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2017-08-10Repro 58406; apply effects to fast renderers on Android (#1077)E.Z. Hart4-2/+32
2017-06-20[iOS] Allow Forms gestures on custom renderers for controls which already ↵E.Z. Hart2-0/+49
have gestures (#990) * Repro 57114 with UI test; fix for 57114 on iOS * Repro/UI test for Windows * Add helpful comment for posterity * Remove stray TODO * Only do ShouldReceiveTouch on mobile * Explicitly require wrapped UIView to have gesture recognizers
2017-05-26[UWP] Respect TextBox BackgroundFocusBrush Effect (#928)Paul DiPietro2-0/+37
2017-03-08VSTS support (#803)Rui Marinho3-2/+2
* Fix certs * Try fix build reference * Update to nuget 3.5 * Remove BingMapsSDK * Revert git ignore change
2017-03-03[Android] Don't crash if Control is accessed in Effect OnDetached when Page ↵Samantha Houts1-30/+62
is Disposed. (#773) * Add repro for 51505 * [Android] Don't dispose of EffectControlProvider * Oops
2017-01-12Fix out-of-memory crashes on iOS when creating maps (#467)E.Z. Hart1-0/+4
* Pool map views on iOS 10 to avoid memory issues Clean up disposal implementation for map renderer, delegate * Enable 39489 test on iOS * Add missing XF Maps references * Add missing maps reference to Windows 8.1 project * Actually enable the test for iOS * Fix placement of Isolate override * Don't create a new control for ImageRenderer if NewElement is null * Reverting fixes to ViewRenderer Dispose; have to fix that in a separate PR
2016-11-15[UWP] Explicitly set mobile StatusBar colors to white Background/black ↵Samantha Houts3-3/+25
Foreground on Light theme (#491) * [UWP] Encapsulate MobileStatusBar * [UWP] Set StatusBar colors on Light theme * Add test code to override status bar color
2016-10-15[Win] Update certs (#460)Rui Marinho3-3/+3
2016-09-27[Win] Will arrange native children of custom renderers (opt-in) (#322)Samantha Houts2-0/+58
* Add repro for 42602 * [Win] Add option to arrange native children * [Win] Don't allocate arrangedChildren unless required
2016-09-27Fix potential NRE accessing current application via Page.RealParent (#330)E.Z. Hart1-18/+5
* Fix potential NRE accessing current application via Page.RealParent * Update Native Bindings Gallery to use MessagingCenter
2016-09-08Native Bindings (#278)Stephane Delcroix1-1/+74
* [C, I, A, W] Support Native Bindings * fix tabs
2016-08-30Platform Specifics (#301)Samantha Houts1-1/+1
* Playing around with how the platform specifics interfaces etc. might work * Sample implementation of iOS navigation translucency * Very slightly reduced code * Better vendor stuff * Drop single-implemenation interfaces * Generics on NavigationPage * On-demand vendor stuff * Remove functionally duplicate classes and make ControlGallery work again * Namespace all the things. XAML test. * Can use Effect to attach platform specific * Attach Effect on PropertyChanging for XAML support! * Rename IConfigPlatform interfaces for readability * Some renaming to match the documents * Split class files * Clear out test-only code * Re-namespace * Added On method to rendered Elements * Allow for removal of platform suffix, convenience methods on specific platforms * Creating a gallery page for specifics * Add rudimentary Platform Specifics gallery; make CollapseStyle work on UWP; Add CollapsedPaneWidth specific property * Toolbar now working with both collapse styles * MDP now displaying Content title; toolbar routing around title * Add a gallery for the iOS NavigationPage stuff * Add Navigation Page as detail page to verify it works with new Toolbar options * Make titlebar/toolbar background colors consistent * ToolbarPlacement now working on NavigationPage * Toolbar Placement working for tabbed and nav pages * Fix bug where phone doesn't get default toolbar placement on start * [Core] Add PS WindowSoftInputModeAdjust [Core] Make Application extendable * Toolbar placement now working on Nav, Tabbed, and Master pages on desktop/phone Remove unnecessary style indirection Fix build errors * [A] Add PlatformConfigurationExtensions * SetSoftInputMode test page * [A] SetSoftInputMode Known issue: Status bar color does not work in AdjustResize mode * [Core] Add PS Blur * [iOS] Configure renderer for blur * Add test page * Move to blur VisualElement for broader support * Move test pages to gallery * Update docs * Use lazy initializer for PlatformConfigurationRegistry
2016-08-16Fix Entry/SearchBar color issues (#306)E.Z. Hart1-1/+1
* Fix disappearing Entry text on UWP Anniversary Edition Fix background color reversion bug in UWP Phone Move SearchBar styling on UWP to its own file Make foreground/background color changes on UWP SearchBar/Entry consistent Fix SearchBar color toggle bug on WP8 * Temporarily moving SDK target to previous version * Fix build error on OSX
2016-08-03Enable WebView to render local HTML files on WinRT platforms (#277)E.Z. Hart4-0/+15
* Enable WebView to render local HTML files on WinRT platforms * Add test to demonstrate that the solution works even if <head> isn't in the HTML string
2016-07-18Windows image loader error handling (#260)E.Z. Hart3-1/+13
* Repros for various image issues * Log image loading errors * Better repro instructions and user interface * Image loading tests now running on WinRT/UWP phone/tablet/desktop * Move FailImageSource into shared project * Move FailImageSource into shared project * Update docs
2016-04-07Enable warnings as errors in testskingces951-0/+6
2016-03-30Add options for specifying layout of button text/image contentE.Z. Hart2-0/+1
Also make the layout and layout defaults consistent across platforms
2016-03-24Move initialization of configuration files (if needed) to a pre-build taskE.Z. Hart1-1/+1
Remove unneeded init scripts
2016-03-22Initial importJason Smith17-0/+573