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2017-10-23Export Renderer for PageSeungkeun Lee3-24/+8
- Need a Page renderer - Rename from ContentPageRenderer to PageRenderer - Rename from Native.ContentPage to Native.Page - Export PageRenderer as Page renderer - ContentPage use PageRenderer - Remove unused property in Native.ContentPage TASK=TCAPI-2602 Change-Id: I19c822c444e4322d23795186d24db8dffe86e345
2017-10-23Remove repeated line wrap setjh5.cho2-18/+0
- TASK=TCAPI-2605 - Remove setting wrap style at Span to prevent repeated setting for line break mode Change-Id: I634cbefeec0cd48b5b4c4b3b8418fa8dce60bd48
2017-10-23Add DefaultRendererSungHyun Min2-8/+21
TASK=TCAPI-2601 - To prevent throwing exception when the renderer does not exist. e.g. using customized view that is inherited View without implementing Renderer. - To run ControlGallery app(Xamarin.Forms project) which uses View directly. Change-Id: I8244f24e2dec7cf6e54cddd0fb191a37c34c7936
2017-10-23Fix NavigationPage back button issueSeungkeun Lee1-1/+2
- When use back-button on Navigation bar, page was popped without update of Xamarin.Core - Disable DefaultBackButtonEnabled - Invoke UpdateHasBackButton method in UpdateToolbarItem Change-Id: I40e24900ff198fc4fdc091ffff5d2df4c73c7d04
2017-10-23Remove unnecessary assignment for TabbedPageRendererrina6350.you1-1/+4
Change-Id: I6001db74a0fa090851f38133443a4dcc21eb4917
2017-10-23Fixed an issue where event occurs when Date&TimePicker is disableddarkleem2-14/+24
- This is a patch that should be removed when the efl issue is resolved Change-Id: I76dc59476594ef774212cfcf5948d02f7fa959e1 Signed-off-by: darkleem <>
2017-10-23[TabbedPage] Enable TabbedPage to add or remove tabsjh5.cho1-23/+111
TASK=TCAPI-2494 - Allow TabbedPage to add or remove tabs Change-Id: I38d39a1c34b8bcb1b301af89277ee270163d8a29
2017-10-23Fix crash when attaching effectdarkleem1-1/+1
Change-Id: I22841a8dce74a3a73cc2ef58f54b072e7c40fedc Signed-off-by: darkleem <>
2017-10-23Remove unnecessary method call of NavigationPageRendererrina6350.you1-7/+1
Change-Id: Ie27d12a60b71146efb9468e3c9778122c132ad9c
2017-10-23NavigationPageRenderer refactoring for performance enhancementrina6350.you1-24/+24
Change-Id: I6cb0c90e1d0d17b21214ccf192dba2a7b4a28dbb
2017-10-23[MAPS] Give user time to provide consent before app launchesjh5.cho2-17/+41
TASK=TCAPI-2422 Change-Id: I3c529fdaff6c1331013389d200ea34f824362bac
2017-10-23Use Scroller as a base for CarouselPageRendererSeungkeun Lee1-167/+110
Modifies the CarouselPageRenderer so that it utilizes a Scroller as its base widget. This allows for smooth pages scrolling (i.e. the pages do not switch instantly), following the material design principles. Change-Id: I9967576a9d51515320975bf19bf5703fb8f8b440 Signed-off-by: Adam Szczerbiak <>
2017-10-23Update XF.Maps.Tizen nuspec for using Tizen.Maps-1.0.12Kangho Hur1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ieaff3516b72fe2848cc73d49036d1ecedd7376ae
2017-10-23Update *.Tizen nuspec for using ElmSharp-1.2.2Kangho Hur2-2/+2
Change-Id: I4e0be09a9999c291055518339d4e867005e8dc67
2017-10-23Fix the checkbox focus issueSungHyun Min1-1/+9
TASK=TCAPI-2397 *It is a temporary way until the UX for TV is defined. Change-Id: I486f79b9fe8b6958769eeeb25f0dd7cb323222b2
