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2016-04-25Multi style classes (#134)Stephane Delcroix1-9/+46
2016-04-25Make core Ticker abstract and public (#116)E.Z. Hart4-4/+34
2016-04-25Remove ToolBar from Core; Remove ToolBar renderers and unit tests (#124)E.Z. Hart2-145/+0
2016-04-24Enable Warnings as Errors on all plat|cfg of XF.Core.UnitTests (#95)kingces953-5/+13
2016-04-06[C] Cast to ICommand instead of Command inside SearchBarJason Smith1-1/+22
2016-03-30Add options for specifying layout of button text/image contentE.Z. Hart1-0/+24
2016-03-27[C]Remove view from previous parent when added to new parent layoutJason Smith1-0/+13
2016-03-22Initial importJason Smith117-0/+26408