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2017-05-12Merge "fix minimum size of Button when layouted" into tizensubmit/tizen/20170512.113233accepted/tizen/unified/20170512.170158Seungkeun Lee1-3/+1
2017-05-12Merge "Use "popup" style for Dialog buttons" into tizenKangho Hur1-0/+5
2017-05-12Merge "Fix gesture issue in BoxView" into tizenSeungkeun Lee2-11/+9
2017-05-12Fix gesture issue in BoxViewSungHyun Min2-11/+9
TASK=TCAPI-2365 - Gestures are handled only on the ViewRenderer. - Base class of BoxViewRenderer is changed to inherit ViewRenderer - ViewRenderer is changed to allow EvasObject type as a NativeView Change-Id: I39ff90ea48da7569e4a7c6b2250d6a52a88a0736 Signed-off-by: SungHyun Min <>
2017-05-12Use "popup" style for Dialog buttonsKangho Hur1-0/+5
Change-Id: I3532b26bd36bba11e77e34163d9dd738f9bc9526
2017-05-11fix minimum size of Button when layouteddarkleem1-3/+1
Change-Id: I889047c1efc695a81ea89e614b198ccad8e4c222 Signed-off-by: darkleem <>
2017-05-11Merge "Label: inform LineBreakMode to elm_label" into tizenKangho Hur1-1/+12
2017-05-11Label: inform LineBreakMode to elm_labelSungtaek Hong1-1/+12
- When ellipsis/linewrap mode is set to elm_label signal is emitted to elm_label's resize_obj(edc) to change text attribute. - Sending signal logic similar to elm_label is added because Span directly sets text to resize_obj directly by style_user_push() and signal which should be emitted by elm_label is not sent. - This commit depends on Change-Id: If40362986d8ec772ba353d2498deab89c4cbfd20 Signed-off-by: Sungtaek Hong <>
2017-05-11Unrealize dialog after it dissmissed.Kangho Hur1-0/+2
- this approach is from native EFL API usage. Change-Id: Ic62ea6005074e8bfc6db312b66acfa93178ac87f
2017-05-11Fix Label's default text color behaviorKangho Hur1-4/+1
- Do not set default color manually. Change-Id: I2123560e1be18668c432921d1c3009e363a14a11
2017-05-10[TabbedPageRenderer] Apply Slide Navigation on TabbedPagejh5.cho1-58/+104
TASK=TCAPI-2248 - Refactoring Code has done Change-Id: I79a44da01308f7aac273651a1dcbc370f9668c6c Signed-off-by: jh5.cho <>
2017-04-28Remove unneccessary property setting for TabbedPagesubmit/tizen/20170428.112155accepted/tizen/unified/20170429.024532Kangho Hur2-2/+1
Change-Id: Idee9dddf1eb42914876403bfb9befaaa420add49
2017-04-27Fix implementatoin of Page.DisplayAlertsubmit/tizen/20170427.115926accepted/tizen/unified/20170428.032857Kangho Hur2-27/+2
Change-Id: If1ba19fe1c2728b237d10288e5b2d68eccf0de58
2017-04-27remove hard-coded default text color for ButtonKangho Hur1-3/+1
Change-Id: I98e4b5030550c63b9c583cd01d7fe7811f949df7
2017-04-27Set text align of Popup'label to middle as defaultKangho Hur1-1/+1
- this is from UX requirments. Change-Id: I0477f37a2dd167be45113c9e97adf0c0cc9ebf31
2017-04-26Fix content path in nuspec filessubmit/tizen/20170426.074809accepted/tizen/unified/20170426.200159WonYoung Choi2-4/+4
Change-Id: I80fd28487f8dab81861cd3560a610bbd49240a2f
2017-04-25Fix Device.Info creation issuesubmit/tizen/20170425.120448accepted/tizen/unified/20170426.022133Kangho Hur2-6/+9
Change-Id: If9aa1d762364ef185593eb2bb38d1bbcd9d3ed6b
2017-04-25Merge "Update header/footer in response to HeaderElement/FooterElement ↵Kangho Hur1-40/+4
