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2019-06-06Use CMake's C# support to build DacTableGen instead of manually invoking ↵Jeremy Koritzinsky1-1/+1
csc.exe ourselves. (#24342) * Use CMake's C# support to build DacTableGen instead of manually invoking csc.exe ourselves. * Fix x86 failures. * Disable DAC generation when building with NMake Makefiles and issue an error since the CMake C# support is VS-only. We don't actually support building with NMake (only configure) so this is ok. * Clean up rest of the macro=1's PR Feedback. * Fix Visual Studio generator matching. * Explicitly specify anycpu32bitpreferred for DacTableGen so the ARM64 build doesn't accidentally make it 64-bit * Fix bad merge
2019-05-23Profiler attach over the diagnostics pipe (#24670)David Mason1-0/+1
Remove the old windows only profiler attach mechanism and replace it with a cross plat implementation over the diagnostics pipe
2019-05-23Stop compiling fragile NGen support into the runtime (#24625)Jan Kotas1-0/+1
2019-05-20Disable FEATURE_INTERPRETER for crossgen (#24662)Jan Kotas1-0/+1
2018-11-29Delete code related to LoaderOptimization and SharedDomain (#21031)Jan Kotas1-1/+0
2017-08-28Remove always defined FEATURE_RANDOMIZE_STRING_HASHING define (#13491)Dan Moseley1-1/+0
* Remove always defined FEATURE_RANDOMIZE_STRING_HASHING * Fully remove randomized hashing * Leftovers * Remove additionalEntropy from HashSortKey as it was always 0 * Remove additionalEntropy from HashString as it was always 0 * Change to private, as not in fact called by reflection in .NET Core * Fix build break due to FCDECLn * Revert removed QCALL * Remove unused strlen parameter
2017-07-25Add the runtime code versioning featurenoahfalk1-0/+2
This makes tiered compilation work properly with profiler ReJIT, and positions the runtime to integrate other versioning related features together in the future. See the newly added code-versioning design-doc in this commit for more information. Breaking changes for profilers: See for more details.
2016-04-26Keep FEATURE_MERGE_JIT_AND_ENGINE with refactored approachGaurav Khanna1-1/+0
2016-03-24Remove static lib dependency on CrossGenKyungwoo Lee1-4/+0
The motivation is for enabling ARM64 which does not have correct static lib with the current toolset. But looking at other console apps (ilasm/ildasm/coreconsole/corerun) or coreclr.dll, they also have dependency on msvcrt for Windows. So, I've decided to make crossgen.exe with the same flavor. This changes reduces the binary size -- 10M -> 9M (Debug). Release binary is slightly smaller. I've validated this by comparing .ni.dll for all FX assemblies that we use for tests (under CORE_ROOT), which are identical before and after.
2016-03-23Enable compiling ReJIT functionality in CoreCLRmjsabby1-0/+1
2016-01-18Add ready to run support to unix crossgenJan Vorlicek1-3/+4
This change enables ready to run support in the unix crossgen that was accidentally not enabled when adding ready to run support for Unix in the past. Only the FEATURE_READYTORUN was set, but not the FEATURE_READYTORUN_COMPILER.
2015-12-15Build arm64 using private toolsetRahul Kumar1-1/+3
Successfully builds all binaries except sos.dll & x64 binaries
2015-11-12Enable offline generation of text-based symbol tables for native images. ↵Brian Robbins1-0/+4
This is needed in order to profile applications on Linux using perf_event. This change also modifies the runtime to emit a perfmap entry when a native image is loaded so that offline trace processing tools can identify when a perfmap file for a native image is needed and generate it.
2015-04-30Merge pull request #887 from janvorli/windows-readytorunJan Vorlicek1-0/+1
Enable ReadyToRun for Windows CoreCLR
2015-04-30Enable ReadyToRun for Windows CoreCLRJan Vorlicek1-0/+1
This change enables the FEATURE_READYTORUN for CoreCLR on Windows.
2015-04-29Build crossgen for LinuxJohn Chen (JOCHEN7)1-0/+2
- Crossgen is now built as part of coreclr - Crossgen successfully compiles mscorlib.dll - Resulting not yet usable
2015-04-20Enable build crossgen.exe from build.cmd.John Chen1-0/+20
Adds and modifies CMakeLists.txt files to enable building of crossgen.exe from build.cmd for x64 processor on Windows. Also adds a step in build.cmd to generate native image for mscorlib. [tfs-changeset: 1456454]