2017-10-23Revert "Move registration of property handles to static constructors"Kangho Hur19-147/+151
This reverts commit 509e6f117c9966e5503deb8ff1c5135b41eb2a3e. Change-Id: Icb16fdc0b1006405a92e4e5ef77f20749c2ce3e5
2017-10-23Move registration of property handles to static constructorsKangho Hur19-151/+147
Property handlers are registered once per class instead of once per instance. Solves the issue with UpdateAllProperties and Distinct. Change-Id: I41b3f6c0a055c7aa76300bf7a55683b0b25a21fd
2017-10-23Update the *.Tizen nuspecKangho Hur2-2/+2
- dependency updated to
2017-10-23Use bool? for VisualElement.IsFocusAllowed property (Specific)Kangho Hur2-6/+6
-TASK=TCAPI-2552 Change-Id: I5e38e2f47295d60a5850aa135d9fe250dab22ffe
2017-10-23Use the latest version of ElmSharp (1.2.2)Kangho Hur2-3/+3
Change-Id: I094cd427b8ed2878a2f49792841221b5d7cd4c80
2017-10-23Revert "Rename Platform.Tizen and Maps.Tizen's project.json"Kangho Hur2-0/+0
This reverts commit 5c77141b7a2699efba1348a1d7ce5a4b20bb7006. Change-Id: I67a3a7976fbc353475077a281581294cc12f0980
2017-10-23Fix Editor cursor position issueSungHyun Min3-8/+22
TASK=TCAPI2439 Change-Id: I6cf8ba60d74b0cd3fc72e86f1336127cdc5e5559
2017-10-23Fix Layout issueSeungkeun Lee3-24/+21
- All layouts should update all children position when their position is updated But it was done by EFL box - Some case, before child was added into Box(efl), Layout(Box) was moved. and child who didn't added into Box does not moved - Fixing * Remove overried UpdateLayout method on LayoutRenderer * Moved SetRenderer position after adding the children - Refactoring * Change IVisualElementRenderer interface * UpdateNativeGeometry was Changed to private * UpdateLayout was exposed as IVisualElementRenderer Change-Id: I74bfdab00667bd6fa13cd8d392868af901b98dae
2017-10-23Update TIzen.Maps version into 1.0.12Kangho Hur2-4/+1
Change-Id: I86d4ee7c690b798764f91f8f321f8720b7007857
2017-10-23Fix xamarin gesture in not workdarkleem1-6/+13
- TASK=TCAPI-2417 Change-Id: I95fc80b20dadbfcd7ee641a1d60d4bf3f4fefca9 Signed-off-by: darkleem <>
2017-10-23Rename Platform.Tizen and Maps.Tizen's project.jsonKangho Hur2-0/+0
- This patch resolve the obs build failed issue. (current dotnet_cli can't recognize project.json) Change-Id: I776a5acb391c26552ac9bf52cebb5dbfb85e263d
2017-10-23Fix Layout issueSeungkeun Lee1-0/+12
- Issue Case Layout was neasted BatchCommitted event was fired earlier than parent element(Layout) - Solution Update children geometry when layout was updated if not LayoutCallbackEnabled Change-Id: I9eb6550c44ebf5bafeaf045f252c9a9e2f68f0fc
2017-10-23Fix CS1525 error on obsKangho Hur1-1/+5
Change-Id: I39fedb48d34e4324414138a050fac0a419a8b602
2017-10-23Revert "Add handling of the font path"Kangho Hur1-5/+0
This reverts commit 45580c8f66b43022645287145385212fcbe8db56. - Due to package dependency with elm-sharp, this patch has been reverted. It can be merged again after elm-sharp version has updated. Change-Id: I66915899782805112b85fb391383f1cbe40d2e7d
2017-10-23Refactoring RenderersSeungkeun Lee29-421/+354
- Apply Dispose pattern - Handle IBatchable interface on VisualElementRenderer - Make pair Event subscribe/unsubscribe Change-Id: I65018652132494722d52b1d62798f1cf1f6fc6fd
