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2020-09-18[x86/Linux] Fix SIGSEGV during evaluation abort routine.submit/tizen_5.0_base/20200920.212751accepted/tizen/5.0/base/20200922.044748accepted/tizen_5.0_baseMikhail Kurinnoi1-1/+16
In case of evaluation with implicit function call aborted by ```ICorDebugEval::Abort()```, CoreCLR crash with SIGSEGV at line since ```m_pJM``` is ```NULL```. This happens because during ```EECodeInfo::Init()``` call, ```codeAddress``` parameter provide address inside native code region (this address belong to CallDescrWorkerInternal(),, but not address inside managed code, so, ```ExecutionManager::FindCodeRange()``` can't find appropriate ```RangeSection```. During investigation I found, that at line current context was not changed properly (we have wrong ```Eip``` register value). I found, that ```FuncEvalFrame::UpdateRegDisplay()``` code don't have x86/Linux support implemented. I propose changes, that were already made for other ```UpdateRegDisplay()``` implementations in order to provide proper context for x86/Linux.
2017-03-04[x86/Linux] Clean up pContext access (#9933)Jonghyun Park1-1/+1
* [x86/Linux] Clean up pContext access * Fix ARM/Windows build error
2017-02-02[x86/Linux] Do NOT use pXXX fields (#9121)Jonghyun Park1-7/+7
* [x86/Linux] Do NOT use pXXX fields * Fix x86/Windows build error * Fix another x86/Windows build error * Fix typo * Do NOT trash EBP * Reflect the original semantics of EHContext::UpdateFrame * Unify ReadXXX/LocateXXX into GetXXXLocation, and RestoreXXX/TrashXXX into SetXXXLocation * Revert the order of pXXX fields * Revise cgenx86.cpp * Revert unnecessary changes * Remove direct accesses to CALLEE_SAVED_REGISTERS_TAG * Do NOT update pCurrentContext inside SetXXXLocation * Update RegPtr via offset * Unify REG_METHODS (and revise UpdateRegDisplay methods accordingly) * Revise per feedback * Fix x86/Windows build error
2017-01-23Rename Esp in x86 REGDISPLAY as SP (#9070)Jonghyun Park1-1/+1
* Rename Esp in x86 REGDISPLAY as SP * Fix x86/Windows build error
2016-01-27Update license headersdotnet-bot1-4/+3
2015-01-30Initial commit to populate CoreCLR repo dotnet-bot1-0/+304
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