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2020-10-07fix dwarf-based unwinding to the end of stacksubmit/tizen_5.5_wearable_hotfix/20201030.060217accepted/tizen/5.5/unified/wearable/hotfix/20201103.003343tizen_5.5accepted/tizen_5.5_unified_wearable_hotfixYaroslav Yamshchikov1-1/+1
We experience CLR crash on some architectures (at least on x86) in case of unhandled managed exception. libunwind steps to the very end of a stack, and if .eh_frame info is correct, it returns with retcode 0 and ip=0 from unw_step, then PAL calls unw_is_signal_frame with c->validate==0 which in turn dereferences zeroed ip in access_mem. libunwind spec says that retcode 0 from unw_step means very end of a stack, so PAL should not expect any frames, signal or not. It should convert cursor back to SEH representation and return with TRUE. corresponding PR to dotnet/runtime on upstream:
2019-02-07More PAL layer cleanup for GNU and add build script support for GCC (#22369)Sinan Kaya1-0/+4
* Declare throw only when compiling for c++ Prevent the definition from getting defined multiple times and map it to throw() only when compiling c++ code. * Suppress warnings for tests Suppress: -Wno-write-strings -Wno-sign-compare -Wno-narrowing -fpermissive -Wno-int-to-pointer-cast to allow tests to compile * Add gcc option to script Following clangx.y model add -gccx.y command line arguments with gcc5 and gcc7 being the currnetly supported options. * Allow environment variable to be used for TOOLCHAIN Remove CLANG specific compiler options as well. * Hide non-GNU compiler options * Do not include local directory if cross compiling [ 0%] Building CXX object src/pal/src/eventprovider/tracepointprovider/CMakeFiles/coreclrtraceptprovider.dir/__/lttng/traceptprovdotnetruntime.cpp.o cc1plus: error: include location "/usr/local/include" is unsafe for cross-compilation [-Werror=poison-system-directories] * Suppress unknown pragma warnings src/pal/src/exception/seh-unwind.cpp:37:0: warning: ignoring #pragma clang diagnostic [-Wunknown-pragmas] #pragma clang diagnostic pop Removing these cause compilation error on clang7 and arm as follows: In file included from /bin/obj/Linux.arm.Debug/src/pal/src/libunwind/include/libunwind.h:9: /src/pal/src/libunwind/include/libunwind-arm.h:247:9: error: empty struct has size 0 in C, size 1 in C++ [-Werror,-Wextern-c-compat] typedef struct unw_tdep_save_loc ^ /src/pal/src/libunwind/include/libunwind-arm.h:288:9: error: empty struct has size 0 in C, size 1 in C++ [-Werror,-Wextern-c-compat] typedef struct * plt not useful for GNU and ARM64/ARM src/pal/src/arch/arm64/callsignalhandlerwrapper.S: Assembler messages: src/pal/src/arch/arm64/callsignalhandlerwrapper.S:31: Error: unexpected characters following instruction at operand 1 -- `bl signal_handler_worker@plt' src/pal/src/arch/arm64/callsignalhandlerwrapper.S:32: Error: unexpected characters following instruction at operand 1 -- `bl signal_handler_worker@plt' * Remove double const from argv in PAL_Initialize Seeing compilation error with GNU for C source files as follows: if (PAL_Initialize(argc, argv) != 0) ^ src/pal/tests/palsuite/common/palsuite.h:21:0, from src/pal/tests/palsuite/c_runtime/asinhf/test1/test1.c:18: src/pal/inc/pal.h:374:1: note: expected ‘const char * const*’ but argument is of type ‘char **’ * Suppress format warnings using GNU for libunwind warning: format ‘%li’ expects argument of type ‘long int’, but argument 3 has type ‘int’ [-Wformat=] Debug (4, " aligned frame, offset %li\n", f->cfa_reg_offset); * Fix -fpermissive warnings for GNU * Suppress unused variable warning in libunwind src/pal/src/libunwind/include/libunwind-aarch64.h:201:5: warning: right-hand operand of comma expression has no effect [-Wunused-value] #define unw_tdep_getcontext(uc) (({ \ ~~~~~~~~~ unw_tdep_context_t *unw_ctx = (uc); \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ register uint64_t *unw_base asm ("x0") = (uint64_t*) unw_ctx->uc_mcontext.regs; \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ __asm__ __volatile__ ( \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x0, x1, [%[base], #0]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x2, x3, [%[base], #16]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x4, x5, [%[base], #32]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x6, x7, [%[base], #48]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x8, x9, [%[base], #64]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x10, x11, [%[base], #80]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x12, x13, [%[base], #96]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x14, x13, [%[base], #112]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x16, x17, [%[base], #128]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x18, x19, [%[base], #144]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x20, x21, [%[base], #160]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x22, x23, [%[base], #176]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x24, x25, [%[base], #192]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x26, x27, [%[base], #208]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x28, x29, [%[base], #224]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "str x30, [%[base], #240]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "mov x1, sp\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x1, x30, [%[base], #248]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ : [base] "+r" (unw_base) : : "x1", "memory"); \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ }), 0) * Fix warning: ‘memset’ used with length equal to number of elements warning Fix similar warnings to these by including the element size into total size calculation. src/pal/tests/palsuite/miscellaneous/SetEnvironmentVariableW/test1/test.cpp: In function ‘int main(int, char**)’: src/pal/tests/palsuite/miscellaneous/SetEnvironmentVariableW/test1/test.cpp:89:31: warning: ‘memset’ used with length equal to number of elements without multiplication by element size [-Wmemset-elt-size] memset(NewValue,0,BUF_SIZE); * Define CLR specific compiler option CLR_CMAKE_COMPILER By the time toolchain.cmake is called, the compiler detection from cmake is not active. We need an intermediate definition to pass to compiler detection.
2019-02-01Coreclr gnuport (#22129)Sinan Kaya1-1/+1
* Abstract away NOINLINE statement MSVC and GNU compilers use different attributes for noinline. Abstract away compiler differences. * Replace __sync_swap with __atomic_exchange_n __sync_swap doesn't exist on GNU. Replacing with __atomic_exchange_n which is universally available. * Define CDECL for GNUC __cdecl is not defined by default on GNU compilers. * Define gcc version of __declspec(thread) * Correct pointer casting A pointer value is usually unsigned long on most platforms. Casting it to integer causes signedness issues. Use size_t to be efficient on all 32 and 64 bit architectures. * Put quotes around the error string Correct error statement. GNU G++ is picky about the string following the error statement with ' character in it. It needs to be enclosed with double quotes. * Fix casting problem Seeing these warnings with GNU G++ compiler src/pal/src/sync/cs.cpp: In function ‘void CorUnix::InternalInitializeCriticalSectionAndSpinCount(PCRITICAL_SECTION, DWORD, bool)’: src/pal/src/sync/cs.cpp:630:48: warning: converting to non-pointer type ‘SIZE_T {aka long unsigned int}’ from NULL [-Wconversion-null] pPalCriticalSection->OwningThread = NULL; ^ src/pal/src/sync/cs.cpp: In function ‘void CorUnix::InternalLeaveCriticalSection(CorUnix::CPalThread*, _CRITICAL_SECTION*)’: src/pal/src/sync/cs.cpp:880:43: warning: converting to non-pointer type ‘SIZE_T {aka long unsigned int}’ from NULL [-Wconversion-null] pPalCriticalSection->OwningThread = NULL; ^ * Abstract optnone compiler attribute GNU compiler doesn't support optnone attribute. pal/src/exception/seh-unwind.cpp:449:77: warning: ‘optnone’ attribute directive ignored [-Wattributes] * Set the aligned attribute for GNU compiler * Make __rotl and __rotr functions portable GNU compiler doesn't have an intrinsic for these. Open code them using the provided implementation. * Define deprecated attribute for gcc * Add throw specifier for GCC /usr/include/string.h:43:28: error: declaration of ‘void* memcpy(void*, const void*, size_t) throw ()’ has a different exception specifier size_t __n) __THROW __nonnull ((1, 2));
2018-10-10Fix unwind on ARM64 Linux (#20345)Jan Vorlicek1-7/+6
The libunwind cannot unwind from `__libc_start_main` to `_start` on Linux ARM64 with glibc <= 2.27, because the `__libc_start_main` is missing unwind info. While we already have a way to detect such case when the same issue happens for `_start`, we were triggering it only in case unw_step returned 0. For this case, it returns 1 though, which is also a valid success indicator. The result is that .NET core starts spinning infinitely in case an unhandled exception happens on ARM64. The fix is to update the check to test for the return value being >= 0.
