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2019-10-10[Tizen] Enable Tizen ASan runtime supportVyacheslav Cherkashin1-0/+11
Enable support ( with switchable interceptors). Change-Id: I9ee9b47b7beab55f036ffc0697ffab2583e9701c Signed-off-by: Vyacheslav Cherkashin <>
2019-09-24[Tizen] Add support for GBSjunghyuk.park1-1/+7
2019-06-06Use CMake's C# support to build DacTableGen instead of manually invoking ↵Jeremy Koritzinsky1-4/+4
csc.exe ourselves. (#24342) * Use CMake's C# support to build DacTableGen instead of manually invoking csc.exe ourselves. * Fix x86 failures. * Disable DAC generation when building with NMake Makefiles and issue an error since the CMake C# support is VS-only. We don't actually support building with NMake (only configure) so this is ok. * Clean up rest of the macro=1's PR Feedback. * Fix Visual Studio generator matching. * Explicitly specify anycpu32bitpreferred for DacTableGen so the ARM64 build doesn't accidentally make it 64-bit * Fix bad merge
2019-06-05Use Modern CMake features instead of CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS (#24861)Jeremy Koritzinsky1-15/+12
* Convert C++ standard settings and warning options from CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS to Modern CMake isms. * More $<COMPILE_LANGUAGE> generator expressions instead of CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS. * Use $<COMPILE_LANGUAGE:CXX> for all -fpermissive usage * Fix generator expression that generates multiple flags * Fix invalid use of CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS instead of CMAKE_C_FLAGS. * Treat AppleClang as though it is Clang (match pre-3.0 behavior). * Update our build system to understand that AppleClang is distinct from Clang and remove CMP0025 policy setting. * PR Feedback.
2019-06-04Fix PGO on Windows (#24949)Jeremy Koritzinsky1-2/+2
* Add warning disables around InitJITHelpers1 for C4731 * Move configureoptimization up in configurecompiler.
2019-05-30Frkaya/gcc fix 052919 (#24845)Sinan Kaya1-0/+3
* fix compilation with gcc7.x In file included from src/inc/sstring.h:1029:0, from src/inc/ex.h:19, from src/inc/stgpool.h:28, from src/inc/../md/inc/metamodel.h:18, from src/inc/../md/inc/metamodelro.h:19, from src/inc/metadata.h:17, from src/inc/corpriv.h:21, from src/md/compiler/stdafx.h:20, from src/md/compiler/mdutil.cpp:12: src/inc/sstring.inl: In member function ‘const WCHAR* SString::GetUnicode() const’: src/inc/sstring.inl:650:5: error: nonnull argument ‘this’ compared to NULL [-Werror=nonnull-compare] if (this == NULL) ^~ add version check * Use the abstracted version of __nodebug__ * cc1: warning: command line option ‘-fpermissive’ is valid for C++/ObjC++ but not for C
2019-05-29Refactor native build to remove the compiler-override files (#23897)Jeremy Koritzinsky1-3/+29
* On systems that have both cmake 2 and cmake 3, use cmake 3. Move CMAKE_EXPORT_COMPILE_COMMANDS to top level instead of in gen-buildsys-*. Define the CMake install prefix in gen-buildsys-* instead of pulling from an environment variable. Define C++ standard as CMake property instead of as flag. Move CLR_DEFINES_*_INIT out of overrides and into configurecompiler.cmake Move flags that generate debug info into configurecompiler.cmake Remove the CMAKE_USER_RULES_OVERRIDE files. Add cmake version output for determining what cmake versions each CI system has. Fix syntax in gen-buildsys-clang. Change add_compile_definitions back to add_definitions Add -D prefix for adding definitions via add_definitions Remove extraneous double-quote Change default config definition adding to the syntax in master Switch back to old CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS way of setting the language standards and try to go back to 2.8.12 minimum Switch back setting compile definitions for non-Windows branch too. Use SET with CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS. Convert some usages of appending to CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS to add_compile_options where possible. Set CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS_INIT instead of CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS Make sure configureopimitzation.cmake is included correctly in test build. Try to add brackets to get the Linux ARM compilation working correctly. Define standard language version in configurecompiler.cmake instead of root CMakeLists (so tests get it) Try to move langauge standard check to configure.cmake define language standard in each root CMakeLists.txt Fix off-Windows test build. Set CMAKE_EXPORT_COMPILE_COMMANDS after the project() call * Set CMAKE_USER_MAKE_RULES_OVERRIDE to "" to not break incremental builds