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2018-03-27New chunk should be equal/larger than the one it replaces (#17219)Maryam Ariyan1-0/+1
* The new chunk should be equal or larger than the one it is replacing. Fixes #17205 * Adding .exe.stackdump to .gitignore
2018-03-22Remove dependency on libunwind (#17094)Jan Vorlicek1-3/+0
* Add original source of libunwind 1.3-stable Taken from: * Enable building of libunwind This change enables building libunwind and removes dependency on the libunwind package for all Unixes except OSX. In OSX the libunwind is part of the OS and also has support for compact unwind info that is OSX specific, so we keep using that one. * Disable warnings in code we don't execute
2017-12-20Move x86 intrinsic tests into X86 folderFei Peng1-0/+2
2017-12-13Ignore *.nuget.cache files. (#15496)Brian Robbins1-0/+1
2017-05-16Update Coreclr to 2.0.0 buildtoolswtgodbe1-0/+3
2017-03-17[Local GC] Break EE dependency on GC's generation table and alloc lock in ↵Sean Gillespie1-0/+1
single-proc scenarios (#10065) * Remove usage of the generation table from the EE by introducing an EE-owned GC alloc context used for allocations on single-proc machines. * Move the GC alloc lock to the EE side of the interface * Repair the Windows ARM build * Move the decision to use per-thread alloc contexts to the EE * Rename the lock used by StartNoGCRegion and EndNoGCRegion to be more indicative of what it is protecting * Address code review feedback 2 (enumerate the global alloc context as a part of GCToEEInterface) * Code review feedback (3) * Address code review feedback (move some GC-internal globals to gcimpl.h and gc.cpp) * g_global_alloc_lock is a dword, not a qword - fixes a deadlock * Move GlobalAllocLock to gchelpers.cpp and switch to preemptive mode when spinning * Repair the Windows x86 build
2017-03-16Add a lab job for Coreclr testing via ILLINK (#10200)Swaroop Sridhar1-0/+3
This commit adds a job that: 1) Clones 2) Builds the linker for netcoreapp2.0 3) Builds CoreCLR and tests using the IlLinker built above The job is run daily, and can be reqested from PRs as necessary.
2017-02-07Add scripts & docs which support creating an Android toolchain on Linux (#9175)Frederik Carlier1-0/+1
* Add scripts & docs which support creating an Android toolchain on Linux
2017-01-13Stop build from leaving localpkg cache in srcwtgodbe1-1/+0
2017-01-11Add Microsoft.NETCore.Native package (2nd attempt) (#8882)Sedar Gokbulut1-0/+1
* Adding Microsoft.NETCore.Native package (#8791) * "Adding Microsoft.NETCore.Native package" * Adding generic linux configuration to Microsoft.NETCore.Native package * Fixing the OSX pkgproj of Microsoft.NETCore.Native to include S.Globalization.Native.dylib and not .so * Fixing the osx release build.
2017-01-05Revert "Adding Microsoft.NETCore.Native package (#8791)"Sedar Gokbulut1-1/+0
This reverts commit eea7b4691c0a489435814e48a257a9d047475006.
2017-01-04Adding Microsoft.NETCore.Native package (#8791)Sedar Gokbulut1-0/+1
* "Adding Microsoft.NETCore.Native package" * Adding generic linux configuration to Microsoft.NETCore.Native package * Fixing the OSX pkgproj of Microsoft.NETCore.Native to include S.Globalization.Native.dylib and not .so
2016-11-23Make RyuJIT/x86 the default x86 JITBruce Forstall1-0/+3
JIT32 becomes compatjit.dll and RyuJIT LEGACY_BACKEND becomes legacyjit.dll (and is an altjit). If JIT32 is not being built, then RyuJIT LEGACY_BACKEND becomes compatjit.dll and is a normal jit (not an altjit). Both clrjit.dll and compatjit.dll are added to the JIT NuGet package.
2016-11-22[x86/Linux] fix and add for x86 cmake configuration (#8219)SaeHie Park1-0/+2
This patch will add x86 part for cross build - add x86 in build-rootfs and related cross files - add x86 parts in CMakeLists.txt to pass configuration - add required source files to pass configuration
2016-10-25Add CoreCLR perf test support to JenkinsDrew Scoggins1-0/+3
Made changes to the perf.groovy to add support for running the CoreCLR performance tests in the Perflab directory. Also made changes to the runner script for CoreCLR to allow it to run more than one type of test.
2016-07-15Add VS Code local settings folder to gitignoreSean Gillespie1-0/+3
2016-04-21Merge pull request #4449 from pgavlin/JitBuildNamePat Gavlin1-0/+3
Change the names of the JIT products to `clrjit`.
2016-04-20Change the names of the JIT products to `clrjit`.Pat Gavlin1-0/+3
- The static library to be linked into the CLR is now `clrjit_static` - The static library to be linked into crossgen is now `clrjit_crossgen` - The dynamic library is now `clrjit`
2016-04-20Add *.VC.db to .gitignoreJan Kotas1-0/+2
2016-04-11Add missing arch-specifc strings in .gitignoreRuss Keldorph1-3/+12
I would prefer that the test build not drop cruft outside of designated folders like bin, but unless/until that happens we should at least make the architectures' builds consistent.
