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2017-06-09BLAS doxygen array parameter comments: use the same format as LAPACKHenning Thielemann1-3/+3
i.e. "A is TYPE array, dimension ( LDx, N )"
2016-12-23Updating version number on source file modified since 3.6.1Julie1-3/+3
This is really old school, but a lot of times we have users sending us copy pasting of codes, and that is the only way to know the version of the code.
2016-07-09STYLE: Remove trailing whitespace in Fortran filesHans Johnson1-8/+8
This is mostly a long term maintenance improvement. Many coding styles require elimination of trailing whitespace, and many editors and source code management configurations automatically gobble up whitespace. When these tools gobble up whitespace, it complicates reviewing the meaningful code changes. By removing whitespace on one patch, it makes future code reviews much easier. =SCRIPT==================================================================== if which tempfile &>/dev/null; then TEMPMAKER=tempfile elif which mktemp &>/dev/null; then TEMPMAKER=mktemp else echo "Cannot find tempfile program." 2>&1 exit 1 fi MYTEMP=$($TEMPMAKER) trap 'rm -f $MYTEMP' SIGINT SIGTERM stripit() { echo "stripping $1" sed 's/[ \t]*$//' "$1" > $MYTEMP cp $MYTEMP "$1" } if [ $# -gt 0 ]; then while [ "$1" != "" ]; do stripit $1 shift done else while read -t 2; do stripit $REPLY done fi rm $MYTEMP =================================================
2011-11-03Cosmetic changes in Doxygen presentation.julie1-18/+14
Use \par instead of \details for section. add a Contributors Section and a Reference Section. Remove (some) verbatim section when not needed. Those changes have been done by hand so I am not sure I manage to catch them all.
2011-10-31Correct Warning detected during Doxygen Generation.julie1-5/+5
Now each routine should have the correct list of arguments. This allowed to detect and fix problems in parameter description of many routines.
2011-10-06Integrating Doxygen in commentsjulie1-81/+148
2011-04-02First pass for BLAS to homgenize notation for transpose (**T) and conjugate ↵julie1-1/+1
transpose (**H) Corresponds to bug0024
2009-01-02Last round of modifications to the comments for the generation of the manpagesjulie1-0/+3
2008-10-28Move LAPACK trunk into position.jason1-0/+230