AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2017-07-25Merge pull request #1247 from martin-frbg/revert-cgroups-prupstream/mastersandbox/tyzeroy/develZhang Xianyi2-81/+5
2017-07-25Revert #1246, "honor cgroup/cpuset limits" for nowMartin Kroeker2-81/+5
2017-07-24Merge branch 'develop'upstream/0.2.20Zhang Xianyi4371-75017/+305046
2017-07-24Update doc for 0.2.20 version.Zhang Xianyi3-2/+43
2017-07-24Merge pull request #1239 from martin-frbg/cgroupsZhang Xianyi2-5/+81
2017-07-24Merge pull request #1244 from martin-frbg/micmuc_cimatcopyZhang Xianyi1-7/+6
2017-07-21Use in-place transform shortcut only if matrix is squareMartin Kroeker1-6/+4
2017-07-20Add files via uploadMartin Kroeker1-6/+7
2017-07-15Exchange rows and cols in final omatcopy with BlasTransMartin Kroeker1-1/+1
2017-07-15More fixes for silly miseditsMartin Kroeker1-2/+4
2017-07-15Fixup braces lost in previous editMartin Kroeker1-8/+8
2017-07-15Merge branch 'develop' into cgroupsMartin Kroeker169-843/+22840
2017-07-13Disable ReLAPACK by default (#1238)Martin Kroeker3-2/+5
2017-07-13Merge pull request #1214 from martin-frbg/relapackZhang Xianyi103-9/+21584
2017-07-13Merge pull request #1234 from brada4/developZhang Xianyi6-6/+6
2017-07-12Merge pull request #1235 from xianyi/revert-1233-cpuid-fixMartin Kroeker1-14/+12
2017-07-12Revert "Fix unintentional fall-through cases in get_cacheinfo"Martin Kroeker1-14/+12
2017-07-11Fix write past fixed size bufferAndrew6-6/+6
2017-07-11Add files via uploadMartin Kroeker0-0/+0
2017-07-11Add files via uploadMartin Kroeker1-5/+23
2017-07-11Honor cgroup/cpuset constraints when enumerating cpusMartin Kroeker2-26/+98
2017-07-11Merge pull request #1233 from martin-frbg/cpuid-fixMartin Kroeker1-12/+14
2017-07-11Fix unintentional fall-through cases in get_cacheinfoMartin Kroeker1-12/+14
2017-07-10Merge pull request #1226 from ashwinyes/develop_arm_clang_ual_fixZhang Xianyi15-148/+148
2017-07-10Merge pull request #1221 from ashwinyes/develop_arm_softfpZhang Xianyi39-311/+683
2017-07-10Merge branch 'develop' into develop_arm_softfpZhang Xianyi21-370/+432
2017-07-09Merge pull request #1230 from martin-frbg/rhel5Martin Kroeker1-2/+19
2017-07-09Do not add -lpthread on Android builds (#1229)Martin Kroeker1-1/+1
2017-07-09Add sched_getcpu implementation for pre-2.6 glibcMartin Kroeker1-2/+19
2017-07-07Merge pull request #1225 from martin-frbg/stolen_from_wernsaar_forkZhang Xianyi1-2/+2
2017-07-07arm: Fix clang compilation for ARMv7Ashwin Sekhar T K15-148/+148
2017-07-06fixed syrk_thread.c taken from wernsaarMartin Kroeker1-2/+2
2017-07-06Handle different object extensions in MakefileMartin Kroeker1-11/+45
2017-07-05Link -lm or -lm_hard for Android ARMv7.Zhang Xianyi1-0/+8
2017-07-03Merge pull request #1218 from m-brow/power9Zhang Xianyi9-328/+328
2017-07-03Merge pull request #1212 from neilsh-msft/developZhang Xianyi7-35/+73
2017-07-01Update MakefileMartin Kroeker1-1/+1
2017-07-01Add files via uploadMartin Kroeker1-2/+3
2017-07-01arm: Remove unnecessary files/codeAshwin Sekhar T K5-1443/+8
2017-07-01arm: add softfp support in zgemm/ztrmm vfp kernelsAshwin Sekhar T K6-18/+66
2017-07-01arm: add softfp support in cgemm/ctrmm vfp kernelsAshwin Sekhar T K6-4/+63
2017-07-01arm: add softfp support in dgemm/dtrmm vfp kernelsAshwin Sekhar T K6-14/+55
2017-07-01arm: add softfp support in sgemm/strmm vfp kernelsAshwin Sekhar T K6-22/+52
2017-07-01generic: Bug fixes in generic 4x2 and 4x4 gemm kernelsAshwin Sekhar T K2-67/+67
2017-07-01arm: add softfp support in vfp gemv kernelsAshwin Sekhar T K10-86/+252
2017-07-01Merge pull request #1220 from ashwinyes/develop_aarch64_20170701_t99_optionsMartin Kroeker1-2/+2
2017-07-01arm64: Change mtune/mcpu options for THUNDERX2T99 targetAshwin Sekhar T K1-2/+2
2017-07-01arm: add softfp support in kernel/arm/swap_vfp.SAshwin Sekhar T K2-5/+42
2017-07-01arm: add softfp support in kernel/arm/nrm2_vfp*.SAshwin Sekhar T K4-12/+24
2017-06-30arm: add softfp support in kernel/arm/*dot_vfp.SAshwin Sekhar T K5-24/+66