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2018-03-07Disable FEATURE_NI_BIND_FALLBACK by default for all platformsEgor Chesakov1-7/+0
2018-01-02Retry: Enable EventPipe across Unix and Windows (#15611)Victor "Nate" Graf1-15/+5
* Revert "Revert "Enable EventPipe across Unix and Windows (#14772)" (#15609)" This reverts commit 302005ca8ae14eade37ddf4ac6e900617c1c166a. * Fix ARM build break * Use more explicit references to resolve build failures * Fix compat with python3 * Disable FeaturePerfTracing on Windows as it is not ready * Disable test for incomplete functionality * Fix test diabled patterns * Add license header * Use keyword types for managed code * Add message prefix * More precisly condition generation of eventing sources * Remove erroneously added changes
2017-12-21Revert "Enable EventPipe across Unix and Windows (#14772)" (#15609)Victor "Nate" Graf1-5/+15
This reverts commit 7524d72d4f0f634fe5407280b83c25181dc8c556.
2017-12-21Enable EventPipe across Unix and Windows (#14772)Victor "Nate" Graf1-15/+5
* [squashed] most work complete to enable EventPipe on Windows * Eventpipe now builds on Windows * Ensure evevntpipe is intialized on Windows * Resolve the location of python from build.cmd * Ensure eventing files are generated when needed * moving linkage declaration to cmake * create new event from constructor * enable FEATURE_EVENT_TRACE and FEATURE_PERF_TRACE everywhere * [WIP] checkpoint in fixing contarct errors * add another possible python location * Fix double delete bug in EventPipeConfiguration destructor * Fix typo in function name * Revert changes to .gitgnore * bump to netstandard1.6 in preperation for new version of TraceEvent * Revert changes to groovy files * revert changes to perf-prep scripts * add common.h and use nothrow * Fix issue which was causing double delete of configprovider * Add new test utilizing TraceEvent * Remove accidentally added local directory reference * Add comment to explain the addition of misc/tracepointprovider.cpp * Add back sys.exit(0) and refactor * Change conditional to be more direct * Better handle NULL config * Initialize m_deleteDefered * Eliminate obsolete field * Fix spelling error * Fix nits * Make smaple progiler timing functions easier to read * Move projects back to netstandard1.4 * Incomplete improvements to EventPipeTrace test * Add event integrity checks to test * Clean up some left over code * Add EventSource based test * Remove unused PAL tests on Windows * Fix Linux build breaks * Minor changes to CMake files * Remove //HACK for hack that was previously removed * Fix formatting and negate a #ifdef * Add conditional to ensure PERFTRACING is not enabled without EVENT_TRACE * Take lock on EventPipeProvider and EventPipeConfiguration destruction * Load winmm.dll at runtime * Change function name and compile conditions * Move typedef into #ifndef * Use the correct config in setup * Change lifecycle managment of EventPipeConfiguration's configuration provider * Enable EventPipe tests pri0 and disable broken tests * Replace python3 only error with python2 compatable one * Make common.csproj build pri0 * Change TraceEvent version to 2.0.2 to match published verison * Address cross build failure * Remove use of undefined variable * Add crossgen fix to .cmd * Use more specific types to avoid marshalling errors * Use Assert-style statements and remove one check * Fix cross arch build * Fix flipped branch * Bring build.cmd changes to * Fix cmake writing * Revert "Bring build.cmd changes to" This reverts commit 893c6492548d8bc9859ebba5b1b810aa630fac63. * remove stdlib.h * Fix out of order null check
2017-10-27[Local GC] Implement loader protocol for a standalone GC (#14663)Sean Gillespie1-5/+3
