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2017-10-23rebase to tags/beta-2.3.5-pre1Kangho Hur5-59/+2
- this is base code of xamarin.forms 2.3.5-pre1 (
2017-10-23[All] Basic Accessibility Support (#713)Samantha Houts2-0/+58
* [Core] Add accessibility properties * [Controls] Add accessibility gallery * [iOS] Implement accessibility properties * [Android] Implement accessibilty properties * [Win] Implement accessibility properties * [Win] Select ListView item on selected for a11y * Update docs * TODO: macOS accessibility * [iOS] Fix failing UI Tests
2017-10-23MacOS (#650)Rui Marinho3-2/+1
* [MacOS] Add SwitchRenderer * [MacOS] Add TimePickerRenderer * [MacOS] Cleanup TimePcikerRender * [MacOS] Add WebViewRenderer * [MacOS] Add Javascript evaluate to webview * [MacOS] Fix build error on WebViewRenderer * [MacOS] Add Base and TextCell renderers * [MacOS] Start on ListViewRenderer * [MacOS] Cleanup * [MacOS] Vertical center text on default NSTextField * [MacOS] Center NSTextField vertically * [MacOS] Add ImageCellRenderer * [MacOS] Add SwitchCellRenderer * [MacOS] Add SwitchCellRenderer * [iOS] Allow to set background color on other CellRenderers * [MacOS] Fix selection mode on ListView * [MacOS] Set background on Entry of entry cell * [MacOS] Fix casting bug on CellRenderer * [MacOS] Other fix on CellRenderer background * [MacOS] Add ViewCellRenderer * [MacOS] Fixes and cleanup on cells * [MacOS] Add NSScrollView so NSTableView can scroll * [MacOS] Add HeaderView to ListView * [MacOS] Cleanup * [Controls] Add Header support to ListView * [MacOS] NSView reuse on NSTableView * [MacOS] Some fix on layour order * [MacOS] Add CarouselPageRenderer * [MacOS] Implement EventTracker on PageRenderer * [MacOS] Cleanup CarouselPageRenderer * [MacOS] Add MasterDetailPage renderer * [MacOS] MDP renderer don't allow drag of splitter * [MacOS] Add TabbedPage renderer * [MacOS] Initial sketch of NavigationPageRenderer * [MacOS] Send disappearing of CurrentPage on Dispose on NavigationPageRenderer * [MacOS] Add Gallery page for Mac * [MacOS] Add MacOSExpressionSearch * [MacOS] Fix ColorExtension * [MacOS] Fix MDP renderer layout * [MacOS] Implement native selection on ListViewRenderer * [MacOS] Deselect a item on NSTableView * [MacOS] Remove previous SplitViewItems * [MacOS] Fix navigationpage height * [MacOS] Add toolbar for NavigationPageRenderer * [MacOS] Don't remove selection for now (crashing) * [MacOS] Refactor page and back button title on NavigationPageRenderer * [MacOS] Fix bug when native navigate back * [MacOS] Hide layer when transition * [MacOS] ListviewRenderer fix BbackgroundColor * [MacOS] Fix background on ScrollViewRenderer * [MacOS] Fix header measure on ListViewRenderer * [MacOS] Add Mac twitter demo * [Controls] Spaces for easy reading * [MacOS] More xaml cleanup * [Core] Add Mac as aTargetPlatform * [MacOS] Add alerts and actionsheets * [MacOS] Add GestureRecognizers * [MacOS] Fix Layout issues when adding children, enable transformations * [MacOS] Fix title on tab item, move to tabbed navigation based on segmented control * [MacOS] Hide toolbar when not needed, this allows to work with tabbed page, cleanup * [MacOS] Add NativeBindings and NativeViewWrapper * [MacOS] Fix AssemblyInfo * [MacOS] FIX NRE on SetBackgroundColor BoxView * [MacOS] Fix NavigationPageRenderer * [MacOS] Fix build * [MacOS] Also update page when it resizes * [MacOS] Add LayoutRenderer for handle items position when the bounds change. * [MacOS] Refactor/Cleanup * [MacOS] Add toolbar items support to NavigationPage * [MacOS] Resize images for TabViewITems * [MacOS] Fix TabbedPage resize issues , allow users