2018-03-27Fix build without libunwind installed (#17221)Jan Vorlicek1-0/+6
* Fix build without libunwind installed I have removed libunwind dependency in a recent commit, but it turns out that the build was using incorrect include paths and it was still depending on the libunwind installation for the libunwind.h header. This change fixes it. * Fix clang warning The libunwind headers contain two empty structs and clang issues a warning since the size of such structs is 0 in C and 1 in C++. This is benign for our purposes, since the affected structs are not directly used by our code.
2018-03-22Remove dependency on libunwind (#17094)Jan Vorlicek1-9/+0
* Add original source of libunwind 1.3-stable Taken from: * Enable building of libunwind This change enables building libunwind and removes dependency on the libunwind package for all Unixes except OSX. In OSX the libunwind is part of the OS and also has support for compact unwind info that is OSX specific, so we keep using that one. * Disable warnings in code we don't execute
2017-08-15Implement out of context stack unwinder (#13302)Mike McLaughlin1-250/+2
Implement out of context stack unwinder Decode the eh frame info found in the in-memory module image and pass it back to the remote libunwind8 to do the unwind. Added remote-unwind.cpp for all the out of context unwind code. Added an all managed threads option -all the "clrstack" (sos ClrStack). The IDebugDataTarget4 feature needs to be enabled for OS X. Add libunwind license notice to third party notices file.
2017-06-17Fix chained hardware exception handling on Unix (#12344)Jan Vorlicek1-2/+2
There is an issue when hardware exception occurs while handling another hardware exception. In such case, the exception unwinding ends up in an infinite loop. It is caused by the kernel reusing the same location for signal handler context. The fix is to use a windows style context local variable in the common_signal_handler that contains the right context - it is the original signal context converted to windows style context.
2017-06-16Fix chained hardware exception handling on Unix (#12316)Jan Vorlicek1-8/+3
There is an issue when hardware exception occurs while handling another hardware exception. In such case, the exception unwinding ends up in an infinite loop. It is caused by the kernel reusing the same location for signal handler context. The fix is to use the windows style context local variable in the common_signal_handler that contains the right context - it is the original signal context converted to windows style context.
2017-04-24[x86/Linux] Remove unnecessary ResumeEsp field (#11167)Jonghyun Park1-1/+0
2017-02-17[ARM64/Unix] (#9500)Steve MacLean1-0/+1
* [Arm64/Unix] Update arm64 *.S files to match *.asm * [Arm64/Unix] Fix CONTEXTToNativeContext() * [Arm64/Unix] ThrowExceptionFromContextInternal * [Arm64/Unix] Preserve x8 argument register * [ARM64/Unix] Add CFI directives Add native unwind info * [Arm64/Unix] Fix RtlRestoreContext * [Arm64/Unix] Restore FP from CurrentContextPointers * [Arm64/Unix] fix pointer math * [Arm64/Unix] Fix CallDescrWorkerInternal personality * [Arm64/Unix] More Fp fixups * [Arm64/Unix] CallEHFunclet machine state Restore non-volatile machine state in CallEHFunclet * [Arm64/Unix] CallDescrWorkerInternal Use empty stack slot to save argument * [Arm64/Unix] RtlVirtualUnwind update pointers * [Arm64] LazyMachState fixes * [Arm64/Unix] disable USE_REDIRECT_FOR_GCSTRESS When FEATURE_PAL is enableds USE_REDIRECT_FOR_GCSTRESS is not supported * [Arm64] ClearRegDisplayArgumentAndScratchRegisters() * [Arm64] Remove unnecesary copy in TransitionFrame * [Arm64/Unix] Fix comment per review * [Arm64/Unix] move constants per review * [Arm64/Unix] Use ldp per review Also fix indentation * [Arm64/Unix] Fix indentation per review * [Arm64/Unix] Remove m_Unwound per review comments * [Arm64/Unix] Use PREPARE_EXTERNAL_VAR to access globals * [Arm64/Unix] Fix more whitespace per earlier review comments
2017-02-17[x86/Linux] Fix GetCallerSp (#9384)Jonghyun Park1-0/+1