notifications" into tizen
2017-04-25Merge "New way of layout" into tizenKangho Hur10-118/+89
2017-04-25Merge "Optimize updating state of control properties" into tizenKangho Hur1-4/+5
2017-04-25Merge "Fix InsertPageBefore in NavigationPageRenderer" into tizenKangho Hur1-8/+3
2017-04-25use fixed DPI value (72) on TV profileKangho Hur1-3/+9
Change-Id: I84034fc407d9ea58d40cde24f5d0b52edea19491
2017-04-25Fix InsertPageBefore in NavigationPageRendererSeungkeun Lee1-8/+3
- Optimize InsertPageBeforeRequestedHandler - Remove StartTimer on InsertPageBefore It is required to fix layout issue Now it does not need Change-Id: I8f384eea02d811c42f581b8efa2505c94fc08340
2017-04-25New way of layoutPiotr Bereza10-118/+89
Change-Id: I827d199fdc9be0f62a2a149ed2bd943c5ab76056 Signed-off-by: Piotr Bereza <>
2017-04-24Update header/footer in response to HeaderElement/FooterElement notificationsPawel Andruszkiewicz1-40/+4
This approach allows to register only one handler per header/footer, covers both Header/Footer and HeaderTemplate/FooterTemplate cases, while handlers are called when elements are ready, so there's no need for an awkward call to Device.StartTimer(). Change-Id: I16c2943e20d93efeab409e8999ce7e72105aa79a Signed-off-by: Pawel Andruszkiewicz <>
2017-04-24Update nuspecsubmit/tizen/20170424.105943accepted/tizen/unified/20170424.154333Kangho Hur2-2/+2
Change-Id: Ia0303b0b01d928648ce1e36dd5f754a58e003b8e
2017-04-24Optimize updating state of control propertiesPiotr Czaja1-4/+5
Change-Id: Id63470cbc88761e13bc5875fedfe9cffaa95f2bb Signed-off-by: Piotr Czaja <>
2017-04-24Update version to Hur1-3/+3
- rebased to Change-Id: Ib5f0506b3fba96ac1e1860cedde4a1dcaef430b1
2017-04-24Remove InternalsVissibleTo from Core to XF.Platforms.TizenKangho Hur18-43/+60
- Please refer to prior patch (#782)
2017-04-24Update Mono.Cecil version to 0.10.0-beta5Kangho Hur3-0/+0
2017-04-24rebase to tags/beta-2.3.5-pre1Kangho Hur16-122/+44
- this is base code of xamarin.forms 2.3.5-pre1 (
2017-04-24Add ToolTip based on Tizen Specificrina6350.you4-2/+39
* Update the version of the used elm-sharp. * Update the version of xamarin package to 2.3.4-r214-005. TASK=TCAPI-2259 change-Id: I1f0c65c3d67030b7a690fd0839a0a851c4f1bcba
2017-04-24Change the style of GenList for ImageCell and SwitchCellrina6350.you2-2/+2
Change-Id: I3d6c8e940bd8814d2ba2ef45536142696d861611
2017-04-24Optimize Moved event handlerSeungkeun Lee1-2/+22
- Only enable Moved event handler when enabled transformation feature Change-Id: I2fe9f1c041290af1bde5783a47fcb0bc7ac13bd0
2017-04-24Fix the layout of Page.DisplayAlert's buttonsKangho Hur1-4/+5
TASK=TCAPI-2329 Change-Id: Iff5759754232a3d6981fdf0a8de5693541e09f55
2017-04-24Apply naviitem/tabbar style correctlyKangho Hur2-0/+2
TASK=TCAPI-2328 Change-Id: Idb1f68394132c7a161568f384db553a740a7a8ef
2017-04-24Fix spec fileWonYoung Choi1-2/+2
Change-Id: I495c32f50fd221f7c824c923a9992f49ff904d4c
2017-04-24Refactor layout update codeSeungkeun Lee3-69/+37
- A small refactoring - In OnBatchCommitted, Only update the Element itself location, not update children Because it is enough - Prevent duplicate update - Globally applied IgnoreBatchCommitted was changed to locally and re-named - Fixed rotation issue Change-Id: I32b57317169d81d7ad6e45f0b52eb2a8f1d861fa