* First cut of the load protocol * Implement for non-standalone GC * Initial working implementation * First steps towards not using GetProcAddress when not using a standalone GC * Factor out loading routines into standalone and non-standalone cases * Remove the FEATURE_STANDALONE_GC_ONLY build * Code cleanup and comments * Comments for the version numbers * Use more appropriate type for config string * add GC_LOAD_STATUS_BEFORE_START to disambiguate failures before the start of the load and failures at the beginning of the load * FEATURE_STANDALONE_GC on by default * Implement YieldProcessor and MemoryBarrier for arm and arm64 * Remove missed FEATURE_STANDALONE_GC feature check
2017-09-27[ARM64/Unix] Enable FEATURE_EVENT_TRACE (#14176)Steve MacLean1-0/+2
* [ARM64/Unix] Enable FEATURE_EVENT_TRACE * [Arm64] Remove _PlatformDoesNotSupportEventTrace
2017-09-27Permit to disable FEATURE_EVENT_TRACE on Tizen (#14217)Jonghyun Park1-2/+3
2017-09-26Enable event tracing for Tizen. (#14137)Dmitri-Botcharnikov1-1/+1
2017-09-12[GDBJIT] Specify C# language in DWARF debug information (#13720)Konstantin Baladurin1-0/+1
* [GDBJIT] Specify C# language in DWARF debug information To correctly support C# language in lldb DWARF debug information should contain correct information about language. Now we use 0x9e57 constant for specify C# language. * [GDBJIT] Introduce FEATURE_GDBJIT_LANGID_CS If this feature is set gdbjit will use 0x9e57 as c# lang id, otherwise it will use DW_LANG_C89.
2017-08-22[Local GC] Enable building the GC as a shared library (#13137)Sean Gillespie1-1/+10
* [Local GC] Build the GC using system headers * Disable features to get the GC to build * Get rid of the separate 'GC PAL' build * Remove unused stuff * Don't build gcenv.os.cpp when linking in a standalone gc * Stub out CPUGroupInfo and NumaNodeInfo * Stub out IsGCThread and friends * Build the GC as a shared library :tada: * Build, link, and run! :tada: * Fix standalone GC build break * Fixes where the GC's MethodTable and VM's MethodTable classes disagree * Integrate a standalone GC into the CoreCLR build system (so it gets copied to the output folder). Re-enable some ifdef-ed out includes that are required for a non-standalone build of the GC. * Bring changes to Unix and fix the Unix build. Implement some compiler intrinsic wrappers and alignment functions expected by the GC. * Fix the Windows build * 1. Code review feedback: use standard types for BitScanForward and BitScanForward64 2. Delete FEATURE_COM stuff from the build system, not needed for this PR 3. Fix the Unix build * Fix the Windows x86 build - the _BitScanForward64 intrinsic is not available when targeting 32-bit platforms * Remove a number of things from gcenv.base.h that are not used * Remove a linker workaround now that we are not linking a standalone GC into the runtime * Remove dead code, make the lack of GC_PROFILING for standalone gc not break profiling on the non-standalone build * Code review feedback - use add_library_clr and other cmake-related fixes * Fix include indentation * Remove some extraneous parameters to cmake functions (cmake is remarkably lenient...)
2017-05-10Allow users to enable automatic NI bind fallback via command-line (#11485)Jonghyun Park1-0/+8
* Add FEATURE_NI_BIND_FALLBACK support * Fix incorrect variable setup * Negate the check condition * Use WIN32 instead of FEATURE_PAL * Check WIN32 first, and FEATURE_NI_BIND_FALLBACK later
2017-04-25Allow FEATURE_INTERPRETER to be enabled by command-line option (#11188)Jonghyun Park1-0/+4
* Allow FEATURE_INTERPRETER to be enabled by command-line option * Set FEATURE_INTERPRETER as 0
2017-04-24Fix cmake warning about mismatched if/endif comment (#11176)Bruce Forstall1-1/+1
2017-04-24Support FEATURE_DBGIPC override (#11164)Jonghyun Park1-0/+6
2017-04-17Support FEATURE_EVENT_TRACE override (#10961)Jonghyun Park1-0/+17