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+ Information About This Lsof Distribution
+What You Have
+If you got this far without being confused, then you are probably
+familiar with the construction of the lsof distribution or you have
+read RELEASE.SUMMARY_4.87. If either is the case, please skip to
+the Inventory section. If you haven't read RELEASE.SUMMARY_4.87,
+I suggest you do it now, because it explains how the lsof distribution
+is constructed and other useful things about lsof, including a
+summary of changes for the past few lsof revisions.
+Even though you may have thought you were getting lsof.tar.bz2,
+lsof.tar.gz or lsof.tar.Z with ftp, you really got lsof_4.87.tar.bz2,
+lsof_4.87.tar.gz or lsof_4.87.tar.Z. That's because the triplet of
+lsof.tar.* files are symbolic links to their longer-named counterparts.
+The bzip2'd, gzip'd or compressed tar files with lsof_, followed by a
+number, are wrapper archives, designed to package the lsof source
+archive, this file, other documentation files, and a GPG authentication
+certificate together.
+The number, 4.87, is the lsof revision number. When you bunzip2'd,
+gunzip'd or uncompressed lsof_4.87.tar.* and used tar to unpack
+lsof_4.87.tar, you got: 00.README.FIRST_4.87, describing the contents
+of lsof_4.87; README.lsof_4.87; lsof_4.87_src.tar; and
+lsof_4.87_src.tar.sig. All are identified with the revision number.
+You're reading README.lsof_4.87. lsof_4.87_src.tar.sig is a GPG
+certificate that authenticates the lsof source archive,
+After you read the Inventory and Security sections, and hopefully
+after you check the GPG certificate, unpack the lsof_4.87_src.tar
+source archive and you will get a sub-directory, named lsof_4.87_src,
+that contains the lsof 4.87 source distribution.
+Once you have unpacked lsof_4.87_src.tar.tar, you can check
+lsof_4.87_src for completeness by changing to that sub-directory
+and running the Inventory script. The lsof_4.87_src/Configure
+script runs the Inventory script, too. The Configure script also
+calls a customization script, called Customize. You can direct
+Configure to avoid calling Inventory and Customize with the -n
+See the Distribution Contents section of the 00DIST file and The
+Inventory Script section of the 00README file for more information
+on the contents of the lsof distribution, and the Configure,
+Customize and Inventory scripts. The 00DIST and 00README files
+will be found in the lsof_4.87_src sub-directory you just created.
+The md5 checksum for lsof_4.87_src.tar is:
+ MD5 (lsof_4.87_src.tar) = d451291231fcfeec92b5a9a2b7fff4e5
+A good source for an MD5 checksum computation tool is the OpenSSL
+project whose work may be found at:
+You can use the openssl "dgst" operator to compute an MD5 checksum --
+ $ openssl dgst -md5 lsof_4.87_src
+The old-style sum(1) checksum for lsof_4.87_src.tar (Please read
+the next paragraph if you don't get this value.) is:
+ 45946 8490 lsof_4.87/lsof_4.87_src.tar
+If your dialect's sum(1) program defaults to the new style algorithm
+(e.g., Solaris), you may have to use its -r option (or use the
+Solaris /usr/ucb/sum). If your Unix dialect doesn't have a sum(1)
+program (e.g., FreeBSD, or NetBSD), use its cksum(1) program with
+the -o1 option to get an old-style checksum. You may also need to
+ignore the block count, depending on the block size used on your
+your system (i.e., 512 or 1,024). The sum(1) that produced the
+above checksum considers block size to be 512; in contrast the BSD
+cksum(1) programs' -o1 option considers block size to be 1,024.
+lsof_4.87_src.tar.sig is a GPG certificate file, using my public
+key. My key may be available on some public key servers under the
+ Victor A. Abell <>
+ or
+ Victor A. Abell <>
+You will also find it at:
+Get my key and install it in your public key ring.
+Once my key is installed, use this command to check the certificate
+of lsof_4.87_src.tar:
+ gpg --verify lsof_4.87_src.tar.sig lsof_4.87_src.tar
+If the certificate check isn't good, lsof_4.87_src.tar is suspect.
+Report the problem to me via e-mail at <>.
+If you don't have GPG, you can compare the md5 checksum of
+lsof_4.87_src.tar to the value listed in this file. However, that
+is a less reliable authentication method, since it can't detect
+changes to both lsof_4.87_src.tar and the md5 checksum value listed
+in this tile.
+Other Security
+Signature information for the distribution file that contains
+this file may be found in the CHECKSUMS file that is located
+where the distribution file was found.
+Victor A. Abell <>
+Wed Jan 2 12:52:06 EST 2013