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2018-03-28Packaging: add a spec file for Tizen buildtizen_5.5.m2_releasesubmit/tizen_5.5/20191031.000008submit/tizen_5.0/20181101.000008submit/tizen/20180427.021440submit/tizen/20180425.040915accepted/tizen/unified/20180430.072056accepted/tizen/5.5/unified/20191031.012605accepted/tizen/5.0/unified/20181102.025715tizen_5.5_tvtizen_5.5tizen_5.0accepted/tizen_5.5_unifiedaccepted/tizen_5.0_unifiedrefs/changes/10/174110/1Tae-Young Chung4-1/+109
Change-Id: Id091a306b3e0a2682dd5c8910c85a54fd5d64b43 Signed-off-by: Tae-Young Chung <>
2018-03-28Merge branch 'tizen' of ↵refs/changes/09/174109/1Tae-Young Chung0-0/+0
ssh:// into tizen Change-Id: I3227823681b0de7e87f56a0f06054b82b08ea6af Signed-off-by: Tae-Young Chung <>
2018-03-27Merge pull request #10619 from eric-wieser/fix-notmasked_contiguousv1.15.0upstream-gitMarten van Kerkwijk3-28/+73
BUG: behaves differently on mask=nomask and mask=zeros
2018-03-27Merge pull request #10807 from pvanmulbregt/doc_devtoxCharles Harris1-1/+1
DOC: Update link to tox in development docs (#10806)
2018-03-26DOC: Update link to tox in development docs (#10806)Paul van Mulbregt1-1/+1
2018-03-26Merge pull request #10795 from eric-wieser/einsum-output-spacesMarten van Kerkwijk2-10/+28
BUG: Allow spaces in output string of einsum
2018-03-26Merge pull request #10798 from jaimefrio/einsum_mappingEric Wieser2-4/+9
BUG: error checking before mapping of einsum axes.
2018-03-26Merge pull request #10774 from mdboom/fix-sqrt-min-for-no-long-doubleAllan Haldane1-0/+4
BUG: Fix SQRT_MIN for platforms with 8-byte long double
2018-03-25BUG: Incorrect mapping of einsum axes.Jaime Fernandez2-4/+9
2018-03-25BUG: Always return a list from Wieser3-17/+53
Depending on the input, this would return: * A single slice, if mask=nomask * A list of slices, if mask is an array * None, if mask is fully masked The documented return value is a list, and all downstream callers of this function end up having to correct for it not being one. This affects the result of, which also did not document these unusual return values.
2018-03-25TST: simplify test of notmasked_contiguousEric Wieser1-13/+22
2018-03-25BUG: Allow spaces in output string of einsumEric Wieser2-10/+28
Also produce more useful error messages Fixes gh-10794
2018-03-25BUG: Provide correct format in Py_buffer for scalars (#10564)Jeff VanOss4-46/+201
Unifies scalar and ndarray pep3118 format string generation
2018-03-24Merge pull request #10790 from charris/pytest-prepCharles Harris23-239/+346
TST: Various fixes prior to switching to pytest
2018-03-24TST: Add numpy/compat/testsCharles Harris1-2/+2
These tests were not included in the `` file and consequently not available in the installed numpy for testing.
2018-03-24TST: Do not import functions beginning `test_`.Charles Harris3-76/+95
Avoids pytest collection time warnings.
2018-03-24TST: Rename some compiled c test modulesCharles Harris18-64/+64
The renamed C modules provide low level functions for testing. The rename marks them as private functions and makes them invisible to pytest by default.
2018-03-24TST: Remove nose dependence of locale tests.Charles Harris4-93/+139
Add class CommaDecimalPointLocale that can be used for testing in a LC_NUMERIC locale where the decimal point is a comma. It functions either as a context manager or as a base class with setup and teardown methods. Both uses raise SkipTest when no suitable locale is available.
2018-03-23Merge pull request #10785 from ChloeColeongco/masterCharles Harris1-1/+1
DOC: Fixed author name in reference to book
2018-03-23TST: Remove some nose dependences in utils.pyCharles Harris1-7/+49
The `assert_raises` and `assert_raises_regex` testing utilities were being imported from nose, which in turn took them from unittest `assertRaises` and `assertRaisesRegex`. We takeover the nose procedure here so that these commonly used utilities no longer have a nose dependence. The `raises` decorator continues to have a nose dependency, but that only shows up when used, and NumPy does not use it. Document that and otherwise leave it be.
2018-03-22Fixed author name in reference to bookChloeColeongco1-1/+1
('van' vs 'Van')
2018-03-21Merge pull request #10778 from mattip/masterAllan Haldane2-1/+3
BUG: test, fix for missing flags['WRITEBACKIFCOPY'] key
2018-03-21BUG: test, fix for missing flags['WRITEBACKIFCOPY'] keymattip2-1/+3
2018-03-21Merge pull request #10777 from charris/prep-for-pytestCharles Harris7-223/+181
MAINT: Remove use of unittest in NumPy tests.
