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2019-05-30Remove BuildTools from product build (#24841)Elinor Fung1-3/+3
* Remove BuildTools imports from product build * Split scripts for installing dotnet vs BuildTools
2019-03-02Disable DOTNET_MULTILEVEL_LOOKUP in the build scripts (#22972)Jan Kotas1-0/+6
Fixes #22971
2019-03-01Use arcade's version of dotnet to build (#22755)Steve MacLean1-6/+1
* Use arcade dotnet * Add cmake_msbuild.cmd Move msbuild.cmd to cmake_msbuild.bat Document intent that this file is only used to resolve Windows cmake dependency on desktop msbuild.exe Remove one instance of msbuild.cmd * Fix inittools.cmd * Remove spurious setup_vs_tools.cmd calls
2019-02-15Manually update the dependencies.props and move S.P.Corelib to use ↵Tanner Gooding1-0/+30
LangVersion=8.0 (#22452) * Update BuildTools to preview1-03713-01 (master) * Updating CoreCLR to use LangVersion=8.0 * Moving the Windows scripts to default to `dotnet msbuild` for managed components * Setting UseSharedCompilation=true * Changing some additional callsites that were using msbuild to use dotnet msbuild * Revert packages.builds to use Desktop msbuild on Windows * Fixing runtest.cmd to always set DotNetCli