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2017-05-10[All] Rename Accessibility -> AutomationProperties (#912)Samantha Houts1-1/+1
* [All] Renamed Accessibility -> AutomationProperties * Update docs * Restore doc summaries * Revert unintended csproj changes
2017-04-11Implicit impl of controller ifaces (#807)kingces952-6/+5
* Simplify ICtrl callsites * Rebase fix
2017-03-14[WinRT/UWP] Fix Opacity behavior with ProgressBar (#695)Paul DiPietro3-0/+330
* [WinRT/UWP] Fix Opacity behavior with ProgressBar * Update .nuspec * Further update .nuspec * Adjust .csproj line to fix Mac build
2017-03-07Remove InternalsVisibleTo from Core to XF.Platforms.* (#782)kingces952-3/+4
* Remove InternalsVisibleTo from Core to XF.Platforms.* * Changes per Jason's code review * Move LockableObservableListWrapper to internals namespace * Changes per Stephane's code review * update docs * Touch code to get CI to run tests * Rebase; Update documentation
2017-03-03[WinRT/UWP] Make TextBox better respect background color changes via ↵Paul DiPietro1-1/+5
behaviors (#749)
2017-01-31[All] Basic Accessibility Support (#713)Samantha Houts1-0/+5
* [Core] Add accessibility properties * [Controls] Add accessibility gallery * [iOS] Implement accessibility properties * [Android] Implement accessibilty properties * [Win] Implement accessibility properties * [Win] Select ListView item on selected for a11y * Update docs * TODO: macOS accessibility * [iOS] Fix failing UI Tests
2017-01-26Use a prototype TextBlock to resolve theme resources on Windows (#703)E.Z. Hart1-79/+29
* Use a prototype TextBlock to resolve theme resources on Windows * Move textblock declaration to beginning of class * Don't retain prototype TextBlock in memory
2017-01-12[C] new OnPlatform mechanism (#658)Stephane Delcroix1-1/+0
* [C] Obsolete TargetPlatform * [Xaml] support and test the new syntax * blind fix windows platforms
2017-01-03Make UWP toolbar display rules consistent with other platforms (#638)E.Z. Hart1-1/+8
2016-12-17[Windows] Fix modal pages being laid out below soft buttons (#395)Jimmy Garrido1-12/+0
2016-12-02Allow CommandBar to expand and show command labels (#594)E.Z. Hart1-19/+3
* Allow CommandBar to expand and show command labels Consolidate command bar placement code * Make title text wrapping consistent between NavigationPage and MasterDetailPage * Align toolbar/navigation bar behavior with other platforms
2016-10-26[Win] Toolbar placement works with initial value (#488)Samantha Houts1-1/+7
* Defer UpdateToolbarPlacement until CommandBar is in the control hierarchy * Cleanup
2016-10-11[WinRT] Fix MDP and TabbedPage Appearing/Disappearing (#387)Paul DiPietro1-0/+2
2016-10-04Update ToolbarVisibility to TitleVisibility in PhoneResources (#416)E.Z. Hart1-1/+1
2016-09-30[Windows] Fix Device Style inheritance (#324)Neil McAlister1-0/+45
* Make Device Styles get Style Setters from ancestor styles * Fix parentheses to match style
2016-08-31Fix incorrect background property name on Win 8.1 phone and tablet styles (#329)E.Z. Hart1-3/+2
2016-08-30Platform Specifics (#301)Samantha Houts3-12/+42
* Playing around with how the platform specifics interfaces etc. might work * Sample implementation of iOS navigation translucency * Very slightly reduced code * Better vendor stuff * Drop single-implemenation interfaces * Generics on NavigationPage * On-demand vendor stuff * Remove functionally duplicate classes and make ControlGallery work again * Namespace all the things. XAML test. * Can use Effect to attach platform specific * Attach Effect on PropertyChanging for XAML support! * Rename IConfigPlatform interfaces for readability * Some renaming to match the documents * Split class files * Clear out test-only code * Re-namespace * Added On method to rendered Elements * Allow for removal of platform suffix, convenience methods on specific platforms * Creating a gallery page for specifics * Add rudimentary Platform Specifics gallery; make CollapseStyle work on UWP; Add CollapsedPaneWidth specific property * Toolbar now working with both collapse styles * MDP now displaying Content title; toolbar routing around title * Add a gallery for the iOS NavigationPage stuff * Add Navigation Page as detail page to verify it works with new Toolbar options * Make titlebar/toolbar background colors consistent * ToolbarPlacement now working on NavigationPage * Toolbar Placement working for tabbed and nav pages * Fix bug where phone doesn't get default toolbar placement on start * [Core] Add PS WindowSoftInputModeAdjust [Core] Make Application extendable * Toolbar placement now working on Nav, Tabbed, and Master pages on desktop/phone Remove unnecessary style indirection Fix build errors * [A] Add PlatformConfigurationExtensions * SetSoftInputMode test page * [A] SetSoftInputMode Known issue: Status bar color does not work in AdjustResize mode * [Core] Add PS Blur * [iOS] Configure renderer for blur * Add test page * Move to blur VisualElement for broader support * Move test pages to gallery * Update docs * Use lazy initializer for PlatformConfigurationRegistry
2016-07-18[Win] Setting TabbedPage.BarTextColor works (#244)Samantha Houts3-38/+77
[Win] TabbedPage BarBG takes precedence
2016-06-17Prep Cell & friends for removal of InternalsVisibleTo (#142)Samantha Houts1-0/+1
* Prep Cell & friends for removal of InternalsVisibleTo Includes: - Cell - EntryCell - ListView - MenuItem - TableView - ViewCell - Toolbar Moved extensions to Internal & removed TPH * Update docs * [Controls] Ignore Issue2411 on iOS <9 * [Controls] Formatting for Issue2411
2016-06-16Prep Page for removal of InternalsVisibleTo (#150)E.Z. Hart1-3/+3
2016-05-02Prep SearchBar for removal of InternalsVisibleTo (#137)E.Z. Hart1-1/+1
2016-04-25Make core Ticker abstract and public (#116)E.Z. Hart1-0/+1
* Make core Ticker abstract and public Make the core Ticker abstract and public so it can be inherited by platform implementations; remove now-unused parts of original Ticker; add CreateTicker to IPlatformServices; remove unused CreateTimer methods from IPlatformServices * Add docs for Ticker * Remove unnecessary Ticker.Default set * Move Ticker into Internals * Update Ticker docs * Remove old Ticker docs * Remove commented code
2016-04-18BarBackgroundColor and BarTextColor on TabbedPage (#96)Samantha Houts2-64/+103
* [Core] Add properties to TabbedPage * [Controls] Add properties to test page * [iOS] Added BarBackgroundColor & BarTextColor to TabbedPage * [A] Added BarBackgroundColor & BarTextColor to TabbedPage * [UWP] Added BarBackgroundColor & BarTextColor to TabbedPage * [WinRT] Format file * [WinRT] Added BarBackgroundColor & BarTextColor to TabbedPage * [Docs] Updated docs
2016-04-06Warnings as Errors in product projectskingces951-0/+6
2016-03-22Initial importJason Smith14-0/+2156