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2016-04-15Merge pull request #101 from yasushi-saito/masterFumitoshi Ukai1-2/+2
Allow permission line in /proc/self/map to be "rwx", not just "r-x".
2016-04-13Merge pull request #91 from abdasgupta/masterFumitoshi Ukai1-1/+1
Added support for PowerPC.
2016-04-11Allow permission line in /proc/self/map to be "rwx", not just "r-x". AtYaz Saito on W5411-2/+2
least in Ubuntu14, a binary file that's writable by the process owner has permission "rwx", not "r-x".
2016-03-31Run src/windows/preprocess.shmayah1-16/+35
src/windows/glog/logging.h is not generated by the current source. Let me run src/windows/ and update the source.
2016-03-21Added support for PowerPC.Abhishek Dasgupta1-1/+1
2015-12-17use namespace GFLAGS_NAMESPACE instead namespace gflagsFumitoshi Ukai1-1/+1
only uses "using namespace gflags". others use "using namespace GFLAGS_NAMESPACE", so does the same way. fixes #62
2015-12-17win: use _fdopen instead of fdopenFumitoshi Ukai1-0/+4
The POSIX function fdopen is deprecated. Use the ISO C++ conformant _fdopen instead. fixes #73
2015-12-17win: FAILED macro can't be used with HANDLE.Fumitoshi Ukai1-1/+1
FAILED macro is for HRESULT, not for HANDLE. FindFirstFile returns INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE when error or not found. fixes #79
2015-12-17avoid calling new/malloc in signalhandler.Fumitoshi Ukai1-1/+1
FlushLogFilesUnsafe would be called in FailureSignalHandler, so should avoid calling new/malloc, which are not signal safe. fixes #78
2015-11-26Reset SIGABRT action only if FailureSignalHandler is installed.Yoshisato Yanagisawa4-7/+31
When I set my own signal handler to SIGABRT, it did not executed with CHECK. That is because SIGABRT handler is reset to default just before glog calls abort. Let me make it reset only if the handler is what glog installed i.e. FailureSignalHandler.
2015-09-06Fix double-free in unit test on Windows.Robert Hencke1-1/+2
The LOG_SYSRESULT refers to result twice. Since, in this test, result expands to FindClose(handle), the handle was being freed twice.
2015-08-12Merge pull request #47 from sergiud/masterFumitoshi Ukai1-0/+3
Allow to disable multithreading support using CMake
2015-08-12Merge pull request #26 from theopolis/feature-mode-flagFumitoshi Ukai2-1/+6
[#23] Add logfile_mode to control logfile permissions
2015-08-10[#23] Add logfile_mode to control logfile permissionsTeddy Reed2-1/+6
2015-08-08cmake: allow to disable multithreading supportSergiu Dotenco1-0/+3
This commit additionally enables threading for win32 by default.
2015-08-06Merge pull request #35 from bsilver8192/fix-mocklog-unused-argumentsFumitoshi Ukai1-1/+2
Fix mocklog unused arguments
2015-08-06Merge pull request #34 from bsilver8192/fix-macro-redefinitionFumitoshi Ukai1-1/+3
Fix redefinition of _XOPEN_SOURCE.
2015-08-06Merge pull request #20 from UbimoLTD/patch-1Fumitoshi Ukai1-18/+20
Don't call RAW_VLOG with locking vmodule_lock SetVLOGLevel locks vmodule_lock however RAW_VLOG at the end also implicitly locks it via InitVLOG3__. This causes deadlock/segfault. fixes #29
2015-08-06Merge pull request #12 from ukai/fix_leakFumitoshi Ukai1-0/+2
delete LogDestination::sinks_ at DeleteLogDestinations(). fixes #8
2015-08-06Merge pull request #7 from sergiud/masterFumitoshi Ukai13-16/+244
Add CMake support. closes #4
2015-07-15added missing includeSergiu Dotenco1-0/+1
2015-07-15fixed vc 14.0 ctp 6 compilation errorSergiu Dotenco1-0/+2
2015-07-15determine gflags namespace automaticallySergiu Dotenco5-1/+21
2015-07-15do not redefine snprintf if it's already availableSergiu Dotenco2-2/+8
2015-07-15do not redefine stl logging macrosSergiu Dotenco1-0/+8
2015-07-15allow to define TEST_SRC_DIR as a macroSergiu Dotenco1-1/+1
2015-07-15allow to use __declspec(noreturn)Sergiu Dotenco1-3/+3
2015-07-15export the Demangle functionSergiu Dotenco1-1/+1
2015-07-15added cmake supportSergiu Dotenco3-8/+199
2015-06-16Fix redefinition of _XOPEN_SOURCE.Brian Silverman1-1/+3
Under Debian Jessie, I get a warning about redefining _XOPEN_SOURCE which is easy to fix.
