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diff --git a/packages/ b/packages/
index e6f4aca..a1cdf32 100755
--- a/packages/
+++ b/packages/
@@ -44,16 +44,18 @@ rm -rf tmp
mkdir -p tmp
cd tmp
# Debian has very specific requirements about the naming of build
# directories, and tar archives. It also wants to write all generated
# packages to the parent of the source directory. We accommodate these
# requirements by building directly from the tar file.
-ln -s "${topdir}/${archive}.tar.gz" "${LIB}${archive}.orig.tar.gz"
-tar zfx "${LIB}${archive}.orig.tar.gz"
-[ -n "${LIB}" ] && mv "${archive}" "${LIB}${archive}"
-cd "${LIB}${archive}"
+ln -s "${topdir}/${archive}.tar.gz" "${LIB}${package}.orig.tar.gz"
+tar zfx "${LIB}${package}.orig.tar.gz"
+mv "${archive}" "${LIB}${package}"
+cd "${LIB}${package}"
# This is one of those 'specific requirements': where the deb control files live
-ln -s "packages/deb" "debian"
+cp -a "packages/deb" "debian"
# Now, we can call Debian's standard build tool
debuild -uc -us