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2017-04-24Support window transparencyKangho Hur2-1/+10
- Should make window transparent before invoke LoadApplication() - According to the Tizen UX Guideline, naviframe (NavigationPage in Xamarin.Forms) has its own opaque background image by default. - So, it always looks opaque even if window is transparent. - To avoid these situations, DO NOT use NavigationPage and Navigation.PushModalAsync() if you want to make your application translucent. Change-Id: I202bd1c500e6932f2fc49c9c5c88e06acb0659af
2017-04-24Fix warningSungHyun Min4-12/+6
Change-Id: I458f07493e12a2ce534aac8318051914dfe0db1b Signed-off-by: SungHyun Min <>
2017-04-24Add WebViewRendererchungryeol lim4-1/+181
- Depend On : (This will be added after WebView Merge) Change-Id: I1fdc0c4420ba7e7a6b48b6ee0ce60d59e31e3691 Signed-off-by: chungryeol lim <>
2017-04-24Add logic to move map when first launchjh5.cho2-1/+6
- Add logic to move to specific point on the map when the MapSpan is given on the Map Constructor. (e.g. var map = new Map(new MapSpan(new Position(37.466047, 127.024097), 10, 10))) Change-Id: I85a8502a8c101ec984730b72e66a783fee19e2e4
2017-04-24Update versionsung-su.kim1-1/+1
Change-Id: I46905e371f040ffa5b6d52078d20bba29c8a3da6
2017-04-24Fix PickerRender bugKangho Hur1-5/+15
- Picker.TextColor is now available Change-Id: Idb005c09834672301ec5b465413c9fc1aed79d81
2017-04-24Add UpdateAfterloading method in ImageSungHyun Min1-4/+8
- for supporting 9-patch image : Change-Id: I5166b1ebda5f3e362cb5fd429a9c57fb0362a4aa Signed-off-by: SungHyun Min <>
2017-04-24Fix Page.DisplayAlert's message format convertingKangho Hur1-2/+2
TASK=TCAPI-2218 - "\r\n" or Environment.NewLine is available. Change-Id: I4550f63060cdb6e794762f66c3ec1c6e491bfb65
2017-04-24Set the default scroller policy to autoKangho Hur1-4/+4
TASK=TCAPI-2220 - With this change, scroll bar show automatically as needed. (not always shows as default) Change-Id: I5aed4e3ea281ad90bfafa3c4ba593ba083d71b9d
2017-04-24Add Implementation of VisibleRegionjh5.cho1-2/+51
- Implementation of 'VisibleRegion' property - update 'MoveToRegion()' to support Latitude/Longitude Degree(VisibleRegion) Change-Id: Ia88657d9ddba25a1c766a16905dab8d1fca68100
2017-04-24Update versionsung-su.kim1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ia023c2f6d437f15509fda16e6ba404591474beeb
2017-04-24Fix ListView SelectedItemSungHyun Min1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ie2761d4093e1b33a92edbe49d5899cc6833a9b6f Signed-off-by: SungHyun Min <>
2017-04-24Refactoring GestureHandler for extensionSungHyun Min12-286/+824
- Design : Change-Id: I1cbcf830b4b1076c227b0ea641508198c7cb2102 Signed-off-by: SungHyun Min <>
2017-04-24Update Pin and Marker to use default imagejh5.cho2-11/+10
Change-Id: I0f35a14dabae2f27654f1cd77e6f20d810a89f13
2017-04-24Renew the VisualElement.OpacityKangho Hur3-84/+47
- OpacityLayer is no more needed in renderer. - There is a limitation on this chagne - Entry and Label are not support Opacity property anymore. It will be fixed soon when Elm# is support. Change-Id: I52f0fc67fdfda65cf8141cceab877890d260a4e6
2017-04-24Create Window in OnPreCreate() instead of OnCreate()WonYoung Choi1-3/+3
OnPreCreate() method is called before OnCreate() always. If the Window is created in OnPreCreate(), User doesn't have to consider the call sequence of base.OnCreate() and LoadApplication() methods. Because the Window will be prepared before OnCreate() is called. Change-Id: I4c9f1e9507acc00850848274309409e884573e59
