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2016-04-24Evolve feature branch (#117)Jason Smith4-2/+12
2016-04-20[Android] Add missing 23.3.0 package dependenciesSamantha Houts2-0/+14
2016-04-19[Android] Fix registering of default AppCompact renderers (#112)Rui Marinho1-134/+222
2016-04-16[iOS] Restore VisualElementTracker on WebViewRenderer (#99)Rui Marinho2-0/+1
2016-04-16Update android support packages to 23.3 (#102)Rui Marinho2-12/+12
2016-04-12Add compatibility shims to fix warnings; annotate warnings which require (#75)Jason Smith1-1/+1
2016-04-11[Nuget] Remove GPS dependency (#71)Rui Marinho2-5/+0
2016-04-06Enable warnings as errors in testskingces951-0/+9
2016-03-24Move initialization of configuration files (if needed) to a pre-build taskE.Z. Hart3-1/+13
2016-03-23[A] Fix insights api key access for Legacy AndroidE.Z. Hart1-1/+1
2016-03-22Initial importJason Smith38-0/+1384