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2022-02-17[Tizen] Add error log for pthread_kill failuresubmit/tizen_6.5/20220217.024050accepted/tizen/6.5/unified/20220218.152723tizen_6.5accepted/tizen_6.5_unifiedWoongsuk Cho1-0/+1
2022-02-17[Tizen] Fix continuous unsuccessful pthread_setschedparam if there's no ↵Gleb Balykov1-1/+1
CAP_SYS_NICE capability
2022-02-17[Tizen] Workaround for undocumented EAGAIN returned from pthread_kill (#328)Gleb Balykov/Platform Lab /SRR/Staff Engineer/Samsung Electronics1-2/+2
This is partial cherry-pick of Also, similar issue was fixed in mono:
2022-02-17[Tizen] Support armv7hl buildWoongsuk Cho1-8/+18
Patch to remove build errors that occur in armv7hl, a newly supported arch from Tizen 7.0. Runtime test in armv7hl is not performed (to be verified after platform stabilization)
2021-11-22[Tizen] Add support for aarch64 for coredumps created by minicoredumper (#327)submit/tizen_6.5/20211121.211854submit/tizen/20211121.211701accepted/tizen/unified/20211122.122534accepted/tizen/6.5/unified/20211122.213410Mateusz Moscicki/System (PLT) /SRPOL/Engineer/Samsung Electronics1-0/+6
Co-authored-by: Mateusz Moscicki <>
2021-09-21[x86/Linux] Fix SIGSEGV on Debugger.Break() during debugging.tizen_6.5.m2_releasesubmit/tizen_6.5/20211028.163301submit/tizen_6.0_hotfix/20210922.230120submit/tizen/20210922.225908accepted/tizen/unified/20210923.052934accepted/tizen/6.5/unified/20211028.225403tizen_6.0_hotfixMikhail Kurinnoi1-1/+1
SIGSEGV occur in src/vm/i386/cgenx86.cpp `HelperMethodFrame::UpdateRegDisplay()` at line `pRD->pCurrentContext->Eip = pRD->ControlPC = m_MachState.GetRetAddr();`, since `pRD->pCurrentContext` is NULL. The point of issue - wrong code block compilation in DebuggerWalkStack() in case of Linux x86.
2021-06-29Add YieldProcessor implementation for armsubmit/tizen/20210629.000826accepted/tizen/unified/20210629.130321Gleb Balykov2-8/+3
2021-01-15Fix memory leaked caused by Marshal.GetFunctionPointerForDelegate (#28074)submit/tizen_6.0/20210115.013248submit/tizen/20210115.013305accepted/tizen/unified/20210115.125752accepted/tizen/6.0/unified/20210115.041837tizen_6.0accepted/tizen_6.0_unifiedAaron Robinson2-16/+7
2020-12-01r0InUse should be true for SoftFP in CodeGen::genProfilingLeaveCallback in ↵submit/tizen_6.0_hotfix/20201201.072132submit/tizen_6.0/20201201.072121submit/tizen/20201201.072115accepted/tizen/unified/20201202.124951accepted/tizen/6.0/unified/20201202.212218이형주/Common Platform Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자1-1/+1
src/jit/codegenarm.cpp (#321)
2020-10-29Remove --arch option from runtest.shTimur2-20/+9
Signed-off-by: Timur <>
2020-10-05[Tizen] Add RelativeStubPrecode for arm64, which replaces StubPrecode in FNV ↵Gleb Balykov8-19/+276
2020-10-05[Tizen] Add method to write coredump of .NET process (#317)tizen_6.0.m2_releasesubmit/tizen_6.0_hotfix/20201103.115101submit/tizen_6.0_hotfix/20201102.192901submit/tizen_6.0/20201029.205501submit/tizen/20201005.013439accepted/tizen/unified/20201005.101320accepted/tizen/6.0/unified/hotfix/20201102.235357accepted/tizen/6.0/unified/20201030.104646accepted/tizen_6.0_unified_hotfixMateusz Moscicki/System (PLT) /SRPOL/Engineer/Samsung Electronics3-26/+65
This method allows to create minimal coredump (as createdump does) of a process that is in dumping state after crash.
2020-10-05fix dwarf-based unwinding to the end of stackYaroslav Yamshchikov1-1/+1
We experience CLR crash on some architectures (at least on x86) in case of unhandled managed exception. libunwind steps to the very end of a stack, and if .eh_frame info is correct, it returns with retcode 0 and ip=0 from unw_step, then PAL calls unw_is_signal_frame with c->validate==0 which in turn dereferences zeroed ip in access_mem. libunwind spec says that retcode 0 from unw_step means very end of a stack, so PAL should not expect any frames, signal or not. It should convert cursor back to SEH representation and return with TRUE. corresponding PR to dotnet/runtime on upstream:
2020-10-05Revert "[Tizen] Fix crash on accessing 0x0 while unwinding (#287)"Yaroslav Yamshchikov1-3/+1
This reverts commit c4a72f57bee753daf09ffbc2a2dfe65ed1582919.
