AgeCommit message (Collapse)AuthorFilesLines
2016-04-12Enable CS1998 warnings as errors (#65)Paul DiPietro22-33/+62
2016-04-12Mop up enabling warnings as errors (#78)kingces9519-27/+79
2016-04-12[Core] Can bind properties in BindableObjects added to static resources in ↵Samantha Houts5-1/+160
XAML (#58) Resources that are `BindableObject`s will inherit the `Parent`'s `BindingContext` unless they are `Element`s that have non-null `Parent`s.
2016-04-12[UWP] Adjust bounds for ContentPage when by itself (#61)Paul DiPietro3-0/+59
In a scenario where there is a ContentPage by itself, things like labels ran beneath the StatusBar in landscape mode. This is presumably because the page was assuming there to be a TitleBar and calculating the bounds based on that fact; by checking for its visibility and adjusting the bounds as necessary it allows for correct alignment.
2016-04-12[X] internal CreateFromXaml () (#77)Stephane Delcroix9-30/+110
2016-04-12Make resharper happier with commentsJason Smith2-13/+0
2016-04-12Add compatibility shims to fix warnings; annotate warnings which require (#75)Jason Smith33-153/+124
more thought to fix; Fix a few more warnings VS didn't see fit to raise as errors Adding comments to `pragma warning disable` statements pragma comments Fix typo Set TabletMasterDetailRenderer back to previous version Fix incorrect config access in legacy activity
2016-04-12Fix warnings 0219 and 0618 in WP8 Platform (#63)E.Z. Hart6-16/+9
* Fix warnings 0219 and 0618 in WP8 Platform Remove suppression of warnings 0219 and 0618 in WP8 Platform * Remove pragma for 0618 and use Platform.GetRenderer * All warnings as errors in Release configuration
2016-04-12[iOS] Resolve Warning 0108 (#64)Samantha Houts12-75/+63
[iOS] Resolve warning 0114 `Selected` is overridable, but current behavior is to hide it, so we're going to add the `new` keyword. [iOS] Resolve warning 0618 [iOS] Resolve warning 0414, 0649, 0169 [iOS] Resolve warning 0105 Update dispose to override base dispose (#67) Add an optional extended description…
2016-04-12Resharper warnings are slightly different for some reason than WError, ↵Jason Smith21-68/+6
resolve these (#66)
2016-04-11Enable warnings 0649 and 0067 on UAP/WinRT (#73)kingces954-3/+7
2016-04-11Add iOS localized string resource assemblies to nuspec (#74)E.Z. Hart1-0/+72
2016-04-11Enable CS0618 warnings as errors (#72)Paul DiPietro90-54/+475
CS0618 occurs when using an obsolete property or method.
2016-04-11[Nuget] Remove GPS dependency (#71)Rui Marinho5-21/+0
2016-04-10Fix ios test queries (#70)Jason Smith1-6/+6
2016-04-08Temporarily disable failing testJason Smith1-0/+1
2016-04-08Automatically marshal all AnimationExtensions calls onto UI thread (#48)E.Z. Hart4-63/+217
2016-04-08[A] Fix Bugzilla 40173 (#62)Jason Smith4-6/+190
* [A]Fix issue where Frame would block all tap gestures under it even if it didn't have one * [A]Make BoxView non-blocking inside a ListView only * Add UITest for bz40173 * Fix code review issues
2016-04-07[A, iOS] CarouselView Bug Fixes (#49)kingces957-201/+485
* CarouselView programatic scrolling fixes; swipe back fixes * Make iOS CarouselView events consistant with Android * bump swipe distance; add Screenshot on Exception * Formatting. No logical change. * Comment out [Test] on UITest and fix TestCloud failures later.
2016-04-07Merge pull request #60 from xamarin/warnings-WP8-4014E.Z. Hart3-2/+36
Turn off suppression of warning CS4014 Port TaskExtensions from WinRT projects to WP8 Update implementation of OpenUriAction to use TaskExtensions
2016-04-07Merge branch 'master' of Hart2-1/+6
2016-04-07Update format for static readonly private fieldsE.Z. Hart1-2/+2
Update rule private members (implicit) Remove references to user-specific files
2016-04-07Un-suppress CS0067 in Platform.WP8; (#57)E.Z. Hart2-1/+6
Fix warning 0067 "An event was declared but never used in the class in which it was declared." Added event invocation method to TextCellRenderer's CanExecuteChanged event to fix warning.
