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2018-07-12Add prefix to DAC's PAL exports for alpine (#18873)Mike McLaughlin1-10/+19
Added some cmake logic to create assembly include mapping files. One that maps the prefixed name (DAC_foo) to the actual name (foo) which is included in the DAC module and another that maps the actual name to the prefixed name that is included in the SOS, DBI and createdump modules. The data exports like IID_IUnknown are not prefixed and don't need to be (immutable static data). There were some C++ exports functions exported with their decorated names in the CatchHardwareExceptionHolder and NativeExceptionHolderBase classes. Created PAL_* style export functions that implements the code. Fix lldb plugin cmake file to use LLDB_H/LLDB_LIB env vars to build it.
2016-04-05Handle mscorwks_unixexports.src with better regexp operator for compatibilityGeunsik Lim1-1/+1
ver3: According to the gawk manual, The '\S' operator (as shorthand for '[^[:space:]]') matches any character that is not whitespace. However, '[ \t]' is better than '\S' for Mac OSX. (source - ) ver2: With ver1, the build-break is caused by different awk versions (by @jkotas). (Revert PR - To resolve the limitation of the ver1, @janvorli proposed that the \S expression is better than [:space:] for the most compatible solution. There are a lot of different AWK software (e.g. awk, gawk, mawk, nawk, etc) and versions among the popular Linux distributions. This patch is a simply way to handle 'mscorwks_unixexports.src' file with \S operator for more compatibility amon the different awk versions. ver1: It's must be modified by gawk implementation that check it exactly as a plain character (e.g., space, alnum) within the bracket expression at ./coreclr/generateversionscript.awk. The [[:space:]] is more appropriate than the [:space:]]. (PR - Signed-off-by: Geunsik Lim <> Signed-off-by: MyungJoo Ham <> Signed-off-by: Prajwal A N <>
2016-03-30Revert "Fix bracket expression matches a character at gawk"Jan Kotas1-1/+1
2016-03-26Fix: bracket expression matches a character at gawkGeunsik Lim1-1/+1
This is a trivial patch. However, It's must be modified by gawk. Check it exactly as a plain character (e.g., space, alnum) within the bracket expression at ./coreclr/generateversionscript.awk Signed-off-by: Geunsik Lim <>
2015-07-16Extend the Unix hosting APIJan Vorlicek1-1/+6
This change modifies the Unix hosting API so that the hosting app can create as many managed delegates as it needs and execute them as many times it wants. The new API contains separate functions to initialize and shutdown CoreCLR and a function to create a delegate. The current ExecuteAssembly function behavior stays unmodified for now to ensure that dnx that uses that API and that pulls the binary libcoreclr is not broken. After the dnx is updated to use the new coreclr_create_delegate API, I'll remove the ExecuteAssembly. Also done: 1) Added support for comments and skipping empty lines in the mscorwks_unixexports.src. 2) Restructured the mscorwks_unixexports.src 3) Added coreclr_execute_assembly to the unixinterface.cpp / exports 4) Modified coreruncommon.cpp to use the new hosting API
2015-05-29Limit the exports to the required minimumJan Vorlicek1-0/+14
This change limits the exports on Unix to functions that are PInvoked by the managed mscorlib / corefx and the DllMain, CoreDllMain and ExecuteAssembly.