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2019-05-23Fix the checkboxes in (#24496)Akihisa Yagi1-4/+4
2019-01-18SuperPMI Collect/Replay/AsmDiff tool (#21252)Jarret Shook1-0/+66
This change adds The tool feature three modes, collection, replay, and asmdiffs. Collection The collection logic is very similar to the logic in our superpmi-collect test. Mostly it just allows running a script which will run managed code and it will produce a .mch which is clean to be run against. See for more information on specific usage and problems. Replay Replay will take an existing .mch file and run the current jit over the collection. If there is no .mch file on disk, the script will download the latest collection and run against that. AsmDiffs has the latest information on what platforms support asmdiffs. So far, I have an updated OSX and Windows collection that I have run against. If there are binary diffs, the tool will automatically generate base & diff folders with the asm under each one. Future work would include automatically running jit-analyze over those locations. In addition, the tool has the option to automatically run and diff jit dumps, I have found this to be useful to looking into diffs created, as re-running superpmi with different jits to collect this same information is somewhat tedious. Future work This change is in no way the end of the work needed to leverage superpmi effectively. Instead, it is a good first step. Below are some suggestions for future superpmi work: Automated collections Add pmi collection support Leverage some of the new corefx work to use superpmi shim for collections of corefx runs To be added/changed I will unset zapdisable being set by default, it creates too much data, although it is useful it should be opt in Will include example usage in