2020-09-21[Tizen] Add RelativeFixupPrecode for arm64, which replaces FixupPrecode in ↵submit/tizen/20200921.230336accepted/tizen/unified/20200922.034817Gleb Balykov13-47/+537
FNV images
2020-08-25Build tests in gbs for x86/x64 (#307)submit/tizen/20200901.065247accepted/tizen/unified/20200907.144049Gleb Balykov/Platform Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics106-28/+133579
* Add -msse2 compile option Cherry-pick of * Use prefixed hex format in asm Cherry-pick of * [Tizen] Add CoreCLR tests build dependencies v3.1.3 for x86 * [Tizen] Add CoreCLR tests build dependencies v3.1.3 for x64 * [Tizen] Allow build of tests for x86/x64
2020-08-10Fix buffer overrun in JIT for Vector256<T> types on ARM64. (#35864) (#308)submit/tizen/20200811.004222accepted/tizen/unified/20200811.050456Timur Mustafin/Platform Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics2-4/+4
Stop recognizing Vector256<T> types as intrinsic for ARM64 in Crossgen2. Signed-off-by: Timur <>
2020-07-27Implement genProfilingEnterCallback genProfilingLeaveCallback on Arm64 ↵submit/tizen/20200731.014213accepted/tizen/unified/20200731.145700Mikhail Kurinnoi16-673/+1171
(dotnet/coreclr#26460) * Split genProfilingEnterCallback and genProfilingLeaveCallback into architecture specific versions * Remove redundant genStackLevel save/restore logic on Arm, Arm64, Amd64 * Implement JIT_ProfilerEnterLeaveTailcallStub in assembly * Define RBM_PROFILER_{ENTER,LEAVE,TAILCALL}_TRASH for TARGET_ARM64 * Define REG_PROFILER_{ENTER,LEAVE}_ARG_FUNC_ID and RBM_PROFILER_{ENTER,LEAVE}_ARG_CALLER_SP * Simplify r0Trashed logic in src/jit/codegenarm.cpp * Remove wrong comment in src/jit/codegenarm.cpp * On Arm genPrologPadForReJit does nothing so remove it in src/jit/codegenarm.cpp * Implement LinearScan::BuildNode for GT_PROF_HOOK and GT_RETURN in src/jit/lsraarm64.cpp * Shouldn't a call to CORINFO_HELP_PROF_FCN_TAILCALL be marked as a No-GC? * Implement genProfilingEnterCallback genProfilingLeaveCallback in src/jit/codegenarm64.cpp * Implement NYI profiler methods in src/vm/arm64/profiler.cpp * Implement ProfileEnterNaked ProfileLeaveNaked ProfileTailcallNaked in src/vm/arm64/asmhelpers.S * Implement profiler helpers on win-arm64 * Remove logic for !FINAL_FRAME_LAYOUT in codegenarm64.cpp * Remove unused macro in src\jit\target.h * genProfilingLeaveCallback ignores helper on arm in src\jit\codegenarm.cpp * Refactor genProfilingLeaveCallback in src\jit\codegenarm.cpp Commit migrated from
2020-07-24[Tizen] Fix unsupportedCrossgenLibs.arm64 (#304)submit/tizen/20200723.225658accepted/tizen/unified/20200724.124146Timur Mustafin/AI Compiler Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics1-0/+3
Signed-off-by: Timur <>
2020-07-23[Tizen] Add skips for arm64Timur3-0/+212
Signed-off-by: Timur <>
2020-07-23[Tizen] Disable default build of testsGleb Balykov1-1/+1
To build tests for armel/arm64 add: --define 'skiptests 0'
2020-07-23[Tizen] Do not pack debug dllsGleb Balykov1-0/+2
This is required to workaround rpmbuild issue (rpmbuild tries to get debug symbols from these dlls)
2020-07-23[Tizen] Disable default non-portable build for armelGleb Balykov1-7/+1
This is required for portable build of managed part of tests. To cross build CLR for tizen use -portablebuild=false.
