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2018-04-05Add Word2Vec Benchmark Harness (#17350)Michelle McDaniel1-0/+1
* Add Word2Vec Benchmark Harness This change adds an additional scenario benchmark, the Word2Vec benchmark. The harness pulls down Word2Vec.Net from eabdullin, applies a patch of changes that we made to work with netcoreapp21, harness the word training and search, and then runs the benchmark. It also updates the timeout for running benchmarks, since the training scenario on a 100M file takes about 7 minutes locally.
2017-09-15Modify benchmarks to run in perf test harnessJoseph Tremoulet1-0/+2
- Add result validation - Add [Benchmark] attributes and appropriate iteration counts - Minor edits here and there to target .NET Standard 1.4 - Exception: pi-digits rewritten to use managed BitInteger instead of p/invoke out to GMP.
2017-09-15Update BenchmarksGame benchmarks to latestJoseph Tremoulet1-2/+2
For each benchmark, grab the current best C# .NET entry, and also grab the current best serial implementation (since these are easier to work with from the benchmarking perspective).
2017-02-09Add k-nucleotide to BenchmarkGamesGustavo Hurovich1-0/+2
Changed .gitattributes to set line endings to windows ones for the input files of this test. Added two different tests, one with and the other without parallelism. Used FileStream instead of BufferedStream, since the latter does not exist in netstandard 1.4
2017-01-27Add BenchmarkGames regexdna testAndy Ayers1-0/+3
Based on the "version 6" test base. As with revcomp, keeping the input files as unix line ending, and relatively small.
2017-01-24Add BenchmarkGames revcomp benchmarkAndy Ayers1-0/+3
This is based on version 1 of the C# variants. Am not including the largest input file since it is ~250MB. Instead we iterate on a smaller file. Note the text input files are opened as binary and the app looks for Unix line endings, hence the update to .gitattributes. The benchmark is setup to look for its input next to the benchmark exe as run in both normal test and xunit-perf test modes, keying off the CORE_ROOT environment variable. In the xunit-perf mode the input files are subsequently copied into the sandbox. Also updated the ending copyright date on the Benchmark Games license page.
2015-02-11Force PAL test lists to have Unix line endingsMatt Ellis1-1/+3
A common workflow for some folks on our team is to check out the Git repository, then share that folder out over to Linux. In this case, we need the pal test files to have Unix line endings, even in the case where core.autocrlf = true, which is the case on Windows. My hunch is that we would also need this even if we didn't do this, since otherwise changes to this file will be mirrored back to TFS with DOS line endings, which would break building the TFS version when checked out, so it's likely a good idea to do this anyway, even if the leading factor is a somewhat odd workflow.
2015-01-30Initial commit to populate CoreCLR repo dotnet-bot1-0/+66
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