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UWP MapRenderer fixes. (#724)
* Issues: 1. The MapRenderer calls TrySetViewBoundsAsync before the map is ready for it. This causes the map to hardly ever initialize to the correct position. 2. The visible region calculation gets the zoom wrong. 3. Map can cause a crash if you rotate/zoom a lot when setting the visible region. Fixes: 1. Call MoveToRegion using MapControl's RunIdleAsync to have it move after the map starts rendering 2. lat/long delta should be: var latitudeDelta = Math.Abs(nw.Position.Latitude - se.Position.Latitude); var longitudeDelta = Math.Abs(nw.Position.Longitude - se.Position.Longitude); rather than calculated from the center 3. Move the visible region set into the try/catch block. * Made spaces into tabs to conform to previous standard.
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