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diff --git a/makefile.vms b/makefile.vms
index 1e6a88e..e5950b7 100644
--- a/makefile.vms
+++ b/makefile.vms
@@ -1,7 +1,6 @@
# -*-Makefile-*- to build GNU make on VMS
-# Copyright (C) 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005,
-# 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+# Copyright (C) 1996-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This file is part of GNU Make.
# GNU Make is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
@@ -21,7 +20,7 @@
# Klaus Kämpf (
# Modified for version 3.78.1 by
# Modified for version 3.80 by
-# Modified for version 3.81 by Hartmut Becker
+# Modified for versions 3.81, 3.99.90 by Hartmut Becker
CC = cc
CP = copy
@@ -82,22 +81,26 @@ extras = ,signame.obj,remote-stub.obj,vmsfunctions.obj,vmsify.obj
# as an alternative:
glob = ,[.glob]glob.obj,[.glob]fnmatch.obj
getopt = ,getopt.obj,getopt1.obj
-# Directory to install `make' in.
+# Directory to install 'make' in.
bindir = []
# Directory to install the man page in.
mandir = []
# Number to put on the man page filename.
manext = 1
-objs = commands.obj,job.obj,dir.obj,file.obj,misc.obj,hash.obj,\
- main.obj,read.obj,remake.obj,rule.obj,implicit.obj,\
+#guile = ,guile.obj
+objs = commands.obj,job.obj,output.obj,dir.obj,file.obj,misc.obj,hash.obj,\
+ load.obj,main.obj,read.obj,remake.obj,rule.obj,implicit.obj,\
- vpath.obj,version.obj$(ARCHIVES)$(ALLOCA)$(extras)$(getopt)$(glob)
-srcs = commands.c job.c dir.c file.c misc.c hash.c \
- main.c read.c remake.c rule.c implicit.c \
+ vpath.obj,version.obj\
+ $(ARCHIVES)$(ALLOCA)$(extras)$(getopt)$(glob)$(guile)
+srcs = commands.c job.c output.c dir.c file.c misc.c guile.c hash.c \
+ load.c main.c read.c remake.c rule.c implicit.c \
default.c variable.c expand.c function.c strcache.c \
vpath.c version.c vmsfunctions.c vmsify.c $(ARCHIVES_SRC) $(ALLOCASRC) \
- commands.h dep.h filedef.h job.h make.h rule.h variable.h
+ commands.h dep.h filedef.h job.h output.h makeint.h rule.h variable.h
.PHONY: all doc
@@ -111,39 +114,44 @@ make.exe: $(objs)
.PHONY: clean realclean
- $$ purge [...]
+ -purge [...]
-$(RM) make.exe;,*.obj;
-$(RM) [.glob]*.obj;
# Automatically generated dependencies.
-commands.obj: commands.c make.h dep.h commands.h filedef.h variable.h job.h
-job.obj: job.c vmsjobs.c make.h commands.h job.h filedef.h variable.h
-dir.obj: dir.c make.h
-file.obj: file.c make.h commands.h dep.h filedef.h variable.h
-misc.obj: misc.c make.h dep.h
-hash.obj: hash.c make.h hash.h
-strcache.obj: strcache.c make.h hash.h
-main.obj: main.c make.h commands.h dep.h filedef.h variable.h job.h
-read.obj: read.c make.h commands.h dep.h filedef.h variable.h
-remake.obj: remake.c make.h commands.h job.h dep.h filedef.h
-rule.obj: rule.c make.h commands.h dep.h filedef.h variable.h rule.h
-implicit.obj: implicit.c make.h rule.h dep.h filedef.h
-default.obj: default.c make.h rule.h dep.h filedef.h commands.h variable.h
-variable.obj: variable.c make.h commands.h variable.h dep.h filedef.h
-expand.obj: expand.c make.h commands.h filedef.h variable.h
-function.obj: function.c make.h variable.h dep.h commands.h job.h
-vpath.obj: vpath.c make.h filedef.h variable.h
+# makeint.h: config.h gnumake.h gettext.h
+# filedef.h: hash.h
+ar.obj: ar.c makeint.h filedef.h dep.h [.glob]fnmatch.h
+arscan.obj: arscan.c makeint.h
+commands.obj: commands.c makeint.h dep.h commands.h filedef.h variable.h job.h
+default.obj: default.c makeint.h rule.h dep.h job.h filedef.h commands.h variable.h
+dir.obj: dir.c makeint.h hash.h [.glob]glob.h
+expand.obj: expand.c makeint.h commands.h filedef.h job.h rule.h variable.h
+file.obj: file.c makeint.h commands.h dep.h filedef.h variable.h job.h debug.h
+function.obj: function.c makeint.h variable.h dep.h commands.h filedef.h debug.h job.h
+getopt.obj: getopt.c getopt.h config.h gettext.h
+getopt1.obj: getopt1.c getopt.h config.h
+guile.obj: guile.c makeint.h debug.h dep.h gmk-default.h
+hash.obj: hash.c makeint.h hash.h
+implicit.obj: implicit.c makeint.h rule.h dep.h filedef.h debug.h variable.h job.h commands.h
+job.obj: job.c vmsjobs.c makeint.h commands.h job.h filedef.h variable.h debug.h
+output.obj: output.c vmsjobs.c makeint.h output.h filedef.h debug.h
+load.obj: load.c makeint.h debug.h filedef.h variable.h
+main.obj: main.c makeint.h commands.h dep.h filedef.h variable.h job.h rule.h debug.h getopt.h
+misc.obj: misc.c makeint.h dep.h debug.h
+read.obj: read.c makeint.h commands.h dep.h filedef.h variable.h [.glob]glob.h debug.h rule.h job.h
+remake.obj: remake.c makeint.h commands.h job.h dep.h filedef.h variable.h debug.h
+remote-stub.obj: remote-stub.c makeint.h filedef.h job.h commands.h
+rule.obj: rule.c makeint.h commands.h dep.h filedef.h variable.h rule.h job.h
+signame.obj: signame.c makeint.h
+strcache.obj: strcache.c makeint.h hash.h
+variable.obj: variable.c makeint.h commands.h variable.h dep.h filedef.h job.h rule.h
version.obj: version.c config.h
-arscan.obj: arscan.c
-ar.obj: ar.c make.h filedef.h
-signame.obj: signame.c
-remote-stub.obj: remote-stub.c
-[.glob]glob.obj: [.glob]glob.c
-[.glob]fnmatch.obj: [.glob]fnmatch.c
-getopt.obj: getopt.c
-getopt1.obj: getopt1.c
-vmsfunctions.obj: vmsfunctions.c make.h vmsdir.h
-vmsify.obj: vmsify.c make.h
+vmsfunctions.obj: vmsfunctions.c makeint.h vmsdir.h debug.h job.h
+vmsify.obj: vmsify.c
+vpath.obj: vpath.c makeint.h filedef.h variable.h
+[.glob]fnmatch.obj: [.glob]fnmatch.c [.glob]fnmatch.h config.h
+[.glob]glob.obj: [.glob]glob.c [.glob]glob.h [.glob]fnmatch.h config.h
config.h: config.h-vms
$(CP) $< $@