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2017-06-02gdbjit symbols exported (#11738)submit/tizen/20170602.022656accepted/tizen/unified/20170602.154800refs/changes/57/132257/1chunseoklee1-0/+3
* multiple export files as input for generate_exports_file Now, generate_exports_file is able to process multiple input arguments. This feature is useful when you want to export additional symbols depending on compile time dependannt feature(-D option.) * export file for gdbjit added src/dlls/mscoree/gdbjit_unixexports.src file added To enable gdbjit feature, should have __jit_xxx symbols. Current tizen build system removes .symtab section during rpm debuginfo build. This patch moves __jit_xx symbols into .dynsym section. Change-Id: I0a79f81c9f5385dbcb871b325c56310949723ee8