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2016-07-18Fix for NullReferenceException when ItemSource has item removed and a… (#258)Praga Siva1-2/+5
* fix for NullReferenceException when ItemSource has item removed and another inserted on iOS * Update ViewCellRenderer.cs Fix spacing issue
2016-07-01[All] Crash fixes for ListViews (#243)Samantha Houts1-5/+5
* [Controls] Add repro for 42277 * [Android] No crash if GroupHeaderTemplate=null * [Android] Fix DataTemplateSelector crash * [Core] Expose ListProxy on TIL * [iOS] Fix DataTemplateSelector crash * [Win] Fix DataTemplateSelector crash * [Docs] Update docs * [Core] Implement ListProxy explicitly Allows ListProxy property to stay internal. * [Controls] Revert unnecessary change to shproj
2016-06-30[iOS] Fix regression 2.3.1-pre1 UnevenRows (#242)Rui Marinho1-1/+1
* [Controls] Add test case for 39486 * [iOS] Fix math refactor error on calculating height
2016-06-28[iOS] Default BarTextColor/BarBackgroundColor will no longer override values ↵beta-2.3.1-pre1Samantha Houts1-7/+41
set in custom renderers (#233) * [Controls] Improve TabbedPage test case iOS should default to the color used in a custom renderer instead of to the global default color. * [iOS] TabbedPage Bar*Color default is better Will use the color set by a custom renderer, if any, instead of always pulling from global appearance.
2016-06-17Fix 39802 (#217)Rui Marinho2-2/+14
* [iOS] When using ContextActionsCell make sure we don't show the ContentCell separator * [Android] Don't write separator view if not needed
2016-06-17Prep Cell & friends for removal of InternalsVisibleTo (#142)Samantha Houts13-97/+133
* Prep Cell & friends for removal of InternalsVisibleTo Includes: - Cell - EntryCell - ListView - MenuItem - TableView - ViewCell - Toolbar Moved extensions to Internal & removed TPH * Update docs * [Controls] Ignore Issue2411 on iOS <9 * [Controls] Formatting for Issue2411
2016-06-16[iOS] Call UpdateLeftBarButtonItem when page is removed (#209)Rui Marinho1-2/+6
2016-06-16Prep Page for removal of InternalsVisibleTo (#150)E.Z. Hart15-66/+100
2016-05-26Fix margins on ViewCell (#189)Rui Marinho1-2/+3
* [iOS] Set the frame of a cell NativeView using the calculated positions and size * [UWP] Make wrapper of a ViewCell respect margins
2016-05-24Protect against null Control (#171)Shawn Castrianni1-0/+3
2016-05-12Forward Orientation Methods in PlatformRenderer and ModalWrapper (#147)Maximo Piva1-2/+69
* PlatformRenderer and ModalWrapper are Wrappers around the real UIViewController, rotation and orientations methods are not correctly forwarded in IOS. Per example, you cannot programatically lock the rotation of the IOS screen. This changes will fix that. * Changed spaces to tabs, as requested.
