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2020-06-18Implement instantiating and unboxing through portable stublinker codeā€¦ (#106)JUNG DONG-HEON1-0/+6
* Implement instantiating and unboxing through portable stublinker code - Handle only the cases with register to register moves - Shares abi processing logic with delegate shuffle thunk creation - Architecture specific logic is relatively simple - Do not permit use of HELPERREG in computed instantiating stubs - Fix GetArgLoc such that it works on all architectures and OS combinations Add a JIT stress test case for testing all of the various combinations - Use the same calling convention test architecture that was used as part of tail call work Rename secure delegates to wrapper delegates - Secure delegates are no longer a feature of the runtime - But the wrapper delegate lives on as a workaround for a weird detail of the ARM32 abi
2019-05-17Delete unnecessary locale arguments (#24624)Jan Kotas1-2/+0
Everything in the runtime should use Invariant culture. It is not necessary to pass the locale arguments around.
2019-05-06Port all managed product binaries to use SDK style projects (#24285)Aaron Robinson1-0/+76
Convert managed product binary to use SDK project system. - Uses Arcade for versions strings - Overrides Arcade defined output paths - should change in the future