after building on a branch that had it set to a path. * Remove CMake version output. * Move comment outside of multiline command. * Retry setting CMAKE_USER_MAKE_RULES_OVERRIDE * Remove unnecessary variable wrappers. * Simplify cmake 3 resolution. * Explicitly use CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS for C++-only flags that GCC complains about on C files. * Set -Wall via CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS until we can move all flag settings to add_compile_options * Fix typos * Another temporary precedence issue. * include configureoptimization.cmake in configurecompiler.cmake * Move setting CMAKE_EXPORT_COMPILE_COMMANDS to configurecompiler.cmake. * Rename configure.cmake -> verify_lto.cmake. * Fix path to verify-lto * Try using CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS instead of CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS_INIT. * Revert name change to configure.camek
2019-05-07Use -falign-new flag for gcc 7+Adeel1-0/+3
Versions of gcc lower than 7 do not have C++17's "over-aligned new" support. With gcc 7 and 8, following error is thrown: ``` /datadrive/projects/coreclr/src/vm/threadpoolrequest.cpp: In static member function static TPIndex PerAppDomainTPCountList::AddNewTPIndex(): /datadrive/projects/coreclr/src/vm/threadpoolrequest.cpp:79:81: error: new of type ManagedPerAppDomainTPCount with extended alignment 64 [-Werror=aligned-new=] ManagedPerAppDomainTPCount * pAdCount = new ManagedPerAppDomainTPCount(index); ^ /datadrive/projects/coreclr/src/vm/threadpoolrequest.cpp:79:81: note: uses void* operator new(size_t), which does not have an alignment parameter /datadrive/projects/coreclr/src/vm/threadpoolrequest.cpp:79:81: note: use -faligned-new to enable C++17 over-aligned new support ``` The fix is to enable `-falign-new` (without fully activating C++17 features), that does auto-alignment like gcc 6x and below and clang.
2019-04-19Move CLR_ADDITIONAL_COMPILER_OPTIONS to be set after default options (#24044)Andrew Wang1-1/+4
CLR_ADDITIONAL_COMPILER_OPTIONS was set before visibility settings and thus adding additional compiler options would be overwritten.
2019-03-17Suppress compiler warningsSinan Kaya1-0/+1
remove no attribute
2019-03-15Port AMSI scanning for assembly loads (#23231)Elinor Fung1-14/+16
* Port AMSI scanning for assembly loads * Define PLATFORM_WINDOWS for Windows build * Remove check for LOAD_LIBRARY_SEARCH_SYSTEM32 support
2019-02-22More GNUC Fixes (#22687)Sinan Kaya1-3/+8
* Replace __sync_swap with __atomic_exchange_n __sync_swap() is a clang specific function. * Remove multiline comment * Add paranthesis around sum src/md/hotdata/../inc/streamutil.h:73:34: warning: suggest parentheses around ‘+’ in operand of ‘&’ [-Wparentheses] UINT32 aligned = *totalBytes + 3 & ~3; * Define __int64 * Define windows types for tests * Remove undefined has_builtin defines and define alloca and inline for GNUC * Remove __clang__ where possible * Add implicit casting to help compiler find WCHAR* variant src/binder/assembly.cpp:294:73: error: no matching function for call to ‘SString::SString(SString)’ return (pAsmName == nullptr ? nullptr : pAsmName->GetSimpleName()); ^ In file included from src/inc/sstring.h:1082:0, from src/inc/ex.h:19, from src/inc/stgpool.h:28, from src/inc/../md/inc/metamodel.h:18, from src/inc/../md/inc/metamodelro.h:19, from src/inc/metadata.h:17, from src/binder/../vm/util.hpp:19, from src/binder/../vm/common.h:110, from src/binder/assembly.cpp:14: src/inc/sstring.inl:73:8: note: candidate: SString::SString(void*, COUNT_T) inline SString::SString(void *buffer, COUNT_T size) ^ src/inc/sstring.inl:73:8: note: candidate expects 2 arguments, 1 provided src/inc/sstring.inl:436:8: note: candidate: SString::SString(SString::tagLiteral, const WCHAR*, COUNT_T) inline SString::SString(tagLiteral dummytag, const WCHAR *literal, COUNT_T count) ^ src/inc/sstring.inl:436:8: note: candidate expects 3 arguments, 1 provided src/inc/sstring.inl:418:8: note: candidate: SString::SString(SString::tagLiteral, const WCHAR*) inline SString::SString(tagLiteral dummytag, const WCHAR *literal) ^ src/inc/sstring.inl:418:8: note: candidate expects 2 arguments, 1 provided src/inc/sstring.inl:401:8: note: candidate: SString::SString(SString::tagUTF8Literal, const UTF8*) inline SString::SString(tagUTF8Literal dummytag, const UTF8 *literal) ^ src/inc/sstring.inl:401:8: note: candidate expects 2 arguments, 1 provided src/inc/sstring.inl:382:8: note: candidate: SString::SString(SString::tagLiteral, const CHAR*) inline SString::SString(tagLiteral dummytag, const ASCII *literal) * Reorder DLLEXPORT and STDAPI GNUC wants extern "C" <attribute> format. * Abstract __FUNCSIG__ * Abstract __debugbreak() * Move common compiler options out of clang and add Wno-unused-value * Add paranthesis around || and && src/gc/gc.cpp:9084:38: warning: suggest parentheses around ‘&&’ within ‘||’ [-Wparentheses] (!chosen_power2) && (i < free_space_count)); * Set Wno-delete-non-virtual-dtor for CXX files only * Don't warn on unterminated endif labels * Suppress unused functions * Use 0x syntax rather than h syntax on GNU asm files * Correct constructor call directly src/ToolBox/superpmi/superpmi-shared/logging.cpp:301:27: required from here src/inc/clr_std/string:58:9: error: cannot call constructor ‘std::basic_string<char>::basic_string’ directly this->basic_string::basic_string(_Ptr, c_len(_Ptr)); * Suppress NULL used in arithmetic warnings
2019-02-20Abstract deprecated and selectany for GCC and remove LLVM'ism where possible ↵Sinan Kaya1-0/+1
(#22662) * Abstract selectany * Fix initializer element is not constant src/corefx/System.Globalization.Native/pal_icushim.c:58:34: error: initializer element is not constant static const int MaxICUVersion = MinICUVersion + 20; * Enable ms extensions * Apply LLVM patterns to GCC * Remove deprecated function * Fix const conversion error src/corefx/System.Globalization.Native/pal_calendarData.c:390:16: warning: passing argument 1 of ‘ures_close_ptr’ discards ‘const’ qualifier from pointer target type [-Wdiscarded-qualifiers] ures_close(erasResBundle); src/corefx/System.Globalization.Native/pal_calendarData.c:419:22: warning: initialization discards ‘const’ qualifier from pointer target type [-Wdiscarded-qualifiers] char* name = GetCalendarName(calendarId); * Remove old compiler option
2019-02-15Disable arm64 contracts. (#22605)Sergey Andreenko1-0/+6
* Fix ifdef for `g_DbgSuppressAllocationAsserts`. It needs to be defined under `FEATURE_INTEROP_DEBUGGING`. * Unify contracts disabling for UNIX/ARM. It also disables some parts that were disabled for ARM, but not for UNIX. It fixes the difference that we see between ARM32 and ARM64 Unix Checked. * Disable contracts on arm64. FIxes the difference that we see between windows arm32 and arm64 in checked/debug builds. * Revert CoreFX arm64 timeout change. That is no longer necessary. * Reenable arm64 corefx jobs. They should not fail with timeouts anymore. * Don't allow `g_DbgSuppressAllocationAsserts` defnition in release builds. * delete AssertAllocationAllowed
2019-02-13Fix comment placement. (#22580)Sergey Andreenko1-2/+2
2019-02-09Set visibility option to hidden (#21924)Adeel Mujahid1-0/+3
2019-02-07More PAL layer cleanup for GNU and add build script support for GCC (#22369)Sinan Kaya1-24/+30
* Declare throw only when compiling for c++ Prevent the definition from getting defined multiple times and map it to throw() only when compiling c++ code. * Suppress warnings for tests Suppress: -Wno-write-strings -Wno-sign-compare -Wno-narrowing -fpermissive -Wno-int-to-pointer-cast to allow tests to compile * Add gcc option to script Following clangx.y model add -gccx.y command line arguments with gcc5 and gcc7 being the currnetly supported options. * Allow environment variable to be used for TOOLCHAIN Remove CLANG specific compiler options as well. * Hide non-GNU compiler options * Do not include local directory if cross compiling [ 0%] Building CXX object src/pal/src/eventprovider/tracepointprovider/CMakeFiles/coreclrtraceptprovider.dir/__/lttng/traceptprovdotnetruntime.cpp.o cc1plus: error: include location "/usr/local/include" is unsafe for cross-compilation [-Werror=poison-system-directories] * Suppress unknown pragma warnings src/pal/src/exception/seh-unwind.cpp:37:0: warning: ignoring #pragma clang diagnostic [-Wunknown-pragmas] #pragma clang diagnostic pop Removing these cause compilation error on clang7 and arm as follows: In file included from /bin/obj/Linux.arm.Debug/src/pal/src/libunwind/include/libunwind.h:9: /src/pal/src/libunwind/include/libunwind-arm.h:247:9: error: empty struct has size 0 in C, size 1 in C++ [-Werror,-Wextern-c-compat] typedef struct unw_tdep_save_loc ^ /src/pal/src/libunwind/include/libunwind-arm.h:288:9: error: empty struct has size 0 in C, size 1 in C++ [-Werror,-Wextern-c-compat] typedef struct * plt not useful for GNU and ARM64/ARM src/pal/src/arch/arm64/callsignalhandlerwrapper.S: Assembler messages: src/pal/src/arch/arm64/callsignalhandlerwrapper.S:31: Error: unexpected characters following instruction at operand 1 -- `bl signal_handler_worker@plt' src/pal/src/arch/arm64/callsignalhandlerwrapper.S:32: Error: unexpected characters following instruction at operand 1 -- `bl signal_handler_worker@plt' * Remove double const from argv in PAL_Initialize Seeing compilation