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2017-11-04[Infrastructure] Use MSBuild v15 extension point to control CL parallelism, ↵Jacek Blaszczynski1-0/+5
abstract MSBuild /maxcpucount switch (#14578) This commit frees -ExtraParameters and uses MSBuild v15 extension point to control CL compiler parallelism. If MSBuild 15.0 is available - installed with Visual Studio 2017 - CL parallelism control is achieved by using extension point in Microsoft.Common.props file which allows to include Directory.Build.props - for details see [Microsoft.Common.props] [1] file in MSBuild repo. MSBuild parallelism is controled via abstracted /maxcpucount command line switch which now is available as -MSBuildNodeCount pass through run.cmd/ command line argument with default value equal to /maxcpucount (what defaults to number of logical processors). This allows to control MSBuild parallelism on all supported platforms. It is possible to control MSBuild parallelism programatically via MSBuild public API using MaxNodeCount properties available on the following APIs: Microsoft.Build.Evaluation.ProjectCollection.MaxNodeCount Microsoft.Build.Execution.BuildParameters.MaxNodeCount It's use in current build infrastructure would require creating unnecessary complexity and was ruled out.