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committerJason Smith <>2016-11-16 21:07:30 (GMT)
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Run multiple UI tests without restarting ControlGallery (#539)
* Allow UI tests to bypass "manual" navigation to isses pages * Add missing Preserve attribute * Make Issue198 test work with direct navigation * Remove empty UI tests * Fix error handling for iOS * Use navigation which works for subsequent TestNavigationPages on iOS * Fix race condition in 39530 test Remove master page nesting when doing direct nav for UI tests * Set up and run a single instance of Control Gallery for UI tests * Force NavigateToIssue to wait for main page appearing to deal with iOS timing * Move remaining UI tests into Issues namespace * Change the connection check URL so it'll work on iOS * Make Appearing Gallery tests work without restarting app * Prevent ContextActions tests from stepping on each other * Make context menu test more robust * Move ButtonExtensions back to Controls namespace * Have test 774 dismiss the action sheet before ending * Update UITest package to 2.0.0 stable * Make 2948 restore orientation when it's done * Null check on PageController before calling SendDisappearing * Adding a wait for the root page in the core tests * Add consecutive tests reset to prevent memory slog on older iOS devices
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diff --git a/Xamarin.Forms.Platform.iOS/Renderers/PhoneMasterDetailRenderer.cs b/Xamarin.Forms.Platform.iOS/Renderers/PhoneMasterDetailRenderer.cs
index 7add5eb..9eb9d4f 100644
--- a/Xamarin.Forms.Platform.iOS/Renderers/PhoneMasterDetailRenderer.cs
+++ b/Xamarin.Forms.Platform.iOS/Renderers/PhoneMasterDetailRenderer.cs
@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ namespace Xamarin.Forms.Platform.iOS
public override void ViewDidDisappear(bool animated)
- PageController.SendDisappearing();
+ PageController?.SendDisappearing();
public override void ViewDidLayoutSubviews()