2016-05-11Fix Bug 39486 (#153)Shawn Castrianni3-16/+32
2016-05-04Add IMasterDetailPageController and update renderers (#146)E.Z. Hart2-11/+16
2016-05-04Prep StreamImageSource for removal of InternalsVisibleToE.Z. Hart1-2/+2
2016-05-04Add INavigationPageController (#149)E.Z. Hart1-13/+18
2016-05-02Prep VisualElement (and descendants) for removal of InternalsVisibleTo (#141)E.Z. Hart1-1/+2
2016-05-02Prep Image for removal of InternalsVisibleTo (#140)E.Z. Hart1-2/+3
2016-05-02Prep SearchBar for removal of InternalsVisibleTo (#137)E.Z. Hart1-1/+1
2016-04-27Prep Entry for removal of InternalsVisibleTo (#139)E.Z. Hart1-1/+1
* Prep Entry control for removal of InternalsVisibleTo * Update docs
2016-04-26Carousel clean (#135)Jason Smith4-427/+0
CarouselView moving to preview repo
2016-04-26Prepare Preserve attribute usage for removal of InternalsVisibleTo (#121)E.Z. Hart1-0/+1
* Move PreserveAttribute to Internals to prep for removal of InternalsVisibleTo * Update docs
2016-04-25Make core Ticker abstract and public (#116)E.Z. Hart2-23/+4
* Make core Ticker abstract and public Make the core Ticker abstract and public so it can be inherited by platform implementations; remove now-unused parts of original Ticker; add CreateTicker to IPlatformServices; remove unused CreateTimer methods from IPlatformServices * Add docs for Ticker * Remove unnecessary Ticker.Default set * Move Ticker into Internals * Update Ticker docs * Remove old Ticker docs * Remove commented code
2016-04-25Remove ToolBar from Core; Remove ToolBar renderers and unit tests (#124)E.Z. Hart4-77/+16
2016-04-25Prep WebView and renderers for removal of InternalsVisibleTo (#120)E.Z. Hart1-3/+4
* Create custom event args class for script eval requests Make IWebViewRenderer public * Add IWebViewRenderer docs * Add EvalRequested docs * Move EvalRequested to Internals IWebViewRenderer -> IWebViewDelegate * Add docs
2016-04-24Evolve feature branch (#117)Jason Smith5-0/+231
* Initial import of evolve features * [Android] Add Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.AppLinks project * [iOS] Fix issues with c# 6 features on iOS AppLinks * Added naive stanza to update-docs-windows.bat to produce Pages docs. Not tested. (#69) * Update packages * Add AppLinks android nuspec and fix linker issues * Fix build * Fix nusepc * Fix nuspec * Update android support nugets to 23.2.1 * Update Xamarin.UITest * Add CardView * [iOS] Fix app link for CoreSpotlight * [Android] Update AppLinks android support libs * Add Newtonsoft.Json dependency to nuspec * Fix NRE when setting ControlTemplate to null * Move to ModernHttpClient for download * Try fix build * Preserve android app links * Fix margin issue * General coding and simple fixes
2016-04-24[iOS] Fix issue with WebView dispose and resizing (#128)Rui Marinho1-1/+3
2016-04-24Allow renderers to specify whether native controls should be eagerly ↵E.Z. Hart2-1/+12
disposed (#129)
2016-04-19Add TextColor Property to Picker, TimePicker, DatePicker (#84)E.Z. Hart3-0/+49
* Add TextColor property to TimePicker Add TextColor page to TimePicker gallery Add TimePicker color toggling to color toggle test page Split color toggle tests up among tabs * Implement TimePicker.TextColor in iOS * Implement TimePicker.TextColor for WinRT tablet * Add IsEnabled=false tests to DefaultColorToggleTest Button and TimePicker Consolidate ColorStates array Fix IsEnabled changing color bug on iOS * Implement TimePicker.TextColor for WP8 * Add TextColor property to DatePicker Add DatePicker section to DefaultColorToggleTest Impement DatePicker.TextColor for WP8 * Implement DatePicker.TextColor for WinRT/UWP/Windows Phone 8.1 * Implement DatePicker.TextColor for iOS * Add TextColor to DatePicker Gallery Page * Implement DatePicker.TextColor for Android * Add Picker Gallery page for TextColor Implement Picker.TextColor on Android Consolidate TextColor management for Button, Picker, DatePicker, TimePicker Implement * Add untracked TextColorSwitcher Implement Picker.TextColor in iOS * Implement Picker.TextColor in WinRT/UWP/Windows Phone 8.1 Remove Pioker Loaded handlers in Dispose * Implement Picker.TextColor in WP8 * Removed unused field Update ignored warnings * Update docs * Use nameof() for BindableProperties * Cleanup * Fix custom renderer crashes for classes using TextColorSwitcher * Correct property name references * Fix typo and 'if' formatting * Add missing else