to override some features when creating TVI * [MacOS] Fix hide/show Navigation toolbar * [MacOS] Redo CarouselPageRenderer with NSPageController * [MacOS] Add support for Modal pages * [MacOS] Refactor navigation from platform * [Nuget] Add nuget for MacOS * [Nuget]Fix nuspec * [Nuget] Add variables for CI * [Controls] Remove MainMenu from MacOS * [MacOS] Add TableView renderer (no headers yet) * [MacOS] Refactoring, marking extensions as internal * [MacOS] Add group headers for TableViewRenderer * [MacOS] Workaround for updates on listview collection * [MacOS] Handle updates of rows in the ListViewRenderer properly * [MacOS] Fix navigation animation * Fix navigation header issues with modal pages * [MacOS] Fix MDP issues with resizing * [MacOS] Fix general dispose * [MacOS] Add a ViewControllerWrapper for NSSplitView * [MacOS] MDP renderer fix animation * [MacOS] Fix ListView selection bug * [MacOS] Fix rendering MDP Layout inside wrappers * [MacOS] Re write the MainToolbar handler * [MacOS] Don't use Sierra new extensions so we can run in stable channel * [MacOS] Another way to hide the toolbar (smarter i think) * [MacOS] Fix MDP bug and remove debug color * [Controls] Add HanselForms sample * [MacOS] Fix NRE WebviewRenderer * [MacOS] Fix uneven rows on ListView renderer * [MacOS] Fix NRE on load (can+t find the reason this happens) * [MacOS] Fix uneven rows * [MacOS] Fix header sizing on ListViewRenderer * [Controls] More stuff on HanselForms * [MacOS] Remove warning from ListViewRenderer * [MacOS] Fix PageRenderer bug double init * [MacOS] Don't calculate height if RowHeight is provided * [Controls] More Hanselforms stuff * [MacOS] Once again a new implementation for the NavigationBar, this time using a custom view to support BackgroundColor * [MacOS] Fix build * [MacOS] Refactoring AwesomeBar related controls * Fix build * [MacOS] NavigationBar update background and t test colors * [MacOS] Fix when we remove navigation so it works when the NavigationRenderer wasn't removed from the parent controller like in a TabbedPage * [MacOS] Add support for ListView grouping * [MacOS] Fix image extension method. * [MacOS] Add base Maps project * [MacOS] Export MapRenderer * [MacOS] Add pin click and geocoderbacked for Maps * [MacOS] Add extra binding project for API not in stable. * [MacOS] Add MacOS Maps lib * [MacOS]Fix build on alpha * [MacOS] Remove MacOS Maps extra binding * [UITest] Basic macOS setup * [UITest] Add MacOSApp wrapper implementation * [MacOS] Set AutomationID * [UITests] Add ActionSheetUITests to MacOS UITest * [MacOS] Fix bug on Picker * [UITests] Link basic uitest basefixture and related files * [MacOS] Fix pickers reuse * [UItests] Fix MacOS app path * [UITest] Ignore UItest for appearing on macOS for now * [UITest] Update macOS for 2.0.3 * [UITest] Refactor EnterText MacOS app * [UITest]Fix ViewQuery on MacOS * [UITest]Fix IsEnabled UItest on macOS * [UITest] Implement Enter, mark some tests inconclusive fix others * [MacOS] Implement Entry Completed event * [UITests] Fix UITest for IsVisible, ignore ToolbarItem test for now * [UITests] Fix ISVisible again add extra category * [Controls] Cleanup macOS gallery * [MacOS] Fix Assembly info * [Docs] Fix docs * Fix build * [Nuget] Fix nuspec * [Controls] Link files on MacOS * [Core] Update Forms stack before firing a event saying page was removed, possible breaking change * [MacOS] Implement RemovePage on NavigationPAgeRenderer * [UItest] Ignore some , implement back on MacOS UITest app * [MacOS] Add default back button name (needs to be translated) * [MacOS] Fix dispose * [UITest] Make 29257 work on MacOS * [MacOS] Rename stuff * [MacOS] More renaming and cleanup * [MacOS] Share implementations for iOS * [MacOS] Reuse more IOS extensions * [MacOS] Reuse FontExtensions * [MacOS] Share NativeViewWrapper related stuff * [MAcOS] Share event args and ExportRenderer * [MacOS] Share platform effect * [MacOS] Fix build * [Docs]Fixing docs * [MacOS] Fix ViewCell reuse * [Core] Support ListView CachingStrategy on MacOS * [MacOS] Fix issues with TextCell and ImageCell (we can’t set null to a NSControl value) * [MacOS] Fix MDP child sizing bug [UITest] Query marked by id and text * [MacOS] Comment test related with context actions * [MacOS] Implement missing stuff on ticker * [MacOS] Make sure VisualElemenTracker calls the ticker update * [UITests]Ignore context actions and not possible to test * [MacOS] Fix Grouping bug on Listview * [MacOS] Fix selection on Listview when using grouping * [MacOS] Update navbar when page is popped * [MacOS] Cleanup NavigationBar * [Controls] More info on exceptions * [MacOS] Fix bug animation pop modal * [MacOS] Bring back BackgroundColor of NavigationBar * [MacOS] Fix UITest animation delay * [MacOS] Treat warnings as errors * [MacOS] Center title on toolbar * [Core] Add Platform configuration specific for MacOS * [MacOS] Implement TabbedPage platform specific to handle TabItems on NavigationPage bar * [MacOS] Fix warning * [MacOS] Fix bug on SearchBar color * [MacOS]Fix build * [MacOS] remove extra dll from maps * [Docs] Update docs * [MacOS]Cleanup and refactoring * Revert "[MacOS] remove extra dll from maps" This reverts commit 73b948937001fea3f28449a963d0b94943e07aa0. * [MacOS] Fix wrong refactoring * [MacOS] Remove gallery and uitest project * [MacOS] dix formatting * [MacOS] Remove extra stuff * Merge branch 'master' into macOS-gallery * [MacOS] Fix rebase * [MacOS] Fix TargetPlatform * fix docs * [MacOS] Fix bug on TabbedPageRenderer no title * [MacOS] Remove FormsNSView * [MacOS] Cleanup on dispose on MDP renderer * [MacOS] Update current page when source changes * [MacOS] More cleanup * [MacOS] Make sure we show the previous page when popping a Modal * [MacOS] Fix issue with sizing the Header and visibility, remove for now header renderer reuse * [MacOS] Clean CustomNSTableView * [MacOS] Share LabelRenderer with iOS * [MacOS] Share ResourcesProvider with iOS * [MAcoS] Share VisualElementPackager with iOS * [MacOS] Share ViewRenderer with iOS * [MacOS] Merge with VisualElementTracker from iOS * [MacOS] Merge with EventTracker from iOS * [MacOS] Merge with VisualElementRenderer of iOS * [MacOS] Make sure we always have a layer * [MacOS] Fix Tracker merge with iOS version * [MacOS] Fix bug with tabbed page on modal without navigation * [Core] Rever change on core * [MacOS] Clear renderers before setting them MDP * [MacOS] Update tabbedPage ContainerArea * [MacOS] Fix ListViewRenderer * [MacOS] Make sure we don’t pass null to TextField string value * [MacOS] Support for multiple clicks in same selected item on NSTableView * [MacOS] Support Focus on EntryRenderer * [MacOS] Fix index bug on TablevIewDataSource * [MacOS] Fix SelectedItem TableViewDataSource * [Nuget] Add Mac to Maps nuspec * [Nuget]Fix path * [macOS] Fixed Tab NSImage crash in TabbedPageRenderer (#705) * [macOS] Fixed Tab NSImage crash in TabbedPageRenderer * Coding Style * Coding Style * [MacOS] Fix previous merge with master * [MacOS] Possible simple fix for click on views overlapping * [MacOS] Rename to IsOnViewCell * [MacOS] Cleanup, Address feedback from Samantha’s review
2017-10-23[C, iOS, Android] LayoutCompression (#1136)Stephane Delcroix3-16/+30
* [C, iOS, Android] LayoutCompression * fix docs * minor fixups
