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2017-04-06Android fastrenderers (#845)Rui Marinho1-0/+130
* Obsolete IVisualElementRenderer.ViewGroup in favor of .View * Fix NRE * Changing TContainer in PlatformEffect to View * Fix "View" type * new VisualElementRenderer * First attempt at a fast(er) button renderer * Fast Label Renderer * Let's try that again. Behold: Label Fast Renderer * Move FrameRenderer into Fast Renderers * Fix Disposable on VisualElementRenderer * Simplify touch and click handlers * Drop empty if clause * [Android] Add initial Image fast renderer * Split accessibility out to a separate helper class; fix tapgesture bug with label * [Android] Small fixes to VisualElementRenderer * Move accessiblity stuff to a separate class (which needs a good name) * Prevent query from looking to parent for fast renderers * [Android] ImageRenderer refactoring * Fix elevation/z-index bugs with Button (e.g., 40173) * Move SetLabeledBy to Accessibilitizer * Un-break automation IDs for Labels * Move gesture handling to its own class * Split gesture and effect management into separate classes * Remove unneeded packager from LabelRenderer * LabelRenderer inherits from FormsTextView * Batch updates to View * Fix isOnParentRenderer check for non-Android platforms * [Controls] Update Xamarin.Forms.ControlGallery.iOS.csproj * [Android,IOS] Small fixes to rebase and use of Internals * [Android] Ignroe warning for now * Fast renderers now passing InputTransparent and IsEnabled tests * Fast and legacy renderers now pass the Enabled and InputTransparent tests * Change PlatformEffect back, default container to null * Fix mangled using directives
2017-02-06Revert "[*] ScaleX and ScaleY"Stephane Delcroix1-4/+3
This reverts commit fc7d556848e731902d096953c9b4fb28a2466e6b.
2017-02-06[*] ScaleX and ScaleYStephane Delcroix1-3/+4
2016-03-22Initial importJason Smith15-0/+242