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Support density independent pixel
- Support Enable/Disable of this feature - By default, it was disabled. if you want enabling DP support feature, Use Forms.Init(FormsApplication application, bool useDeviceIndependentPixel) API - Hard-coded pixel value was changed to DP units - If you deal with native coordinate, use Forms.ConvertToScaledPixel / Forms.ConvertToScaledDP - If you convert hard-coded DP to pixels, use Forms.ConvertToPixel - Update font size convert formula Change-Id: I345115551e1c37d27b8a7152af5ef847d035c9a4
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%define XF_VERSION 2.3.4
# Increase this XF_TIZEN_VERSION when any public APIs of Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Tizen are changed.
-%define XF_TIZEN_VERSION r192-001
+%define XF_TIZEN_VERSION r192-002
Name: xamarin-forms-tizen
Summary: Xamarin.Forms for Tizen platform