2017-04-24Support density independent pixelSeungkeun Lee16-58/+173
- Support Enable/Disable of this feature - By default, it was disabled. if you want enabling DP support feature, Use Forms.Init(FormsApplication application, bool useDeviceIndependentPixel) API - Hard-coded pixel value was changed to DP units - If you deal with native coordinate, use Forms.ConvertToScaledPixel / Forms.ConvertToScaledDP - If you convert hard-coded DP to pixels, use Forms.ConvertToPixel - Update font size convert formula Change-Id: I345115551e1c37d27b8a7152af5ef847d035c9a4
2017-04-24Add TabbedPageStyleWonYoung Choi2-16/+18
Add two styles of TabbedPage, "Tabbar", "TabbarWithTitle" Change-Id: I71d3e7c128b03b5df58a0ab9f9929b24ac9e4650
2017-04-24Update version to 2.3.4-r192-001WonYoung Choi2-3/+3
Change-Id: I59aed7359104f0b1180d9e7fcd355c2341a6f053
2017-04-24Change Assemblies Tizen.System to Tizen.System.Informationpr.jung2-2/+2
Change-Id: Ibbc883da2096eab47befa7bef3ffdda3eac1bf34 Signed-off-by: pr.jung <>
2017-04-24Remove unused TizenSpecific/Button.cs fileKangho Hur1-30/+0
Change-Id: I72800c7f2ad2353d0c9b5a23ced07253531ddfbb
2017-04-24Update version to 2.3.4-r190-002WonYoung Choi3-7/+7
Change-Id: I21abe1c84eebb13f18e8733a031562bf024fde84
2017-04-24Fix const variable name in CellRenderer.csWonYoung Choi1-2/+2
Change-Id: I222ecc949729b1cbcc8514a0cdd02e85492c53d2
2017-04-24Add NavigationPage.HasBreadCrumbsBar PropertyWonYoung Choi6-40/+173
- RFC 19 Change-Id: I4db6c6b0615fb0b876f2ae56e123943077bcc463
2017-04-24Modify FontWeight type for flexibilityKangho Hur11-157/+35
This change is introduced in RFC-15 Change-Id: I8bc22b8818ccda3bee95c83e6979e39810e6b028
2017-04-24Add Style to VisualElement as TizenSpecificKangho Hur11-154/+83
- Implement the change proposed in RFC-17 Change-Id: I96431b3a32358be6f32e7acdeb0cbc6a27a98ec4
2017-04-24Fix Hiding Master Page on MasterDetailPagejh5.cho1-19/+5
- Fix to hide Master page which is caused by the focus issue - Remove private variable '_isPresented' to remove unnecessary steps TASK=TCAAPI-2192 Change-Id: I0a5edc4622643a11c6afa33f58b86fc773a15915
2017-04-24Refactoring Label RendererSeungkeun Lee4-30/+24
- Optimize FormattedText handling - Define a new Value of TextAlignment, LineBreakMode for default value - Old-version of Span used a wrong specific value of Alignement and LineBreakMode Change-Id: I78baded712ce18f279774b09608c2a2d19931a69
2017-04-24Remove unnecessary resize of WindowSeungkeun Lee1-8/+0
- In Initialize step, resize window to ScreenSize, but it is not necessary - And it cause improper resize callback, it caused performance degradation Change-Id: I04f684da0d45ef3b7f40b8646303422197063acf
2017-04-24[Page] Change alert dialog message text wrap typePiotr Czaja1-2/+18
Note: Alert dialog message text was not wrapped, so long strings did not fit on the screen. Change-Id: I820a262888969ae97e45e0b4a57d683b44a8322d Signed-off-by: Piotr Czaja <>
2017-04-24Add support for NativeViews specified in XAMLPawel Andruszkiewicz6-0/+108
See: Change-Id: I0a4315cccdaa208585f417db4f91240555a64a47 Signed-off-by: Pawel Andruszkiewicz <>
2017-04-24Rebase Forms to upstream lastest (2.3.4-pre2)Kangho Hur4-55/+20
- Synced with 3c7b291. ( - [Core] Device.Tizen has been added newly. - Package version has updated to 2.3.4-r190-001 Change-Id: I948fd73212744aa8c1941dc6a6d8e46eb29523af
2017-04-24[MasterDetailPage] Change behavior after back button pressedPiotr Czaja1-2/+2
Note: Behavior of MasterDetailPage control after back button pressed has been reversed to correspond to its behavior on Android platform. Change-Id: I42cadd645e536b511302acb22bd36ecc1709430c Signed-off-by: Piotr Czaja <>