2015-06-16Fix unused arguments warning in ScopedMockLog.Brian Silverman1-1/+2
2015-04-30Update vlog_is_on.ccromange1-18/+20
SetVLOGLevel locks vmodule_lock however RAW_VLOG at the end also implicitly locks it via InitVLOG3__. This causes deadlock/segfault.
2015-04-10don't remove sinks_ elements.Fumitoshi Ukai1-3/+0
2015-04-08Guard GOOGLE_PREDICT_TRUE|FALS with #ifndef to avoid collision with other ↵Abhishek Parmar1-4/+17
google opensource projects like protobuf.
2015-03-27delete LogDestination::sinks_ at DeleteLogDestinations().Fumitoshi Ukai1-0/+5
fixes #8 AddLogSink memory leak
2015-03-27Merge pull request #10 from jmr/std_vectorFumitoshi Ukai1-1/+1
LOG_STRING: use std::vector and std::string.
2015-03-26LOG_STRING: use std::vector and std::string.Jesse Rosenstock1-1/+1
Previously, plain vector and string were used. This assumed that there were "using" directives or declarations before the macro was used. This will not always be the case.
2015-03-23Adds color output support for tmux terminalsMichael Tanner1-0/+1
2015-03-13Fix x64/Debug build on MSVStbennun1-1/+1
2014-08-19Fixes for the latest MSVS.1-0/+5
- ssize_t Since Windows does not have ssize_t, we need to include BaseTsd.h and use SSIZE_t instead. - include algorithm MSVS 2013 requests developers to include algorithm when they use std::min. By yyanagisawa git-svn-id: eb4d4688-79bd-11dd-afb4-1d65580434c0
2014-03-05Add libc++ support1-10/+13
Similar patch was provided in git-svn-id: eb4d4688-79bd-11dd-afb4-1d65580434c0
2014-03-02Build issues in demangle.cc1-4/+1
git-svn-id: eb4d4688-79bd-11dd-afb4-1d65580434c0
2014-03-01Adding a callback mechanism to allow users of google.glog to provide2-37/+243
their own implementation of OpenObjectFileContainingPcAndGetStartAddress. GTTF: Make stack trace symbolization code recognize more symbols. One example is __libc_start_main (easy to check), there may be more. Include the correct elf header on OpenBSD and Android. Fix Coverity NO_EFFECT defect. Comparing unsigned greater than or equal zero is always true. git-svn-id: eb4d4688-79bd-11dd-afb4-1d65580434c0
2013-10-31Add StrError and replace posix_strerror_r calls5-23/+30
For now, we do not remove the declaration of posix_strerror_r, but we might remove it in future. git-svn-id: eb4d4688-79bd-11dd-afb4-1d65580434c0
2013-10-31Fix VC build by adding GOOGLE_GLOG_DLL_DECL2-2/+2
git-svn-id: eb4d4688-79bd-11dd-afb4-1d65580434c0
2013-07-29A style fix for C++111-1/+1
This patch is given by Nico (thanks!) git-svn-id: eb4d4688-79bd-11dd-afb4-1d65580434c0
2013-05-29Reduce dynamic allocation from 3 to 1 per log message1-35/+16
This patch was contributed in by engel. Thanks! git-svn-id: eb4d4688-79bd-11dd-afb4-1d65580434c0
2013-02-18Attempt to improve mingw-w64 support7-117/+64
- Set -Isrc/windows for mingw - Check existence of sigaction, pread, and pwrite - Provide alternative implementation of pread and pwrite - Eliminate symlink code for OS_WINDOWS - Don't check /proc/self/fd if the OS isn't linux - Don't use MSVC specific declarations in port.h for mingw git-svn-id: eb4d4688-79bd-11dd-afb4-1d65580434c0
2013-02-18Support unordered_(map|set) by stl_logging3-17/+94
git-svn-id: eb4d4688-79bd-11dd-afb4-1d65580434c0
2013-02-01Fix Mac test failure1-1/+1
We need only the first line from signalhandler.out3 git-svn-id: eb4d4688-79bd-11dd-afb4-1d65580434c0