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2017-10-23Refactoring Native.Window to extendSeungkeun Lee1-1/+1
- Remove Native.Window - Remove hierarchy from ElmSharp.Window - We can easily change the window type with sub-class of Window Change-Id: I57a517e60b6e7c9acd2c32862a11db306e59a3d6
2017-10-23Fix Parent renderer issueSeungkeun Lee1-3/+3
- In many cases, parent renderer was required in our renderer implementation - The previous Platform.SetRenderer has caused the start of layouting - This is because IsPlatformEnabled has enabled automatically when renderer was set - So now, I separate it Change-Id: Ie590f3406c26591bb1794f368ddb991af5e6ca11
2017-10-23Add DefaultRendererSungHyun Min1-8/+3
TASK=TCAPI-2601 - To prevent throwing exception when the renderer does not exist. e.g. using customized view that is inherited View without implementing Renderer. - To run ControlGallery app(Xamarin.Forms project) which uses View directly. Change-Id: I8244f24e2dec7cf6e54cddd0fb191a37c34c7936
2017-10-23Remove unnecessary BindableProperty of PlatformKangho Hur1-12/+0
- There is no need to provide PageContext Change-Id: I807488b53154f0baf5534a3f221b06bb7e677c9e
2017-10-23Remove InternalsVissibleTo from Core to XF.Platforms.TizenKangho Hur1-0/+1
- Please refer to prior patch (#782)
2017-10-23Support window transparencyKangho Hur1-0/+9
- Should make window transparent before invoke LoadApplication() - According to the Tizen UX Guideline, naviframe (NavigationPage in Xamarin.Forms) has its own opaque background image by default. - So, it always looks opaque even if window is transparent. - To avoid these situations, DO NOT use NavigationPage and Navigation.PushModalAsync() if you want to make your application translucent. Change-Id: I202bd1c500e6932f2fc49c9c5c88e06acb0659af
2017-10-23Fixed Appearing event calling sequence issuechungryeol lim1-1/+5
- Some properties like Width/Height have wrong values under Appearing event Change-Id: Ib555405e9d79ae3475f87f2d1cb53bbf9e51cda8 Signed-off-by: chungryeol lim <>
2017-10-23Change platform class access modifierchungryeol lim1-1/+1
- Requires GetRenderer in custom renderer implementation. - Other platforms (iOS, Android, UWP) are also open to the public. Change-Id: I9beb45b63b91ee11b910fe486ec99e124c8ac793 Signed-off-by: chungryeol lim <>
2017-10-23Add Tizen backend rendererKangho Hur1-0/+345
- Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Tizen has been added - Xamarin.Forms.Maps.Tizen has been added - RPM build spec has been added Change-Id: I0021e0f040d97345affc87512ee0f6ce437f4e6d