2017-04-24Fix VisualElementRenderer IsDisposed check conditionSeungkeun Lee1-2/+2
- before true when _flags was exctaly same with VisualElementRendererFlags.Disposed - after true when _flags has a bit flage of VisualElementRendererFlags.Disposed Change-Id: I7491da1188ceeccd786eff4724b8ef702b6f500d
2017-04-24Fix FocusDirection to string typeWonYoung Choi4-46/+29
Fix FocusDirection to string type to avoid invalid reference in Tizen.Xamarin.Forms.Extension Change-Id: Ie452f14a32dbe0b5776ab28996eb52c81e8223c4
2017-04-24Add Focus related properties for VEKangho Hur6-5/+412
TASK=TCAPI-2264 - Make sure that all these API should be invoked after all renderers are created. (e.g. use it inside Page.OnAppearing()) Change-Id: Ie441a067d5a7b94af120985b0a691fad6ce8250f
2017-04-24[TableView] Fix updating HasUnevenRows propertyPiotr Czaja1-1/+1
Change-Id: Id16e3f6bb892980c6884a6388d31a25ce6cc1880 Signed-off-by: Piotr Czaja <>
2017-04-24Use "default" style for TextCellRenderer on TV profileKangho Hur1-1/+3
- Due to TV UX limitations, TextCell.Detail property is not supported on TV profile Change-Id: I541f7813b0c1281b58644039991bfec3c0d29c51
2017-04-24Fix version of Xamarin.Forms private nugetWonYoung Choi1-2/+2
myget feed does not support 3-dots version format. Change-Id: Ie7fc51fb1bc350d23879774a581f7c1853be8689
2017-04-24Update version to 2.3.4-214-003Kangho Hur1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ib0acc0065e0f25cfaf482a33d8b0bab1c26494fe
2017-04-24Fix ScrollView Content area resize issueSeungkeun Lee2-16/+14
- When content of ScrollView was resized as smaller Scroll area was not adjust to fit the contents - It is a issue of data synchronization (ContentSize and Content.Height / Content.Width) - It was fixed, EFL scroller areas only resize from ContentSize changed callback - It is related with ScrollViewTest4, ScrollViewTest6 Change-Id: I2fed14bc106085dd1eaf83d877484a776fe21c24
2017-04-24Disable Layout on Resize callbackSeungkeun Lee1-1/+0
- LayoutCallback already called when resized - Resize callback is called immediately invoked when size was changed and it cause redundancy layouting - LayoutCallback is invoked only one times in renderer loop if necessary. - if another side effect occur with this changes, need to analysis that problem reason again. Change-Id: Id28f5968a2e4997f817579b9909fb01b4c962191
2017-04-24Change project files to new csproj formatWonYoung Choi11-385/+85
Change-Id: I5abe43d6738680c5c93341497769c9ecf748f76c
2017-04-24Add support for resources with multiple DPIPawel Andruszkiewicz1-0/+11
Change-Id: I637979182a5df75eb708eda85ffcd3ca7af05c63 Signed-off-by: Pawel Andruszkiewicz <>
2017-04-24Remove VerticalTextAlignment functionality in LabelSeungkeun Lee2-39/+3
- EFL dose not support yet - Remove VerticalTextAlignment property in Native.Span it was wrong implemented, valign in EFL is semantically different from Xamarin.Forms VerticalTextAlignment - If provide VerticalTextAlignment API in EFL, this feature need to reimplement Change-Id: I502700db74c7410529e46898578640abbd1253ef