* [x86/Linux] Fix GetCallerSp * Do NOT pop stack argument for TransitionFrame * Add ResumeEsp to CONTEXT
2017-01-24[x86/Linux] Fix EH Region Mismatch (#9043)Jonghyun Park1-2/+2
2016-11-24[x86/Linux] Fix unsupported architecture in seh-unwind.cpp (#8262)SaeHie Park1-0/+27
Fix compile error for x86/Linux - add ASSIGN_UNWIND_REGS in seh-unwind.cpp for x86 - add CONTEXT_EXCEPTION_ACTIVE in pal.h for x86 - add CONTEXT_XSTATE in pal.h for x86
2016-10-04Add support for Alpine Linux (#7440)Jan Vorlicek1-18/+31
This change enables build of CoreCLR on Alpine Linux. Here is the list of changes: - Disable asserts checking RSP in arbitrary threads against cached stack limit for the respective thread. The stack on Alpine obviously grows over the limit reported by the pthread functions. - Disable using XSTATE. This should be re-enabled after MUSL gets the _xstate, _fpx_sw_bytes and related data structures added to the signal.h header. - Disable setting rlimit of RLIMIT_NOFILE to the max value, since it breaks debugging for some reason. - Add skipping over the hardware signal trampoline in the PAL_VirtualUnwind. While we were not trying to walk over it in a simple case, in a case where an exception was thrown from a catch handler of a hardware exception, we still attempted to walk over it and it fails on Alpine. - Fix detection of Alpine Linux in the PAL's CMakeLists.txt so that it works in Docker containers too. - Modified PAL_VirtualUnwind to make the check for unwinding past the bottom of the stack unconditional. We had a long list of platforms where we were doing this check and it doesn't hurt to do it on platforms where it is not needed. I have done that rather than adding a check for Alpine Linux as another platform that needs it.
2016-07-21Remove include of <utility> from seh.cpp (#6359)Jan Vorlicek1-2/+1
In my previous change that made exceptions smaller, I had `#include <utility>` and I haven't realized that it pulls in some stl headers. That breaks build on ARM. The fix is to replace that include by defining just the std::move that's all that was needed from the header.
2016-07-20Make PAL_SEHException smaller (#6267)Jan Vorlicek1-35/+106
The PAL_SEHException is quite large due to the fact that it contains context and exception records. This causes a problem when we try to throw it and system gets out of memory. The C++ runtime can throw exceptions even in that case, but only if they are smaller than certain threshold. So in our case, it just aborts the process. This change separates the context and exception records from the exception, which ensures that the above mentioned mechanism in the C++ runtime can kick in and the exception can be thrown even when malloc fails to allocate it. I have also modified HandleHardwareException to return BOOL indicating whether the execution should continue at the possibly modified exception context instead of using RtlRestoreContext. In that case, we return all the way back to the signal handler, update the ucontext in there and return from it.
2016-07-12active exception regression fix (#6117)chunseoklee1-0/+6
This patch fixes regression caused by 597e160 commit. Previous PAL_VirtualUnwind does not set CONTEXT_UNWOUND_TO_CALL properly. In this patch, the flag is added for non-signaled exception.
2016-05-30ARM: Remove workaround no more requiredMyungJoo Ham1-1/+0
With recent concrete unwinding/exception handling routines of coreclr-arm-linux, we no longer need this workaround. Signed-off-by: MyungJoo Ham <>
2016-04-29Treat NetBSD like FreeBSD and OSX in PAL_VirtualUnwind() (#4551)Kamil Rytarowski1-4/+4
This fixes hangs in the runtime observed while running CoreFX managed tests. Thanks @janvorli and @myungjoo Fix #4380
2016-04-25Renames UpdateUnwindContextWithWinContextJonghyun Park1-6/+4
Ranames UpdateUnwindContextWithWinContext as WinContextToUnwindContext, and revises to invoke WinContextToUnwindContext always.
2016-04-22Style fix: Merges two #ifdef blocksJonghyun Park1-2/+0
There was an unnecessary break between two #ifdef blocks. This commit merges these blocks into one block.