2018-03-21MAINT: Remove use of unittest in NumPy tests.xoviat7-223/+181
This removes a few left over uses of unittest. The main changes apart from removal of Test case are: * `setUp` replaced by nose and pytest compatible `setup` * `tearDown` replaced by nose and pytest compatible `teardown` * `assertRaises` replaced by `assert_raises` * `assertEqual` replaced by `assert_equal` The last two are in `numpy/testings/tests/`, so may seem a but circular, but at least are limited to those two functions. The use of `setup` and `teardown`, can be fixed up with the pytest equivalents after we have switched to pytest.
2018-03-21Use dummy_threading on platforms that don't support threading (#10773)Michael Droettboom1-1/+4
2018-03-21Fix SQRT_MIN for platforms with 8-byte long doubleMichael Droettboom1-0/+4
2018-03-19Merge pull request #10766 from eric-wieser/remove-dead-codeCharles Harris1-49/+0
MAINT: Remove the unused scalarmath getters for fmod and sqrt
2018-03-19Merge pull request #10740 from charris/add-python-3.7-testsCharles Harris10-37/+198
MAINT, TST: Fixes for Python 3.7
2018-03-19TST: Start testing with Python 3.7-dev.Charles Harris1-0/+1
Cython 0.28.0 is out and should be compatible with the upcoming Python 3.7, so start testing with that Python version.
2018-03-19MAINT: Fix Python 3 deprecated C-API useCharles Harris7-23/+164
The PyObject_AsWriteBuffer and PyObject_AsReadBuffer functions are deprecated in Python 3. Replace them with the Py_buffer based replacements. Much of that was done prior to this patch, but some uses were missed.
2018-03-19MAINT: Fix for Python 3.7.Charles Harris1-14/+29
The contents of the module warnings registries was made more module specific in Python 3.7 and consequently the tests of the context managers clear_and_catch_warnings and suppress_warnings need updating.
2018-03-19Initial empty repositoryHEADupstreammasterTizen Infrastructure0-0/+0
2018-03-19MAINT: Remove the unused scalarmath getters for fmod and sqrtEric Wieser1-49/+0
2018-03-17Merge pull request #10758 from charris/use-more-3.6-testingCharles Harris1-11/+11
TST: Change most travisci tests to Python3.6.
2018-03-16Merge pull request #10755 from eric-wieser/reduce-histogram-docsCharles Harris1-108/+76
DOC: Move bin estimator documentation from `histogram` to `histogram_bin_edges`
2018-03-16TST: Change most travisci tests to Python3.6.Charles Harris1-11/+11
Python 3.6 is more current and needs more testing than it is currently getting. This is also useful preparation for droppping 2.7.
2018-03-16MAINT: The histogram_bin_edges function needs a raw docstring.Charles Harris1-1/+1
2018-03-16Merge pull request #10666 from dfreese/fix/covcomplexCharles Harris2-2/+4
BUG: fix complex casting error in cov with aweights
2018-03-16TST, DOC: Upload devdocs and neps after circleci build (#10702)Stefan van der Walt3-13/+120
* Upload devdocs and neps after build * Install numpydoc * Fix masked array documentation injection `doc_note` appends a `Notes` section to docstrings, which may lead to duplicate sections. * Add deploy key for neps repo Note that we have to explicitly reset the ~/.ssh/config to only leave one SSH key * Only deploy on master branch * Blow away previous dev docs after each upload * Add tool to upload files to remote repo * Remove numpydoc from pip install; it is included as a submodule * Avoid using invalid escape code * Rename repo upload tool * Use check_call to simplify doc pushing tool
2018-03-16DOC: Move bin estimator documentation from `histogram` to `histogram_bin_edges`Eric Wieser1-107/+75
2018-03-16ENH: Add np.histogram_bin_edges (#10591)Kirit Thadaka3-3/+143
Fixes #10183 Documentation is copied from np.histogram
2018-03-15Merge pull request #10618 from eric-wieser/avoid-nontuple-indicesMarten van Kerkwijk8-29/+33
MAINT: Stop using non-tuple indices internally
2018-03-15Merge pull request #10750 from eric-wieser/percentile-graphCharles Harris1-0/+27
DOC: Add graph showing different behaviors of np.percentile
2018-03-15MAINT: Fix char* variable in arr_add_docstring for Python 3.7Charles Harris1-0/+4
In Python 3.7 the return type of PyUnicode_AsUTF8 has changed from `char *` to `const char *` and the variable the return is stored in needs to match.
2018-03-15Merge pull request #10746 from hvy/fix-typoCharles Harris1-1/+1
DOC: Fix typo in warning message
2018-03-15Merge pull request #10748 from jonasrauber/patch-1Jaime1-1/+9
DOC: a.size and are not equivalent
2018-03-15DOC: Add graph showing different behaviors of np.percentileEric Wieser1-0/+27
With thanks to @ricardoV94 for inspiring this
2018-03-15fixed order of notes and examplesJonas Rauber1-8/+8
2018-03-15Update add_newdocs.pyJonas Rauber1-3/+9