error with GNU for C source files as follows: if (PAL_Initialize(argc, argv) != 0) ^ src/pal/tests/palsuite/common/palsuite.h:21:0, from src/pal/tests/palsuite/c_runtime/asinhf/test1/test1.c:18: src/pal/inc/pal.h:374:1: note: expected ‘const char * const*’ but argument is of type ‘char **’ * Suppress format warnings using GNU for libunwind warning: format ‘%li’ expects argument of type ‘long int’, but argument 3 has type ‘int’ [-Wformat=] Debug (4, " aligned frame, offset %li\n", f->cfa_reg_offset); * Fix -fpermissive warnings for GNU * Suppress unused variable warning in libunwind src/pal/src/libunwind/include/libunwind-aarch64.h:201:5: warning: right-hand operand of comma expression has no effect [-Wunused-value] #define unw_tdep_getcontext(uc) (({ \ ~~~~~~~~~ unw_tdep_context_t *unw_ctx = (uc); \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ register uint64_t *unw_base asm ("x0") = (uint64_t*) unw_ctx->uc_mcontext.regs; \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ __asm__ __volatile__ ( \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x0, x1, [%[base], #0]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x2, x3, [%[base], #16]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x4, x5, [%[base], #32]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x6, x7, [%[base], #48]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x8, x9, [%[base], #64]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x10, x11, [%[base], #80]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x12, x13, [%[base], #96]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x14, x13, [%[base], #112]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x16, x17, [%[base], #128]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x18, x19, [%[base], #144]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x20, x21, [%[base], #160]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x22, x23, [%[base], #176]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x24, x25, [%[base], #192]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x26, x27, [%[base], #208]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x28, x29, [%[base], #224]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "str x30, [%[base], #240]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "mov x1, sp\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "stp x1, x30, [%[base], #248]\n" \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ : [base] "+r" (unw_base) : : "x1", "memory"); \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ }), 0) * Fix warning: ‘memset’ used with length equal to number of elements warning Fix similar warnings to these by including the element size into total size calculation. src/pal/tests/palsuite/miscellaneous/SetEnvironmentVariableW/test1/test.cpp: In function ‘int main(int, char**)’: src/pal/tests/palsuite/miscellaneous/SetEnvironmentVariableW/test1/test.cpp:89:31: warning: ‘memset’ used with length equal to number of elements without multiplication by element size [-Wmemset-elt-size] memset(NewValue,0,BUF_SIZE); * Define CLR specific compiler option CLR_CMAKE_COMPILER By the time toolchain.cmake is called, the compiler detection from cmake is not active. We need an intermediate definition to pass to compiler detection.
2019-01-09Specify the minimum supported version of macOS (#21816)Egor Chesakov1-0/+8
* Pass the minimum supported version of macOS option to both compile and link stages in configurecompiler.cmake * Enable OSX.1012.Amd64.* open and internal queues and add OSX.1014.Amd64 queue in eng/platform-matrix.yml
2018-11-12enable build-id on FreeBSD (#20945)Tomas Weinfurt1-0/+5
2018-10-03Support building cross-architecture components on armel (#20190)Egor Chesakov1-1/+4
2018-09-10Build Hostx86/arm32 crossgen when CROSSCOMPILE is "1" and Hostx64/arm32 ↵Egor Chesakov1-1/+5
crossgen otherwise in configurecompiler.cmake
2018-09-10Allow Hostx64/arm32 combination in configurecompiler.cmakeEgor Chesakov1-1/+1
2018-08-29Enable mixed mode assembly loading (#19542)Morgan Brown1-2/+4
Bring back functionality for loading IJW assemblies and calling managed->native. Also add workaround to test case for the C++ compiler inserting calls to mscoree. handles native test assets (#19430)Aaron Robinson1-0/+554
* Respect Windows script argument to skip package building. * Bring logic closer to build.cmd with respect to passing CMAKE flags for building tests * Make cmake gen script find override file without using script arguments * can now build native test projects Remove compileoptions.cmake and push contents into configurecompiler.cmake which contains compiler configuration from repo root CMakeLists.txt