2016-04-07Merge pull request #45 from xamarin/fix-bugzilla25662Samantha Houts2-9/+32
[A] SwitchCell IsEnabled bit now affects the toggle
2016-04-07Force conversion to target type when Static Resource returns OnPlatform<T>E.Z. Hart5-4/+128
2016-04-07[C] Cast to ICommand instead of Command inside SearchBarJason Smith2-3/+24
2016-04-07Enable warnings as errors in XAMLkingces958-1/+33
2016-04-07Enable warnings as errors in testskingces9524-25/+133
2016-04-07[iOS] ViewCellRenderer did not set RealCellPropertyPaul DiPietro3-0/+65
In the iOS ViewCellRenderer, GetRealCell in ViewCellPropertyChanged was returning null and passing it to UpdateIsEnabled. SetRealCell was never being called in ViewCellRenderer and the RealCellProperty was never being set.
2016-04-07Fix issue where API23 became required by mistakeJason Smith1-1/+9
2016-04-07Fix race condition in IsInvokeRequired on AndroidE.Z. Hart3-9/+67
2016-04-07Merge pull request #55 from xamarin/warnings-WP8-0114E.Z. Hart2-2/+2
Remove 0114 supression from Platform.WP8; fix warnings
2016-04-06Warnings as Errors in product projectskingces9529-30/+221
2016-04-05Reformat methods to original orderkingces951-210/+207
2016-04-05[A] Make sure carouselView disposes correctlyJason Smith1-17/+33
2016-04-05Merge pull request #44 from xamarin/fix-bz39499Jason Smith1-0/+2
Fix bz39499
2016-04-05[iOS] Fix WeakNotifyCollectionChanged on CarouselViewRui Marinho2-28/+67
Make some changes on WeakNotifyCollectionChanged to make it work ok in IOS, following the ListProxy approach.
2016-04-04Merge pull request #20 from xamarin/fix-bugzilla21177beta-2.2.0-pre1Jason Smith4-112/+300
[iOS] PageRenderer no longer swallows touches
2016-04-04Merge pull request #39 from xamarin/unformatkingces959-1021/+1068
Unformat CarouselViewRenderer, recombine files; no code changes
2016-04-04Merge pull request #37 from xamarin/fix-bugzilla39458Rui Marinho3-0/+89
[W] Setting CurrentPage in CarouselPage ctor works
2016-04-01Unformat CarouselViewRenderer, recombine files; no code changesChris King9-1021/+1068
/*privat*/ -> #region Unformat CarouselView.cs More unformat work Remove offending /*privates*/
2016-04-01[W] Setting CurrentPage in CarouselPage ctor worksSamantha Houts3-0/+89
2016-04-01Merge pull request #31 from xamarin/fix-bugzilla39464Rui Marinho4-7/+147
[W] Button BG Color & BorderRadius are consistent
2016-03-31Merge pull request #11 from xamarin/fix-bugzilla27417Samantha Houts24-65/+785
Add options for specifying layout of button text/image content
2016-03-31Merge pull request #32 from xamarin/fix-bugzilla39378Samantha Houts4-0/+126
[Controls,Core]Allow well known type conversions on the binding system
2016-03-30Add options for specifying layout of button text/image contentE.Z. Hart24-65/+785
Also make the layout and layout defaults consistent across platforms
2016-03-30Merge pull request #28 from xamarin/fix-bugzilla39359Samantha Houts1-1/+1
[iOS,Android,Win] Make sure we only cache images that return a succes…
2016-03-30Merge pull request #9 from xamarin/fix-bz33181-2Samantha Houts2-19/+19
[C]Fix packaging issue where intellisense doesn't work on dev14
2016-03-30Merge pull request #36 from xamarin/repo-carouselRui Marinho1-2/+2
Fix master
2016-03-30[iOS] PageRenderer no longer swallows touchesSamantha Houts4-112/+300
Will allow users to create custom renderers that have touch events.