2017-10-23[TCSACR-38] Rename gesture events and handlerschanywa1-2/+2
Change-Id: I4120ee76143fdf3f3fd601fff3634f763761775f
2017-10-23Fix the crash issue when editor is added in ListViewrina6350.you1-0/+10
TASK=TCAPI-2480 Change-Id: Icfb93cdc55fef7cb17f0a54f9c88cdd0d38ed70e
2017-10-23Initialize SearchBar with a single batch updatePawel Andruszkiewicz2-0/+17
Change-Id: I88749ed075b320ad22bf7cb3d9e869d1f6c6dad6 Signed-off-by: Pawel Andruszkiewicz <>
2017-10-23Initialize Entry/Editor with a single batch updatePawel Andruszkiewicz3-2/+26
Change-Id: Ibc7f697dfb51992040c8dbe476065ea884e33a49 Signed-off-by: Pawel Andruszkiewicz <>
2017-10-23Initialize Button with single batch updatePawel Andruszkiewicz2-2/+18
Change-Id: Id34604e0d228b9d94395f432471ff272eb7e251f Signed-off-by: Pawel Andruszkiewicz <>
2017-10-23Initialize Label with a single batch updatePawel Andruszkiewicz4-2/+92
Change-Id: Id3811e8014accc2044c6422d1fab2381ac4594ed Signed-off-by: Pawel Andruszkiewicz <>
2017-10-23Enable scrolling in TabbedPageRendererSeungkeun Lee1-54/+95
TASK=TCAPI-2487, TNET-1176 - Fix layout issue with scroller Change-Id: I9c17eb5edf2133c474a3767dcabcf2da71bff124
2017-10-23Change FormsApplication.MainWindow setterSeungkeun Lee1-1/+1
- Change to protected - Need for extend Change-Id: I6fa1647b963e74e24be5c471bf2b6f31ce4dbadb
2017-10-23Remove GlobalAssemblyInfo from Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Tizen and Maps.TizenKangho Hur2-6/+0
Change-Id: I693af4517a9091b48575b5e51c96207f96f34538
2017-10-23Fix Image.BlendColor call issuedarkleem1-0/+1
Change-Id: Idb7d39e0665c0f58b689ded73bcd5e0500ff751d Signed-off-by: darkleem <>
2017-10-23fix NavigationPage toolbar BackButton issuedarkleem1-2/+4
- TASK=TCAPI-2537 Change-Id: Ief93ba32de112753a51b4ea88f96fae02be479d3 Signed-off-by: darkleem <>
2017-10-23Remove unnecessaray parameter of TizenDeviceInfoKangho Hur1-2/+2
Change-Id: I42b2f56a971ef25e49cafbc0c7822988bb60b371
2017-10-23Remove scroller from TabbedPageRendererKangho Hur1-90/+54
TASK=TCAPI-2487, TNET-1176 - This patch reverts 803e69866c687c3eefba4160068dd9eb38bcf1a4 Change-Id: I96007352b1911d2c11bd09742ef97eb20d1ff8c1
2017-10-23Remove unnecessary BindableProperty of PlatformKangho Hur1-12/+0
- There is no need to provide PageContext Change-Id: I807488b53154f0baf5534a3f221b06bb7e677c9e
2017-10-23fix Date/TimePicker crash and handle issuedarkleem3-34/+81
- TASK=TCAP-2529 - editfield style handle issue(opacity, enabled..) Change-Id: Ie07113aa5d1f625a6dcc69492d38c5ca1d98aad1 Signed-off-by: darkleem <>
2017-10-23Remove unnecessary update at initializeSeungkeun Lee9-17/+65
Change-Id: Ia6e1bcfa7c7ceb35b7b0c8d17376ebecb05f0d97
2017-10-23Fix xamarin.forms version in dependenciesWonYoung Choi2-2/+2
Change-Id: I08aaa82ee47c24f4bc9bf70e36a4b53a189c09aa
2017-10-23Add handling of the font pathMariia Borowiec1-0/+5
Change-Id: Ie6f07d2239cbfb1949ce4b43c55ff43f2f345703 Signed-off-by: Mariia Borowiec <>
2017-10-23Change project files to MSBuild 14 formatWonYoung Choi12-139/+266
Change-Id: I772315bad5d661b764527a051014ce856cce967e
2017-10-23Make sure single Xamarin property influences only one EFL propertyPawel Andruszkiewicz11-51/+44
Change-Id: Ib5b2fcab1f7c880cef3b199badc2710f8d05384b Signed-off-by: Pawel Andruszkiewicz <>