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authorJimmy Garrido <>2016-10-17 17:57:04 (GMT)
committerRui Marinho <>2016-10-17 17:57:04 (GMT)
commitaa969f3fc2901eb93b6da03471dbef86188e47cc (patch)
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[Android] Fix NRE When Scrolling ListView and Item With Context Actions Is Selected (#310)
* Fix NRE When Item With Context Actions Selected * Add UITest
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diff --git a/Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android/Renderers/ListViewAdapter.cs b/Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android/Renderers/ListViewAdapter.cs
index a38aea0..51c603c 100644
--- a/Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android/Renderers/ListViewAdapter.cs
+++ b/Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android/Renderers/ListViewAdapter.cs
@@ -210,13 +210,6 @@ namespace Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android
cell = (Cell)boxedCell.Element;
- if (ActionModeContext == cell)
- {
- // This appears to never happen, the theory is android keeps all views alive that are currently selected for long-press (preventing them from being recycled).
- // This is convenient since we wont have to worry about the user scrolling the cell offscreen and us losing our context actions.
- ActionModeContext = null;
- ContextView = null;
- }
// We are going to re-set the Platform here because in some cases (headers mostly) its possible this is unset and
// when the binding context gets updated the measure passes will all fail. By applying this here the Update call
// further down will result in correct layouts.