2016-04-05Tell git to ignore browse.VC.db files from C/C++ extension for Visual Studio ↵Bruce Forstall1-1/+4
2016-02-28remove hack to copy currently built runtime.Rahul Kumar1-0/+1
Instead add dependency to currently built runtime package
2016-02-24Fix .gitignore so src/tools is not ignoredJohn Chen (CLR)1-1/+1
Commit 3079b40 modified .gitignore to ignore top-level Tools directory. However the change was too broad and caused src/tools to be ignored as well. This commit fixes it.
2016-02-08Change to support Microsoft.NetCore.Runtime.CoreCLR nuget package generation.Gaurav Khanna (CLR)1-0/+1
2016-01-24Build mscorlib with CoreCLR MSBuild on LinuxJohn Chen1-0/+3
2015-12-28Automating Event Logging Infrastructure: With this change the infrastructure ↵Rama1-0/+3
required for Event Logging will be generated as part of build
2015-12-21Enable checked builds of CoreCLR.Eugene Rozenfeld1-0/+1
In checked builds coreclr, mscorlib, and the test are built optimized but assertion checking is on. This adds additional coverage (the jit is optimizing and assertion checking is on), speeds up testing compared to debug, and allows testing JIT stress modes. This doesn't affect CoreFX. Several tests are currently failing in checked configuration due to newly discovered bugs (JIT asserts). We didn't see these asserts in debug mode because by default JIT is in minopt mode; we didn't see these bugs in release mode because assertion checking is off. I will file the bugs once checked build changes are in.
2015-08-04Add missing packages in documentation.Ben Pye1-1/+1
2015-08-04Add cross compilation support for ARM and ARM64.Ben Pye1-0/+3
2015-05-28Improve .gitignore-fileJostein Kjønigsen1-0/+3
Currently all emacs-temp files are tracked. TAGS is for emacs' etags used to track symbols in code-files. Generated Makefiles from the build-process should also be ignored.
2015-05-14Add atom-build and ctags to gitignoreGeoff Norton1-0/+2
2015-05-05exclude Visual Studio 2015 `.vs` working directoryGeoffrey Huntley1-1/+4
"The .vs directory is the new location where per-user solution-specific items are saved. Previously there was no directory where this information could be placed, so the IDE kept adding files alongside the solution. It's finally a solution to a problem that's been here for a very long time." - @sharwell
2015-03-31Change paths and os names to match corefxMatt Mitchell1-2/+0
* binaries is now bin, intermediates is now obj * modifying unixmscorlib build to instead be linuxmscorlib + osxmscorlib. * Change OS=Unix to OS=Linux/OS=OSX and modified properties to mimic corefx's TargetsUnix.
2015-03-05Merge pull request #397 from Djuffin/net-debugJan Kotas1-0/+3
Pipe based communication between debugee and managed debugger on Linux
2015-03-04Enabling test within the same category to run in parallelRama krishnan Raghupathy1-0/+1
2015-03-03Pipe based communication between debugee and managed debugger on LinuxEugene Zemtsov1-0/+3
Goal of this change is to make managed debugging on Linux possible. (It is not fully achieved, but we're getting there) So far our provision for debugging on Linux is somewhat different from debugging on Windows. Instead of using WaitForDebugEvent and RaiseException as means of communication between debugger and debuggee, we're gonna use pipes. Thankfully from old times of Silverlight Mac debugging we had debugging via network sockets under ifdefs FEATURE_DBGIPC_TRANSPORT_DI and FEATURE_DBGIPC_TRANSPORT_VM. So this change is taking that old way of debugging, changing sockets for network pipes, removes lots of unused stuff and implements whatever is missing on Linux. Testing: Due to infrastructural issues I wasn't able to test debugging on Linux yet. So my testing consistent of 1. End to end net pipe debugging on Windows 2. Testing of twowaypipe implementation on Linux 3. Testing of search for loaded CoreCLR module on Linux.
2015-02-21Fix warnings generated when building with Clang on Linux.Pat Gavlin1-0/+5
There were three classes of warnings that needed to be fixed: 1) Warnings for unused typedefs 2) Warnings for pointer to boolena conversions that were always true 3) Warnings for taking the absolute value of unsigned values (1) accounted for the majority of the warnings. All of these warnings originated from macro definitions debugreturn.h, staticcontract.h, or pal_assert.h. In the first two cases, typedefs were used as compile-time checks to ensure certain invariants inside of method or function bodies. These cases were addressed by using an empty member of the typedef under an "if (0)" guard. In the third case, typedefs were used for compile-time assertions that may appear in any location in a source file; these have been updated to use C++11's static_assert. (2) and (3) were much more straightforward: the former was addressed by explicitly comparing the source pointer against NULL and the latter by removing the offending calls to abs(). This change also contains a small update to .gitignore to ignore the binaries directory and CMake artifacts created by
2015-02-07Initial Mac OSX SupportGeoff Norton1-0/+4
Supports building up the VM, PAL and various components on Mac OSX 10.10 There are some oddities with the Apple assembler not generating short jumps and not supporting 1 byte relocs.
2015-01-31Changes to Miscellaneous test project and runtestRama krishnan Raghupathy1-0/+1
2015-01-30Initial commit to populate CoreCLR repo dotnet-bot1-0/+251
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