2016-04-21Uses initialized unw_context_t instead of uninitialized oneJonghyun Park1-24/+32
Fix #4404
2016-03-25Fix ARM/Unwind: explicitly mark the end of stackMyungJoo Ham1-3/+3
Libunwind-arm unw_step returns 0 with unchanged PC if it hits the bottom of the stack. Thus, seh-unwind.cpp::PAL_VirtualUnwind should explicitly mark that it has reached the bottom as it does with ARM64, FreeBSD, or APPLE for ARM/Linux. Fix #3859 Signed-off-by: MyungJoo Ham <>
2016-03-05Replace all uses of __LINUX__ with the lower caseGeunsik Lim1-4/+4
According to (Pre-defined Compiler Macros) and (Porting and compiling:Automatically defined symbols), the __linux__ marcro is the right way to detect systems based on the Linux kernel and is the POSIX compliant. Signed-off-by: Geunsik Lim <> Signed-off-by: MyungJoo Ham <>
2016-03-04Fix PAL_VirtualUnwind Behavior with Clutters in PCMyungJoo Ham1-0/+1
Libunwind-ARM recommends to read LR to get value of PC while unwinding stack, which often causes the caller (PAL_VirtualUnwind) to have LSB of PC set. Such behavior incurs errornous behavior of PAL_VirtualUnwind if the output is fed back to PAL_VirtualUnwind as the input, which is observed with VirtualUnwindToFirstManagedCallFrame(). This commit clears LSB of PC in WinContext to prevent it. Note that this is a partial fix for the issue #3462. (this does not fix assembly stacks) Fix #3462 Signed-off-by: MyungJoo Ham <>
2016-03-04Fix Stack Unwind for ARM/LinuxMyungJoo Ham1-13/+25
Make context information compatible with libunwind-arm. In Linux/ARM, seh-unwind.cpp has been updating unw_cursor_t to point another stack by updating the cursor's register entries. However, that does not work in libunwind-arm in Linux, which breaks PAL_VirtualUnwind() functions. Getting the stack information from the cursor had a compatibility issue as well. This patch make both "context->cursor" and "cursor->context" methods compatible with ARM/Linux. Fix #3312 Signed-off-by: MyungJoo Ham <>
2016-02-05Detect libunwind features allowing LLVMs libunwind to be usedBen Pye1-7/+7
2016-01-27Update license headersdotnet-bot1-5/+3
2016-01-22Fix PAL_VirtualUnwindOutOfProc for the case where unw_context is not a ↵Geoff Norton1-4/+3
2015-12-02Some SOS fixes/cleanup (bpmd, setclrpath, setsostid).Mike McLaughlin1-14/+10
Enable the module load notification when no module or methods are found. setclrpath/setsostid print the current path/tid if no arguments. "setsostid -clear" now clears the tid/os id mapping. Added better exception hook to sos plugin to catch special CLRN exception. Before multiple lldb "Exception breakpoints" where set each time bpmd added a new bp. Added a "DoNotDeleteOrDisable" message to the exception breakpoint created. Fix bpmd on release builds. RtlpRaiseException was being inlined and the ExceptionRecord parameter was being optimized away causing the GetLastEventInformation api to failed and the special CLRN exception to be ignored. Add sos help support. "soshelp" displays help about a command.
2015-10-28[arm] Fix context accessor function namingGeoff Norton1-4/+4
2015-10-27[arm] Clean up a few places where the arm build has bit rottedGeoff Norton1-26/+4
2015-10-07Fix OSX hardware exception handlingJan Vorlicek1-2/+1
In my recent change that has added the runtime suspension for OSX, I have also added a fix for the unwind info of the PAL_DispatchExceptionWrapper function. It turns out that I've made a mistake in the offset in the set_cfa_register and it has broken hardware exception handling on OSX since the unwinder was not able to unwind correctly through the wrapper. It also turns out that the same wrong offset in set_cfa_register is in the ActivationHelperWrapper.S, but in that function, the unwinding still works correctly. I've actually verified that with both the wrong and the correct offset, the unwinder gets the same correct RSP / RBP at the time of the exception. So I believe linked ignored the DWARF unwind info and used compact unwind info instead that it was able to derive correctly on its own. Also, the allocate_stack was incorrectly placed before the set_cfa_register, which again didn't cause a problem due to the DWARF info being ignored. The issue with this one was that it updates the CFA, but the CFA offset is relative to RBP at that point and RBP didn't change. As an additional fix, there was a problem in PAL_VirtualUnwind that @sergiy-k has spotted. The return value of the recently added unw_is_signal_frame call was overwriting the status code returned by the unw_step that we use on OSX to detect walking out of stack.
2015-09-30Remove references to libunwind-ptrace to fix build on RPM distrosEugene1-4/+30
2015-09-16Fix ARM build regressionBen Pye1-1/+3
2015-09-15Use out-of-proc libunwind to unwind native stack from DACEugene1-3/+228
Implementation of PAL_VirtualUnwindOutOfProc that uses ptrace libunwind to be able to unwind native stack in debugee. This allows to get valid managed stack for threads that passed HelperMethodFrames.