2016-04-18Whitespace fixes (#110)kingces951-10/+16
2016-04-18CarouselView Fixes (#101)kingces951-11/+16
* Fix CarouselView.Item * CarouselView formatting * Move ItemsView.Count to IItemsViewController * Remove dead code: CarouselView.IndexOf * CarouselView re-layout subviews on resize. * Add ItemTemplate to resources.xaml on UWP * Docs
2016-04-18BarBackgroundColor and BarTextColor on TabbedPage (#96)Samantha Houts2-2/+57
* [Core] Add properties to TabbedPage * [Controls] Add properties to test page * [iOS] Added BarBackgroundColor & BarTextColor to TabbedPage * [A] Added BarBackgroundColor & BarTextColor to TabbedPage * [UWP] Added BarBackgroundColor & BarTextColor to TabbedPage * [WinRT] Format file * [WinRT] Added BarBackgroundColor & BarTextColor to TabbedPage * [Docs] Updated docs
2016-04-17Fix bugzilla39987 (#100)Jason Smith1-1/+1
* [Controls] Add repo for bugzilla 39987 * Fix repo * Resolve issue with blank first tab in iOS 9.3
2016-04-16[iOS] Restore VisualElementTracker on WebViewRenderer (#99)Rui Marinho1-4/+5
2016-04-13Page renderer effects (#85)Jason Smith9-40/+110
* [I]PageRenderer Effect support * [I]Add Effect supprt for NavigationPage * [I]Enable Effects on remaining pages
2016-04-11[iOS] Resolve Warning 0108 (#64)Samantha Houts12-75/+63
[iOS] Resolve warning 0114 `Selected` is overridable, but current behavior is to hide it, so we're going to add the `new` keyword. [iOS] Resolve warning 0618 [iOS] Resolve warning 0414, 0649, 0169 [iOS] Resolve warning 0105 Update dispose to override base dispose (#67) Add an optional extended description…
2016-04-11Resharper warnings are slightly different for some reason than WError, ↵Jason Smith1-0/+2
resolve these (#66)
2016-04-11Enable CS0618 warnings as errors (#72)Paul DiPietro4-8/+14
CS0618 occurs when using an obsolete property or method.
2016-04-07[A, iOS] CarouselView Bug Fixes (#49)kingces951-107/+68
* CarouselView programatic scrolling fixes; swipe back fixes * Make iOS CarouselView events consistant with Android * bump swipe distance; add Screenshot on Exception * Formatting. No logical change. * Comment out [Test] on UITest and fix TestCloud failures later.
2016-04-06[iOS] ViewCellRenderer did not set RealCellPropertyPaul DiPietro1-0/+2
In the iOS ViewCellRenderer, GetRealCell in ViewCellPropertyChanged was returning null and passing it to UpdateIsEnabled. SetRealCell was never being called in ViewCellRenderer and the RealCellProperty was never being set.
2016-04-06Warnings as Errors in product projectskingces952-0/+20
2016-04-05Reformat methods to original orderkingces951-210/+207
2016-04-04Merge pull request #20 from xamarin/fix-bugzilla21177beta-2.2.0-pre1Jason Smith1-1/+1
[iOS] PageRenderer no longer swallows touches
2016-03-30Add options for specifying layout of button text/image contentE.Z. Hart1-21/+105
Also make the layout and layout defaults consistent across platforms
2016-03-30[iOS] PageRenderer no longer swallows touchesSamantha Houts1-1/+1
Will allow users to create custom renderers that have touch events.
2016-03-29Make spacing in lock statement consistent with code styleE.Z. Hart1-2/+2
2016-03-28Merge pull request #19 from xamarin/reformatUsingsSamantha Houts4-11/+11
Reformat using statements
2016-03-25Reformat using statementsChris King5-12/+12
2016-03-24Add using statement to dispose streamChris King1-4/+6
2016-03-22Initial importJason Smith122-0/+18473