1-0/+3
Change-Id: I424462909558811b405b2ecb5da07921ee9f83ef Signed-off-by: sangwan.kwon <>
2016-07-22Replace popup architecture to systemd servicesangwan.kwon1-0/+2
[AS-IS] * popup used to pipe for IPC [TO-BE] * use to systemd service Change-Id: Ie203c8a4dbcb071fd3896e0c7af1bb8cd7280dbf Signed-off-by: sangwan.kwon <>
2016-05-12Add TC for client APIsangwan.kwon1-0/+1
Change-Id: I93d6b0de5f82f5cc9985c6464044125bc9ca05c6
2016-05-12Move log system to common librarysangwan.kwon1-1/+0
Change-Id: I313b4b4d6019cca575996f7f3fd3f3254f4ce11a
2016-05-11Implement on-demand style about client-sidesangwan.kwon1-0/+4
[AS-IS] * cert-checker was daemon. [TO-BE] * Change to on-demand style. * Add client library. Change-Id: Ia318bc8a724db1f50a50bd42aa4c8c94b078e287
2016-05-10Implement on-demand style about server-sidesangwan.kwon1-10/+43
[AS-IS] * cert-checker was daemon. [TO-BE] * Change to on-demand style. * cert-svc call cert-checker. * Add common library. Change-Id: Idab160e6103cf62299b97a5485a767de9831d614 Signed-off-by: sangwan.kwon <>
2016-04-15change a user from system to security_fwsubmit/tizen/20160419.001742submit/tizen/20160418.074121accepted/tizen/mobile/20160419.050219accepted/tizen/ivi/20160419.050238accepted/tizen/common/20160419.143240Dongsun Lee1-0/+1
Change-Id: I394228947a672e9e6a6c0110bd8fb8cdaae66060 Signed-off-by: Dongsun Lee <>
2016-03-15Set linker flags and delete unuse librarysangwan.kwon1-0/+4
* flag : about as-needed * delete lib : cert-svc Change-Id: Iba79ed9fc6dd5d478ccb871b3f8aeac41a10dedf Signed-off-by: sangwan.kwon <>
2015-11-10Add popupJanusz Kozerski1-0/+2
Since Notification framework doesn't support system daemons, the cert-checker's internal popup should be provided. Add implementation of popup binary - /usr/bin/cert-checker-popup Cert-checker forks(), execs a popup binary, waits for popup termination, and then reads user response from pipe. Change-Id: Ie2e70f661feb1f262841d59a1b4c6a7ec49901f9
2015-09-14Add missing code for logic testsJanusz Kozerski1-0/+4
Change-Id: Iaa411b52647f2348024b1e8d100d678f89a48c5f
2015-08-03Add popup UI (+tests)Janusz Kozerski1-0/+1
Notification framework currently doesn't work properly on To test UI run: cert-checker-popup-test, and check if UI is displayed correctly. Change-Id: I0eb9b134c77c82eb77b4834b81a1cd1fa19dd620
2015-07-17Add systemd configurationJanusz Kozerski1-0/+1
Change-Id: Id0de6e5eb1387e99b8c8bcb0c66ae13151c1a3f7
2015-06-26Add cert-checker database (+tests). Change include files path.Janusz Kozerski1-0/+3
* Add m_buffer in Logic class. * Load database into buffer in Logic::setup() * Move include to separate folder - this solves problem with app.h file from different package. [Verification] Run cert-checker-tests. All should pass. Change-Id: I809951a17fd44d5258ad91e480b6914e92d1058b
2015-05-27Add classes: Logic, App_t. Add journal loging supportJanusz Kozerski1-0/+60
Class Logic has only dbus callbacks implemetation (package-manager, connman), beside it it's empty implementation. Verification: 1) Build cert-checker with debug, and install on emulator. 2) Run cert-checker - do it in emulator UI console (not via ssh). 3) On other console in emulator UI run command: journalctl -f | grep cert-checker - to see the logs. 4) On third console turn on and off offline mode on device: /usr/sbin/connmanctl enable offline /usr/sbin/connmanctl disable offline 5) You should see logs from cert-checker in journal 6) Install any app to check if package-manager signal works in cert-checker: pkgcmd -i -t wgt -p /usr/share/widget_demo/go.wgt -q 7) Check if logs are present. Change-Id: Ic7d6fc4f47ca9ced18744ad8a77f8516b75304e3