2017-10-18[*] Expose the Flags to the Core (#1181)Stephane Delcroix1-0/+1
* [*] Expose the Flags to the Core * docs * [C] Hide Device.Flags
2017-09-16Add iOS prototypical cell cache for LV RowHeight calcs (#1143)kingces952-69/+94
2017-09-16[iOS] Can activate ContextActions on ListViews reliably again (#1144)Samantha Houts1-1/+4
* Add ContextActions test category * Add repro for 58875 * [iOS] Null check for the Delegate; clear the static WeakRef on dispose
2017-09-15[iOS] Make sure to include query path on generated url (#1119)Rui Marinho1-1/+1
2017-08-15[iOS] Prevent ListView HasUnevenRows crash when template w/container Element ↵Samantha Houts3-11/+7
is swapped (#1095) * Add repro for 58645 * [iOS] Check for null before clearing element renderer * [iOS] Remove unnecessary code renderer.SetElement(null); == descendant.ClearValue(Platform.RendererProperty); * [iOS] Clarify comment, use preferred method of clearing renderer from Element * How about we make the test work? Sounds like a good idea to me.
2017-08-15[macOS] Implements/Fixes Vertical Text Alignment in the Label Renderer (#1046)Marko B. Ludolph1-1/+13
2017-08-10[macOS] Autolayout Engine Exception Fix (#1048)Marko B. Ludolph1-0/+4
2017-08-10Add support for backcompat hint flags (#1074)E.Z. Hart3-1/+22
* Add support for backcompat hint flags * Making fast renderers internal and sealed while experimental
2017-08-07[iOS] Clear state so we allow the SelectedItem to be set (#1073)Rui Marinho1-0/+7
2017-08-01[iOS] Fix regression introduced on #520 (#1072)Rui Marinho1-2/+1
2017-07-24when closing the Picker by tapping outside or hitting done, verify the ↵David Ortinau1-0/+5
source selection index matches the UI control. When it is in spin, the animation completes offscreen and the next time it opens you see the wrong row selected. (#1054)
2017-07-24Disallow scrolling in ScrollView when IsEnabled set to False (#1049)E.Z. Hart1-0/+13
* Repro and fix for iOS * Automated tests * Fix for Android * Update issue number * Alternate version of test which I hope will work on iOS 8 * trying yet another variation of the test which will hopefully work on iOS 8
2017-06-23[iOS] ListView with UnevenRows and Cell Heights will no longer be slow to ↵Samantha Houts1-8/+51
load (#994) * Add repro for 56896 * [iOS] Cached defined row heights for estimation * [iOS] Null check source
2017-06-22[iOS] Issue warning to console when MasterDetailPage is pushed onto ↵adrianknight891-0/+4
NavigationPage (#1000) * add warning * change to Trace
2017-06-22[iOS] decoupling UpdateText() on LabelRenderer (#950)Stephane Delcroix1-15/+52
* [iOS] decoupling UpdateText() on LabelRenderer * [iOS] do not update font and color on formattedstrings
2017-06-22[iOS/Android] Fixes "jumping" when navigation to a page with a NavigationBar ↵Samantha Houts1-0/+4
from a page without one (#962) * Add repro * [iOS] Set IgnoreContainerArea when no Nav Bar * [Android] Layout bar and page at the same time * Add custom renderer to turn off transitions * Fix test case number * Remove superfluous category set * Fix test automation, add TabbedPage
2017-06-21Allow multiple tap gestures to fire simultaneously on iOS (#964)E.Z. Hart1-3/+43
* Allow multiple tap gestures to fire simultaneously on iOS * Verify that the tap came from the same UIView
2017-06-21[iOS] workaround a weird iOS behavior. (#987)Stephane Delcroix1-0/+12
2017-06-20[iOS] Proxy UITableViewCell SelectionStyle when wrapped (#1002)David Ortinau1-0/+5
* making sure the UITableViewCell SelectionStyle proxies up when wrapped in ContextActionCell and with recycling mode * corrected coding style, tabs instead of spaces. Removed stub for UITest.