2020-07-23[Tizen] Add skipgeneratelayout option to skip generation of corerootGleb Balykov1-1/+9
2020-07-23[Tizen] Set obj dir to be TargetRid specificGleb Balykov87-102/+102
This allows to perform build for different arches in the same repository
2020-07-23[Tizen] Add skiprestore option to skip restore of packagesGleb Balykov1-0/+6
Partial cherry-pick of
2020-07-23[Tizen] Add flag skipstressdependencies to skip build of x64 specific .so ↵Gleb Balykov1-7/+15
for stress testing
2020-07-23[Tizen] Do not access crossgen if it is not neededGleb Balykov1-1/+1
2020-07-23[Tizen] Fix issue with return from non-sourced script if tools are already ↵Gleb Balykov1-1/+7
2020-07-23[Tizen] Build CoreCLR tests in specGleb Balykov2-11/+80
2020-07-23[Tizen] Add skips for armelGleb Balykov3-0/+348
2020-07-23[Tizen] Fix clang version passingGleb Balykov1-1/+1
2020-07-23[Tizen] Add updated scripts to run testsGleb Balykov2-778/+287
- CLRTest.CrossGen.targets is used as a template for crossgen part of individual test script - is used for launching tests
2020-07-23[Tizen] Add CoreCLR tests build dependencies v3.1.3 for armel, arm64Gleb Balykov100-0/+133254
2020-07-23[Tizen] Add CoreCLR tests BuildTools v3.1.3 for armel,arm64Gleb Balykov22150-0/+15075378
2020-07-13[Tizen] Enable relocations optimizations for Tizen arm64submit/tizen/20200714.001703accepted/tizen/unified/20200714.065733Gleb Balykov1-1/+1
2020-07-13[Tizen] Update CreateDictionaryLookupHelper on arm64 to support relative ↵Gleb Balykov1-22/+75
2020-07-13[Tizen] Support relative indirection for 1st and 2nd levels of vtable on arm64Gleb Balykov3-53/+90
2020-07-13[Tizen] Add clang8/9/10 build support (#295)Gleb Balykov/AI Compiler Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics2-0/+35
2020-07-03[Tizen] Unify dnetmemoryenumlib terms to match the codebase (#291)submit/tizen_5.5_wearable_hotfix/20201026.184306submit/tizen_5.5/20200729.021615submit/tizen_5.5/20200629.221218submit/tizen/20200703.012556accepted/tizen/unified/20200703.155115accepted/tizen/5.5/unified/wearable/hotfix/20201027.101953accepted/tizen/5.5/unified/20200729.230651accepted/tizen_5.5_unifiedMateusz Moscicki/System (PLT) /SRPOL/Engineer/Samsung Electronics2-20/+40
2020-06-30[Tizen] Fix cross build arm64 rootfs creation (#284)submit/tizen/20200629.221257accepted/tizen/unified/20200630.131323Gleb Balykov/AI Compiler Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics4-4/+6
2020-06-30[Tizen] Fix crash on accessing 0x0 while unwinding (#287)이형주/Common Platform Lab(SR)/Staff Engineer/삼성전자1-1/+3
Change-Id: I663d0fcdcd6fd8fb4c521d9bdbb4d234c96022ae
2020-06-26Fix a FNV error on arm64 (#286)정동헌/Common Platform Lab(SR)/Principal Engineer/삼성전자1-0/+2
Simple HelloWorld app can run with NI of System.Private.CoreLib.dll, HelloWorld.dll and System.Console.dll
2020-06-26Fix TPA map hash calculation. (#288)Mikhail Kurinnoi/AI Compiler Lab /SRR/Staff Engineer/Samsung Electronics3-2/+57
* Fix TPA map hash calculation. The point of issue is "the Turkish-I Problem". After locale changed, towupper() provide another result for "i" and different hash are calculated in case if file name have "i" letter. * Regression test for #37910
2020-06-24[Tizen] Pass compilation flags to asm files (#285)Gleb Balykov/AI Compiler Lab /SRR/Engineer/Samsung Electronics1-0/+1
2020-06-23[Tizen] Force Inline for Generic Methods (#224)submit/tizen/20200622.225420accepted/tizen/unified/20200623.124116정동헌/Common Platform Lab(SR)/Principal Engineer/삼성전자3-2/+17
This patch enables more generic method inlining for methods which are not compiled by NI.
2020-06-18Fix missing TransitionBlock methods (#33134)submit/tizen_5.5/20200623.003918accepted/tizen/5.5/unified/20200623.152349JUNG DONG-HEON1-3/+0
2020-06-18[Tizen] Add arm64 rootfs build scriptGleb Balykov8-4/+444
2020-06-18[Tizen] Enable aarch64 gbs buildGleb Balykov2-6/+8
2020-06-18[Tizen] Add tizen arm64 toolchain file. Explicitly pass non-portable build ↵Gleb Balykov3-15/+57
to fix arm64 build on tizen (on armel non-portable build is default, tizen rid in general is non-portable).