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2017-07-10[TCSACR-38] Rename gesture events and handlerschanywa1-2/+2
Change-Id: I4120ee76143fdf3f3fd601fff3634f763761775f
2017-07-10Add logic to move map when first launchjh5.cho1-0/+5
- Add logic to move to specific point on the map when the MapSpan is given on the Map Constructor. (e.g. var map = new Map(new MapSpan(new Position(37.466047, 127.024097), 10, 10))) Change-Id: I85a8502a8c101ec984730b72e66a783fee19e2e4
2017-07-10Add Implementation of VisibleRegionjh5.cho1-2/+51
- Implementation of 'VisibleRegion' property - update 'MoveToRegion()' to support Latitude/Longitude Degree(VisibleRegion) Change-Id: Ia88657d9ddba25a1c766a16905dab8d1fca68100
2017-07-10Update Pin and Marker to use default imagejh5.cho1-10/+9
Change-Id: I0f35a14dabae2f27654f1cd77e6f20d810a89f13
2017-07-10Add MapRenderer to enable Xamarin.Forms.Maps on Tizenchungryeol lim1-42/+245
- Implementation of MapRenderer under Xamarin.Forms.Maps.Tizen - Implementation of FormsMaps to initialize Tizen Map - Implementation of GeocoderBackend TASK=TCAPI2044 Change-Id: I4b6f15b5190767ca0c92bb27c383af5f66ae5328
2017-07-10Add Tizen backend rendererKangho Hur1-0/+47
- Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Tizen has been added - Xamarin.Forms.Maps.Tizen has been added - RPM build spec has been added Change-Id: I0021e0f040d97345affc87512ee0f6ce437f4e6d