2017-06-20[iOS] Picker no longer allows arbitrary text to be typed with keyboard (#996)Samantha Houts1-0/+9
* Add repro * [iOS] Reset text on editing * Add instructions, fix test case number
2017-06-20Align Layout transparency behavior between Android, iOS, Windows (#935)E.Z. Hart1-0/+25
* Setting up repros * Tests for all combos of opacity, background color, and InputTransparent * Make InputTransparent work correctly for Layouts on Windows * Prevent low opacity from making Layouts implicitly input transparent * Real target values in TransparentOverlayTests * Allow layouts with transparent backgrounds to be clickable * Fix gesture bubbling behavior for layouts * Fix spacing * Remove dead code and usings * Fix spacing * Add missing using directive * Adjust transparent overlay test to work with iOS quirks * Fix spacing * Fix bugs caused by not filtering ACTION_CANCEL in MotionEventHelper * Attempting to fix the tests on iOS (where UI tests can't see the buttons) * Remove extra lines * Another attempt to get tests working on iOS * Another attempt to get iOS UI tests working for transparent overlays
2017-06-20[iOS] Allow Forms gestures on custom renderers for controls which already ↵E.Z. Hart1-5/+37
have gestures (#990) * Repro 57114 with UI test; fix for 57114 on iOS * Repro/UI test for Windows * Add helpful comment for posterity * Remove stray TODO * Only do ShouldReceiveTouch on mobile * Explicitly require wrapped UIView to have gesture recognizers
2017-06-14Provide better exception for bad INotifyCollectionChanged index bounds (#948)kingces951-0/+5
2017-06-14[iOS,Android] Fix gap when setting Separator None and recycle element and on ↵Rui Marinho1-1/+1
Android when using grouping (#949) * [Controls] Add repo for bugzilla 39802 * [iOS] Make ContextCell hide the gap when we aren't using a separator * [Controls] Update test * [iOS] Only fix height if separator is hidden. * [iOS] Only fix if it's a ListiView * [Android] Fix separator showing when using Grouping * Update Bugzilla39802.cs
2017-06-13Fix possible crash on iOS when using ContextActions (#973)Jimmy Garrido1-0/+5
2017-06-12Prevent double dimiss of modal view controller when webview opens image ↵E.Z. Hart1-1/+19
picker (#951)
2017-05-26make OnShouldReturn protected (#906)kadiryazgan1-2/+2
* make OnShouldReturn protected There are situations where we don't want to dismiss the keyboard when return key is pressed. Making OnShouldReturn protected will let custom renderers to disable ResignFirstResponder behaviour. * added virtual keyword to OnShouldReturn
2017-05-24[iOS] Handle user popping pages out of order (#934)Rui Marinho1-1/+1
* [iOS] Handle when user can call pop a page that was already disposed/removed * [Controls] Fix bug number
2017-05-23Fix animations with GLViews (#931)Stephane Delcroix1-3/+3
* null guard _displayLink (bz42755) * change NSRunLoop mode (fix bz41413)
2017-05-10[All] Rename Accessibility -> AutomationProperties (#912)Samantha Houts4-11/+11
* [All] Renamed Accessibility -> AutomationProperties * Update docs * Restore doc summaries * Revert unintended csproj changes
2017-05-02[iOS] Null Element before disposing trial renderers in uneven ListViews (#894)Samantha Houts2-4/+18
* Add repro for 55745 * [iOS] Null Element before disposing trial renderers
2017-04-27Add check for instance of UITableView (#885)Matthias1-1/+1
