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2019-07-18[Tizen] Define -DHAS_ADDRESS_SANITIZER for ASan buildsubmit/tizen/20190718.065523accepted/tizen/unified/20190718.220406Slava Barinov1-3/+6
This define turns on new and delete operators compatibility mode for build with Address Sanitizer. It allows Tizen libasan to intercept operators and prevents alloc-dealloc-mismatch errors. Change-Id: If72b1d42dd99eaaf11d3cb1232006ee0e2e411c3 Signed-off-by: Slava Barinov <>
2019-07-08[Tizen] Revert lockfiles creation.Woongsuk Cho2-18/+0
directory creation for coreclr will be handled by dotnet-launcher Revert previous patch.
2019-07-04[Tizen] Remove -DFEATURE_GDBJIT=TRUE from spec filesubmit/tizen/20190704.000004accepted/tizen/unified/20190704.040539Hyungju Lee1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ic0b8bfc8ab45284ecda5ab99e683224368e607f5
2019-07-02[Tizen] Update Openssl version 1.0 to 1.1submit/tizen/20190702.034216accepted/tizen/unified/20190702.114902Hyungju Lee1-1/+1
Change-Id: Id37364dd5dec17ab5a7b60e14df78a4967b3f3b8
2019-05-20[Tizen] Enable PGO for Linux/armsubmit/tizen/20190611.091314submit/tizen/20190611.060241submit/tizen/20190611.050004accepted/tizen/unified/20190612.044604Konstantin Baladurin4-4/+27
2019-05-09[Tizen] seperate PIC and PIE to fix x86_64 build errorsubmit/tizen/20190509.094820accepted/tizen/unified/20190510.012106Woongsuk Cho1-3/+5
2019-05-09Revert "[Tizen] Exclude x86_64 build"submit/tizen/20190509.073623Hyungju Lee1-1/+1
This reverts commit 546d7a1519cc81d98f2dadb5f2191c5a62e6f735. Policy for arch build is cleared. - In Public, unified builds each arch and they are independent. - In SPIN, turn on and off each arch by necessity.
2019-05-08[Tizen] Exclude x86_64 buildsubmit/tizen/20190508.163353accepted/tizen/unified/20190508.234202Hyungju Lee1-1/+1
Change-Id: I3c0fc85b839b55170fb177c4ac0cdd15dd063f5c
2019-04-19[Tizen] Add a library to retrieve memory regions for a coredumpMateusz Moscicki9-14/+339
This is needed to save a minicoredump of .NET applications to allows reconstruct managed stack by lldb and SOS plugin.
2019-04-10Revert "[Tizen] create .dotnet directory to skel"조웅석/Common Platform Lab(SR)/Principal Engineer/삼성전자1-5/+0
This reverts commit 26cdef6a45e6fb2c81fcbaf18be638f848525322.
2019-04-08[Tizen] update cscope files to be ignoredHyungju Lee1-0/+4
Change-Id: Ia0e1c6aa651c4fd88dc58b901729896a7a27681d
2019-04-08[Tizen] create .dotnet directory to skelWoongsuk Cho1-0/+5
2019-02-14prestub: fix ExternalMethodFixupWorkersubmit/tizen/20190419.143735submit/tizen/20190419.042330submit/tizen/20190416.152950submit/tizen/20190410.105333submit/tizen/20190405.141848submit/tizen/20190327.110559submit/tizen/20190312.130143submit/tizen/20190312.123654submit/tizen/20190312.102237accepted/tizen/unified/20190422.045933Konstantin Baladurin1-1/+5
Use DispatchToken::CreateDispatchToken to get token to resolve virtual method in case of non interface MT.
2019-02-14[Tizen] create "/tmp/.dotnet/lockfiles" directory while system bootup.Woongsuk Cho2-0/+18
If "/tmp/.dotnet/lockfiles" directory does not exist, a directory is created when the first named mutex file is created. The generated directory has the smack label of the process that created it. Therefore, access deny occurs when another application tries to access the directory to create or use a named mutex. To solve this problem, create "/tmp/.dotnet/lockfiles" directory in the tempfs while system boot up
2019-02-14[Tizen] Change paths to ilasm/ildasmswift.kim1-4/+4
2019-02-14[Tizen] Rearrange executables among rpm pkgsHyungju Lee1-20/+9
- `corerun` and `coreconsole` to `devel` pkg - remove `extra` pkg and move symlinks in it. Change-Id: I99cd26121d3c83242caf6f2418d686b3ffcc2828
2019-02-14[Tizen] Enable RELRO protectionjunghyuk.park1-2/+2
2019-02-14[Tizen] Add crossgen and coreconsole to coreclr packagejunghyuk.park1-2/+6
- The coreclr-extra package is going to be eliminated soon. - Symlinks to crossgen and coreconsole are created temporarily for graceful migration
2019-02-14[Tizen] Provide symlinks to .NET version for compatibilityjunghyuk.park1-0/+12
This commit will be reverted soon when all dependent modules watch the symlink at '/usr/share/dotnet.tizen/netcoreapp'. Change-Id: Ib2ebf62a5788e225a9e3354f53fadde282708700
2019-02-14[Tizen] Add skipped testcase: superpmiHyeongseok Oh1-0/+1
Skip JIT/superpmi/superpmicollect/
2019-02-14[Tizen] Add skipped testcase on TM1Jiyoung Yun1-1/+5
Lists: JIT.jit64.opt.cse.hugeSimpleExpr1.hugeSimpleExpr1 GC.Regressions.v2.0-rtm.494226.494226.494226 GC.Scenarios.ServerModel.servermodel.servermodel JIT.jit64.opt.cse.HugeField1.HugeField1 JIT.jit64.opt.cse.HugeField2.HugeField2 JIT.jit64.opt.cse.hugeexpr1.hugeexpr1
2019-02-14[Tizen] Add FEATURE_NGEN_RELOCS_OPTIMIZATIONS=true as default value for Unix ARMGleb Balykov1-0/+4
2019-02-14Fix OOPStackUnwinderX86::Unwind crash when Eip is invalidIgor Kulaychuk1-1/+1
2019-02-14Fix EECodeManager::GetAmbientSP on x86/LinuxIgor Kulaychuk1-1/+2
2019-02-14[Tizen] Provide a symlink to installed Microsoft.NETCore.App versionjunghyuk.park1-0/+3
The symlink is added to provide consistent access to installed Microsoft.NETCore.App version. '/usr/share/dotnet.tizen/netcoreapp' is linked to '/usr/share/dotnet/shared/Microsoft.NETCore.App/2.1.0'.