2017-04-24Fix ampersand handling in Span classAdam Szczerbiak1-1/+2
Ampersand character ('&') has not been handled correctly, causing the text handled by Span class to display solely the initial part, up to the first '&' character. This bug has been spotted in Xamarin.Samples.TipCalc application, where the displayed label's caption stated "Food ", but pre-programmed string was "Food & Drink". This commit makes the Span class handle the '&' character correctly, which fixes that bug. Change-Id: I0e17d39fbfae6a5ef5eea585a5229c4a5b0cca7e Signed-off-by: Adam Szczerbiak <>
2017-04-24[TabbedPage] Add sending OnAppearing and OnDisappearing notificationsPiotr Czaja1-3/+5
Change-Id: Id8094a1a06a96934ee0c41015fd8da2c1421e4bd Signed-off-by: Piotr Czaja <>
2017-04-24Fix wrong Group Header handlingSeungkeun Lee1-6/+7
- Set up all properties of ItemContext before add GenList Change-Id: I88740b2a6e0b65c4bf3467b3c363804491078708
2017-04-24Apply the style to ToolbarItem's buttonKangho Hur1-3/+21
TASK=TNET-651 - Applying the button style to toolbar item's (internal) button in case of toolbar item has only text. Change-Id: I6ea87ffbc4de28bc1bbd29d11f406bd0da1c6a5b
2017-04-24Add FontWeight for Label and EntryKangho Hur12-4/+288
- This change is for the referernce application (Clock) to follow UX guideline. (Internal only). - We will improve design and implementation of this APIs in the next release, if requred. Change-Id: Ifac91174a5859adecc9ec6bff1a1d568512ee70b
2017-04-24Fixd Label.HorizontalTextAlignment issuechungryeol lim1-0/+2
Change-Id: Id77f1d65d8e6c346b31be011759de7f9fd1dfe3f Signed-off-by: chungryeol lim <>
2017-04-24Fix Span's markup text tagKangho Hur2-3/+1
Change-Id: Ib667d444c4bfe4726298c3befde00d9f093ff107
2017-04-24Refactoring LabelRendererSeungkeun Lee3-21/+25
- Optimize update of FormattedText Change-Id: Iad0b8a4972bfef97f28502d724d443188411f760
2017-04-24Update version to beta-006Kangho Hur1-1/+1
Change-Id: I4832cb2dc64ac98d8d3bf63767f199679470cf3b
2017-04-24Fix Span's behavior about new line.Kangho Hur1-1/+3
TASK=TCAPI-2200 Change-Id: Ie261ccb4a7e6b51120e10c573e5e99e5c7a25f2b
2017-04-24Fixed Label.HorizontalTextAlignment issuechungryeol lim1-1/+13
- HorizontalTextAlignment is not working for Label - Task=TCAPI-2201 Change-Id: I6bb509a865a57c774f3de4d43fff8e90cc7c90ca Signed-off-by: chungryeol lim <>
2017-04-24Fixed Label.FormattedText property issuechungryeol lim1-10/+18
- Text color is not set when it is FormattedText - Task=TCAPI-2205 Change-Id: I16796fa52b73c87da7fcbc5c3517adb3e47c9684 Signed-off-by: chungryeol lim <>
2017-04-24Add default case under OnPlatformjh5.cho1-0/+1
- Add default case to let Default action is called to Tizen platform Change-Id: I15ffdb4622b1173353a4321d49b3b270256491c2
2017-04-24Consider TV profile as TargetIdiomKangho Hur3-7/+45
- Currently, We assumed TV as TargetIdiom.Desktop. This is because there is no TargetIdiom.TV in Xamarin.Forms mainstream. - I'll do a PR to adding TargetIdiom.TV. Also, I'll fix it correctly when TargetIdio.TV is merged. Change-Id: Idb7b1cd2510f9d4cecb70bd1e9d4dae1c2a61b05
2017-04-24Apply to default layout for the forms applicationKangho Hur1-1/+25
Change-Id: Ieb55d1b2f1a3deb29db9a7ccc8c3009d7553ed2e
2017-04-24Remove packaging/custom-find-requiresWonYoung Choi2-16/+1
We never have to consider build for Mono runtime in this branch Change-Id: I0c70fe84e0117dbf0084728b0524cb8736978f0d
2017-04-24Fix version to Choi1-2/+2
Change-Id: I153e07e8f17fac1830dc0e7f1cc8a1128241256c