2017-04-25Better error handling for image loading errors on iOS/Android (#849)E.Z. Hart1-19/+71
* First run at removing async void image update methods Consistent error logging and IsLoading on Android,iOS,UWP Move error logging into image handlers for better messages Add demo of custom ImageRenderer error handling Update docs Make the test smaller so the results don't get pushed offscreen Fix namespace error * Update error handling for fast image renderer * Update 37625 test to use image we control * Add java disposed check to avoid ObjectDisposedException in async operations * Add disposed checks to legacy renderer; null check element before SetIsLoading * Check disposed on GetDesiredSize for fast renderer Use local disposed member where possible for disposed check * Check for disposal after async handlers in iOS * Add disposal checks after async methods in Windows * Reset linker settings on project; reduce redundant casts in ImageViewExtensions
2017-04-25[iOS] Prevent NRE in ListView OnItemSelected (#883)Samantha Houts1-0/+3
* Add repro * [iOS] Prevent NRE in ListView * [Android] Prevent NRE in ListView Not observed, but adding defensive check just in case
2017-04-11Implicit impl of controller ifaces (#807)kingces9518-167/+143
* Simplify ICtrl callsites * Rebase fix
2017-04-07[Internal] Normalize Obsolete attributes (#860)Samantha Houts1-1/+1
* [All] Normalize Obsolete attributes. Make sure we include the version in which the member was deprecated and consistent instructions for working around the deprecation, if applicable. * Update docs
2017-04-06Fix 52962; Cont refresh even when pullToRefresh is disabled (#810)kingces951-8/+9
2017-04-06[iOS] ActivityIndicator should not disappear when used in a ViewCell (#495)adrianknight892-6/+31
* preserve activity indicator state * changed to using listviewrenderer * remove whitespace * moved message to constructor * add sample code * remove message sending * changes * remove curly braces
2017-03-31Hide alert window before setting result (#848)Jimmy Garrido1-1/+1
2017-03-27[iOS] Prevent NRE when page is switched on Appearing (#840)Samantha Houts1-0/+3
2017-03-24[iOS] Platform specifics to control ScrollView content touch delay (#563)adrianknight891-3/+10
* can delay content touches optionally * revert bug fix * add back _tapGesture * remove extra declaration
2017-03-24[iOS] Don't skip row height estimation for grouped lists (#838)Samantha Houts1-2/+3
* Nest bugzilla 51536 classes for less pollution * Add repro for 53834 * [iOS] Don't skip row height estimation for grouped lists
2017-03-22[iOS/Win] Label will not unnecessarily expand (#827)Samantha Houts1-6/+21
* Add repro for 53362 * [iOS] Label will not unnecessarily expand * [Win] Label will not unnecessarily expand
2017-03-21iOS renderers now properly look up the ImageSourceHandler for ↵James Clancey4-18/+37
FileImageSource (#826)
2017-03-20[iOS] Use UIButtonType.System for Button and utilize UIButton.Appearance (#554)adrianknight891-7/+17
* Change button style and use UIButton appearance * added sample code * change references * setting other properties * add comment * refactor proxy setter * made control states array static * remove category declaration * changes * add sample code * changes * Fix identation * Update ButtonRenderer.cs
2017-03-18Adopt iOS status bar visibility defaults (#822)kingces951-6/+1