2019-02-14[Tizen] Add -pie to linker optionHyungju Lee1-0/+1
There have been no -pie linker option. This patch adds -pie linker option into crossgen(for tizen) This originates from 0024-Add-pie-to-linker-option.patch
2019-02-14[Tizen] Enable -O3 optimization in clang 3.8junghyuk.park1-2/+2
2019-02-14[Tizen] Add support for GBSjunghyuk.park5-1/+329
2019-02-14[Tizen] Add BuildTools 3.0.0-preview1-03617-02Konstantin Baladurin14974-0/+10238745
2019-02-14[Tizen] Add prebuilt libicu-57.1 librariesjunghyuk.park24-0/+16
2019-01-22Decouple JIT_FLAG_PREJIT from HW intrinsics (#22117)Michal Strehovský1-72/+69
Per dotnet/corert#6836 (comment) moving the decision whether to enable HW intrinsics to the EE side.
2019-01-22Restrict HW intrinsic name check to intrinsic types (#22116)Michal Strehovský1-18/+18
Avoids having to compare names of all types in CoreLib to see if they're HW intrinsics.
2019-01-22Do not throw from TraceResolver (#22126)Michal Strehovský1-3/+5
Fixes #22059.
2019-01-22Move MemoryFailPoint to shared CoreLib partition (#22104)Filip Navara20-250/+339
* Move MemoryFailPoint to shared CoreLib partition. * Split MemoryFailPoint into Unix and Windows versions. * Replace MemoryFailPoint.GetMemorySettings FCall with GC.GetSegmentSize to make sharing with CoreRT easier.
2019-01-22Fix CoreRT build breaksJan Kotas2-9/+5
Signed-off-by: dotnet-bot <>
2019-01-21Move TplEtwProvider to shared partition (#22120)Marek Safar3-16/+6
2019-01-21Remove two unnecessary ToArray calls (#22119)Stephen Toub1-6/+6
We can just copy directly from the List, rather than first converting the list to an array and then copying that.
2019-01-21Avoid intermediate strings in some StringBuilder formatting (#22111)Stephen Toub4-16/+30
* Avoid intermediate strings in some StringBuilder formatting Several appends to string builders are first creating strings and then appending those strings, and they're not using the existing Append(primitive) overloads because they want to customize the format string or provider as part of appending the value. This fixes a few of those cases, using another internal AppendSpanFormattable overload on StringBuilder. * Address PR feedback
2019-01-20Update CoreFx to preview.19070.3 (#22061)dotnet-maestro-bot1-3/+3
2019-01-20Move Task factory type to shared partition (#22089)Marek Safar4-22/+8
2019-01-20Use List<T>.ToArray() in places (#22101)Ben Adams2-18/+10
* Use ReadOnlySpan.ToArray in places * Use List.ToArray * Don't take .Length in to local and use as loop condition
2019-01-20Cleanup array related FCalls (#22097)Jan Kotas22-348/+170
* Cleanup Array FCalls * Disable outdated CoreFX tests
2019-01-19Fix CoreCLR build for changes in shared partitionJan Kotas7-165/+84
2019-01-19Fix build for ProjectN/WinRTInterop Delete superfluous AsyncCausalityTracer ↵Jan Kotas5-51/+49
arguments Signed-off-by: dotnet-bot <>
2019-01-19Fix buildMarek Safar2-2/+2
Signed-off-by: dotnet-bot <>
2019-01-19Update Newtonsoft.Json (#22060)Ben Adams1-1/+1
2019-01-19Cleanup: Remove MethodDesc::GetLoaderAllocatorForCode (#22067)Jan Vorlicek12-30/+16
This function was recently changed to just return the MethodDesc::GetLoaderAllocator. This is a cleanup that removes the function completely and replaces all of its usages.
2019-01-19Removed unused 'Stack Walking' code (#22039)Matt Warren1-43/+0
As fair as I can tell `ECWGCFCrawlCallBack(..)` is not wired-up anywhere (I've successfully compiled CoreCLR locally with this change under `x86` and `x64`)
2019-01-18Strip symbols on unix in release builds (#22083)Sven Boemer1-1/+7
2019-01-18Fix calling conventions on reverse PInvoke callbacks. (#22044)Jeremy Koritzinsky2-5/+10