2015-09-11Fix null reference exception handling in JIT_WriteBarrierJan Vorlicek1-4/+25
This change fixes an issue when a null reference exception happens in the first instruction of the JIT_WriteBarrier. There were two problems. First problem was that the native unwinder didn't know that it is unwinding a frame where the PC is an address of a failing instruction instead of the next address after a call instruction. So it decremented the PC before looking up the unwind info. Unfortunately, that means that if the hardware exception happens in the first instruction, the unwind info is not found and the unwinder resorts to RBP chain unwinding, which effectively skips one managed frame. The second problem was that the FaultingExceptionFrame we create when handling the hardware exception had context pointing to the JIT_WriteBarrier. But that breaks the stack walker. When it arrives at the FaultingExceptionFrame, it calls its ReturnAddress method and expects to get a managed code address. However, in this case, it was getting the address of the JIT_WriteBarrier instead and that made the stack walker to skip to the next explicit frame, effectively skipping multiple managed frames that it should have reported.
2015-09-03Fix warnings about Get/SetPc functionsAditya Mandaleeka1-0/+4
2015-08-03Fix ARM build regressionBen Pye1-2/+2
2015-07-31Merge pull request #1285 from benpye/linux-arm-stack-unwindingJan Vorlicek1-4/+4
Add unwinding for the ARM Linux platform
2015-07-31Modify unwinder to provide RtlVirtualUnwind.Ben Pye1-4/+4
Use PAL_VirtualUnwind on Linux ARM Add assembler annotation for unwinding
2015-07-27[aarch64] Initial aarch64/linux bring upGeoff Norton1-7/+71
2015-07-24Add ARM target for CoreCLR on Linux.Ben Pye1-9/+42
c_runtime/vprintf/test1 is disabled as casting NULL to va_list is against the C specification. Fix SetFilePointer tests on 32 bit platforms. Define _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 so that we have long file support on 32 bit platforms. Implement context capture/restore for ARM. Link libgcc_s before libunwind on ARM so C++ exceptions work. Translate armasm to gas syntax. Specify Thumb, VFPv3, ARMv7 for the ARM target. Add ARM configuration to mscorlib build Implement GetLogicalProcessorCacheSizeFromOS in PAL. Set UNWIND_CONTEXT_IS_UCONTEXT_T from configure check.
2015-06-19Enable bpmd command even unjitted functions work.Mike McLaughlin1-0/+12
Preallocate JIT notification table on VM side (since ICLRDataTarget2->AllocVirtual isn't implemented under lldb) and implement WriteVirtual on debugger side to allow DAC to write entries. Used the special set breakpoint on exception throw lldb command to catch the special exception the VM throws when some thing is jitted. The debugger side finds the exception record by searching for the RtlpRaiseException function on the stack when the bp is hit. It also assumes that the local variable is called ExceptionRecord. Fix all the file path separators to use the platform independent defines. Ifdef all the "/d" options in the supported commands because the / char isn't supported as a command line option and /d is always the DML option that isn't supported either. Fix problem Prem run into running sos after the process stops.
2015-06-18Fix stack unwinding for FreeBSD.Jostein Kjønigsen1-4/+4
Fix error in stack unwinding on FreeBSD as discovered by @saper. This closes #1102 and #1113
2015-04-08Refactor context register access in seh-unwind.cppJan Vorlicek1-12/+18
This change refactors the native context register access to use the MCREG_xxx macros so that it can compile on FreeBSD too.
2015-03-20Fix unwinding past main on OSXGeoff Norton1-0/+22
When reaching the bottom of the real stack, OSX does not change the $pc to 0x0, like llvm libunwind. It returns 0 from unw_step, and leaves the $pc unchanged, so we will track cur and prev pc and guard for this as well Fixes Localloc codegen test, and also verified a simple throw from main works as expected.
2015-03-16Make GC work without context pointers on OSXJan Vorlicek1-1/+2
On OSX, the libunwind doesn't have support for getting context pointers. This change modifies the way GC handles object pointers in registers so that when the context pointer cannot be obtained, the object is pinned so that GC doesn't move it and thus doesn't need to update the object reference in the register value stored on the stack.
2015-02-28Filter out faked save locations returned by libunwindJan Kotas1-10/+13