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2017-10-23[Android] Applinks firebase 42 (#1107)Rui Marinho2-41/+72
* Android AppLinks updated packages and refactor to comply with Firebase packages * made nested classes internal * removed notimplementedexception and added a Console log when on Failure * removed Firebase init method. Changed Console for Android's native Exception logging * formatted code styling with Visual Studio Community 2017 for Mac * [Android] Update nuspec and gallery * [Packages] Update android support packages for
2017-10-23Add sln for VS2017 , remove not used Page Gallery (#1171)Rui Marinho27-846/+0
* [PagesGallery] Remove not used page galleries * [SLN] Add VS 2017 sln
2017-10-23disable targets validation for PagesStephane Delcroix2-2/+4
2017-09-15[UITests] Update packages, fix failing test (#1140)Rui Marinho1-5/+4
* [Nuget] Update UITest packages * [UITest] Fix failing tests by scrolling to results first * [PagesGallery] Remove iOS7 storyboard * Revert "[UITest] Fix failing tests by scrolling to results first" This reverts commit 54eba70cf04d155998c1436e1320e02984864bca. * [Controls] Move results labels on 51773 to the top
2017-03-08VSTS support (#803)Rui Marinho4-4/+5
* Fix certs * Try fix build reference * Update to nuget 3.5 * Remove BingMapsSDK * Revert git ignore change
2016-10-15[Win] Update certs (#460)Rui Marinho4-31/+11
2016-10-03Fix tests on IOS10 [Do not merge] (#373)Rui Marinho1-1/+1
* [UITests] Update packages * [UITests] Fix formatting * [UITests] Fix tests * Add badges * Update Android csproj * fix
2016-09-18[Controls] Update Insights and UITest packages and fix warnings (#361)Rui Marinho4-0/+24
* [Controls] Update Insights and UITest packages * Update Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android (Forwarders).csproj
2016-06-13[Pages] Add reference to Xamarin.Forms.Build.Tasks (#220)Rui Marinho1-0/+5
2016-04-27Azure support (#143)Jason Smith12-34/+60
* Initial import of azure support for pages * Add nuspec for azure * move azure nuspec to correct location * Update Newtonsoft.Json to 6.0.4 * Add converters * Fix package
2016-04-24Evolve feature branch (#117)Jason Smith96-0/+2342
* Initial import of evolve features * [Android] Add Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.AppLinks project * [iOS] Fix issues with c# 6 features on iOS AppLinks * Added naive stanza to update-docs-windows.bat to produce Pages docs. Not tested. (#69) * Update packages * Add AppLinks android nuspec and fix linker issues * Fix build * Fix nusepc * Fix nuspec * Update android support nugets to 23.2.1 * Update Xamarin.UITest * Add CardView * [iOS] Fix app link for CoreSpotlight * [Android] Update AppLinks android support libs * Add Newtonsoft.Json dependency to nuspec * Fix NRE when setting ControlTemplate to null * Move to ModernHttpClient for download * Try fix build * Preserve android app links * Fix margin issue * General coding and simple fixes